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Fairwinds Treatment Center

1569 South Fort Harrison Avenue, Clearwater, Florida, 33756
Fairwinds has been a pioneering treatment facility in the area of dual diagnosis since 1989, expertly treating adults with both substance abuse and mental health issues. The residential rehab offers highly individualized care and a multi-faceted support network designed to give clients a broad range of recovery techniques and tools. A highly skilled clinical team of psychiatrists, addiction and eating disorder specialists, registered nurses, nutritionists, master level therapists and certified addiction counselors work closely with each individual to ensure that the most effective level of care is provided in a caring and efficient way.

Facility Highlights

  • Individualized treatment
  • Qualified and caring staff
  • Nutritional services


  • Family Therapy Progam

    At Fairwinds Treatment Center, individual family therapy is just one of several models used for the treatment of eating disorders such as anorexia, as well as for drug and alcohol rehab, or to treat co-occurring conditions. Our eating disorders treatment and drug and alcohol rehab programs feature unique sets of treatment modalities. These modalities and objectives can be facilitated separately or in conjunction with each other, depending on the individual needs of our clients. This focus on dual diagnosis treatment services for eating disorders and drug or alcohol rehab is what makes our approach to treatment so successful.
  • A Twelve-Step program

    A Twelve-Step program is a set of guiding principles for recovery from addictive, compulsive, or other behavioral problems. Originally developed by the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) for recovery from alcoholism, this method has been adapted as a foundation for a number of Twelve-Step programs.

Facility Settings

  • Luxury

Meet the Staff

  • Jess Loven
    Jess LovenClinical Director, CAP
    Jess brings over 30 years of experience working in the addictive field in a variety of roles ranging from primary therapist to CEO. Jess has been a Certified Addictions Professional (C.A.P.) in Florida since 1987. Jess has an extensive background in working with adolescents and adults, specializing in co-occurring disorders and impaired professionals. Jess also has a range of special skills relative to quality assurance and improvement from his years working in facilities that were both State of Florida licensed and certified through the Joint Commission of Accredited Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Most recently he spent the past year and a half as a licensing specialist for the Department of Children and Families, and was the authorized agent for many local treatment programs in the Tampa Bay area. Jess sums up his treatment philosophy in these simple terms, “Everyone deserves recovery and an opportunity to have the best care possible. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t want to get better on some level; no matter how hopeless or helpless they may feel. Sometimes we may feel we’re beyond help but I’ve spent my entire adult life working in treatment centers, and I know that its the work that keeps me energized. I do not believe in “lost causes.” I do believe strongly that there is always hope for a new future in recovery.”
  • Dr. M.K. (Khal) El-Yousef, M.D.
    Dr. M.K. (Khal) El-Yousef, M.D.Medical Director
    M.K. (Khal) El-Yousef, M.D., serves as the medical director at Fairwinds Treatment Center. A nationally recognized board-certified psychiatrist specializing in psychopharmacology and addictions, Dr. El-Yousef's initial years in psychiatry were highlighted by his academic achievements. His tenure at Vanderbilt University as assistant professor of psychiatry and instructor of pharmacology yielded 60 scientific publications. Dr. El-Yousef is recognized as a true pioneer in the field of psychiatry and addictions medicine. In 1984, he founded Fairwinds Treatment Center after developing a treatment program that blended a medical psychiatric model with a traditional Twelve Step-Johnson model. The program has given Fairwinds a reputation as one of the nation’s foremost dual diagnosis treatment centers. As a true dually-licensed psychiatric and substance abuse center, Fairwinds remains unique in comparison to most nationally recognized addictions programs. Dr. El-Yousef is also the medical director for Health Care Alternatives, a private outpatient clinic providing intensive outpatient and extended care services, as well as transitional living services. Visit www.healthcarealternative.net.

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Founded in 1989, Fairwinds Treatment Center in Clearwater, Fla. is dedicated to treating dually diagnosed adults and teens facing behavioral and emotional health, substance use (SUD), and eating disorders. Fairwinds Treatment Center offers several levels of care, including detoxification, residential, and intensive outpatient (IOP) program; services that are respectively available at just 10.9 percent, 29.2 percent, and 43 percent of facilities in Florida.


Clients receive individualized treatment plans to address primary and co-occurring disorders. Programming includes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), nutrition counseling, meal planning, exercise groups, relapse prevention, and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), an approach used at 56.1 percent of Florida facilities. Each client receives individual sessions with doctors, therapists, nutritionists, and psychiatrists for a curriculum of medication management, art therapy, group counseling, and family therapy.

Using the 12-Steps as the primary basis for long-term addiction recovery, Fairwinds supports clients’ attendance at both Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and/or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings off-site. Families are encouraged to participate in their loved one's recovery by attending group therapy sessions.

Fairwinds takes a “non-diet” approach to eating disorders and specializes in male and teen eating disorders. Treatment includes journaling, menu planning, intuitive eating, and experiential activities, such as eating out at restaurants.


According to its website, Fairwinds features a multidisciplinary team of licensed psychiatrists, certified drug and alcohol addictions counselors, licensed social workers, master’s level therapists, and nurses. There’s also an on-site general physician, a psychologist, an art therapist, and a registered dietitian. Fairwinds is also one of 203 (30.4 percent) of Florida facilities accredited by the Joint Commission.


Details regarding living arrangements are limited to date, but pictures published on the facility’s website depict a semi-clinical, home-like setting with shared rooms and communal spaces featuring couches and TVs. There’s also a large dining room, group rooms, classrooms, and offices. To date, the six individuals polled on the matter by Rehabs.com approved of the facility's upkeep.

Cleanliness: 4.3/5


Many former clients polled by Rehabs.com to date shared positive reviews for the facility. Alumni generally gave top five-star ratings for leisure activities and cleanliness, and more than half of the 10 alumni offered four- and five-star ratings for treatment effectiveness.

An anonymous alum commented that its strengths included great counselors, lots of educational materials, and good support. “If you are looking for a place to surrender & start your life again with a fresh start & are willing to change; Fairwinds is the place to begin that," S.K. wrote.

Fairwinds is not without its critics. “I was more than willing to address my issues, but it was like pulling teeth to get them to start talking with me," F.W. wrote. Another reviewer noted weakness was the facility's cost, while others felt the staff was great but “disorganized at times,” “disrespectful,” and “manipulative.” “Group therapy was effective but often got pointless and repetitive,” another alum added.


Feedback provided by loved ones was just as mixed. Overall, however, the four loved ones polled by Rehabs.com to date gave generally positive ratings concerning the facility's programming and staff.

Family Participation: 4/5
Staff Experience and Training: 4/5
Counseling Options: 3.8/5

However, some loved ones were critical of aftercare planning and the results achieved. “There weren't any referrals to a place we could afford or even suggestions for aftercare planning like further therapy,” one loved one wrote. Reflecting on their child’s experience with Fairwinds, S.M. added: “My teenager attended Fairwinds and was discharged in worse condition than when he went in.” However, disagreeing with these opinions, another loved one wrote: “Excellent plans for rehab and recovery.”


Fairwinds Treatment Center does not publish its fees online, however its website notes that it, along with just 69.3 percent of facilities in Florida, accepts private health insurance plans, such as Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and United Healthcare. Self-pay is also accepted. To date, the six individuals polled on the matter by Rehabs.com offered polarized opinions concerning the facility's cost.

Affordability: 3/5

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