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Summit Detox & Mental Health

3330 N Federal Hwy, Boynton Beach, Florida, 33435
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We offer a medically supervised stable detox, including a vitamin regiment and innovative natural remedies that ensure you are not over- or under-medicated during detox. This enables you to be in the best frame of mind to accept continuing treatment. Depending on the substance, there are a variety of medications administered to step our patients down from their addiction. Our 24/7 medical supervision, caring staff, and premium rooms with amenities provide a solid foundation for recovery.

Facility Highlights

  • Health Food Options
  • Gender Specific Programs
  • Drug Detox


  • Holistic Therapy

    Facilities that offer “holistic therapy” see and treat patients in the context of their entire lives and health status. They treat the “whole person,” not just the addiction.
  • Medical Detoxification

    Drugs and alcohol have widespread effects throughout your body, including but not limited to the addiction and/or physical/psychological dependence that develops with substance abuse over time. Many organ systems are affected by addiction and will react to withdrawal. The term “medical detoxification” means that there is a trained and licensed medical professional onsite to monitor your vital signs and protect your physical and emotional health as your body goes through withdrawal.

Facility Settings

  • Private/Secluded

Meet the Staff

  • Dr. Jawad Daud
    Dr. Daud is a board-certified Psychiatrist with specialty training in Addiction Medicine and Psychiatry. In addition to his strong training in the field of addiction, he specializes in the treatment of individuals suffering from mood disorders including depression and bipolar disorder, as well as anxiety disorders such as generalized anxiety, panic, social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder and PTSD.
  • Brad Kittleman
    Starting as an executive assistant to the COO and the CEM at Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in 2013, Brad was involved in establishing Summit Detox the same year, and its expansion in 2014. He was appointed administrator of Summit in 2014, and has provided oversight of DCF and CARF facility accreditations. His background includes working in business management and his professional accreditations include JHACO. Brad received his BAS from University of Delaware.

Financial Details

  • Financing Available

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Summit Detox, located in Boynton Beach, Fla., offers detoxification treatment to individuals 18 years and older struggling with addiction to alcohol and drugs, including heroin, opioids, and benzodiazepines. The facility was established in 2013 and has served more than 2,000 clients since opening its doors. Summit Detox is located near the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean.


To be admitted, clients begin by contacting Summit Detox to schedule an evaluation. The evaluation allows staff members to see the types and quantity of drugs present in the bloodstream and also tests for co-occurring conditions such as mental health or behavioral problems. Each new client is assigned an admissions coordinator who verifies insurance, collects out-of-pocket costs, and coordinates travel. Most clients remain in treatment at Summit Detox for five to seven days.

The facility’s treatment program offers medically supervised detoxification individualized to the needs of each specific client. Participants may receive one or more of a variety of medications intended to safely pull them away from addiction, including benzodiazepines and barbiturates.

Although medically supervised detoxification is the focus of Summit Detox, the facility also seeks to provide holistic recovery resources. Throughout treatment, receive individual and group therapy, access to 12-step meetings, nutritional supplementation, education regarding disease process and management, and chiropractic therapy. Summit Detox states that their goal is to help each client recovery physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery. In addition to easing withdrawal symptoms through medication, the facility strives to help clients build the necessary skills, self-awareness and knowledge to live a substance-free life.


The treatment team at Summit Detox includes medical doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and medical behavioral health technicians.


The facility offers 20 beds for clients 18 years of age and older in a warm, home-like setting. Male and female clients live on separate floors of Summit Detox. The facility itself is 8,000 square feet and offers shared bedrooms with televisions and private bathrooms. The facility is equipped with a serenity lounge with computer-aided relaxation beds as well as infinity beds that allow clients to adjust their back and legs into a number of reclining positions to increase comfort while in treatment. Clients enjoy hot, fresh, catered meals while staying at Summit Detox, and the facility allows smoking.


At the time of this writing there had been no alumni, loved ones, or staff members of Summit Detox polled by Rehabs.com.

On the facility’s Yelp page, there is an overall rating of one out of five stars based on one total review.[1] The alum, D.P., said he had been to several detoxification facilities and Summit Detox was “by far the worst.” They also wrote, “The staff…don't like their job which makes your stay there terrible. I left to go somewhere else and had to call the police to get my belongs back.”

On Google, Summit Detox received an average of 4.3 out of five stars based upon 11 reviews. [2] In the positive commentary, most reviewers praised the staff. "The staff were amazing," one reviewer wrote. A common theme in the positive review, however, was the statement that treatment often started out poorly but got much better as time went on. "Started out rough..." on reviewer wrote, "however as i began to feel better...the experience was well worth it." Another reviewer supported this mindset: "I don't know anyone who 'enjoys' detoxing, but with that being said, the staff at Summit makes the process as comfortable as possible."

While most reviewers were overwhelmingly positive, there were also a few polarized responses that were extremely negative. One one-star reviewer wrote, "I had a very horrible experience at their detox. Was experiencing significant side effects from my withdrawal and the medical personnel were not considerate at all." Another reviewer condemned the facility's "HORRIBLE COMMUNICATION," and added, "they don't tell you that it takes several times in rehab...so be prepared to pay over and over and over again."


There is currently no information provided by Summit Detox regarding its costs. However, the facility accepts “most insurance plans” including Aetna, Beacon, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medical Mutual, and United Healthcare.

[2] https://goo.gl/k6h493

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