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Destin Recovery Addiction Treatment Center

4635 Gulfstarr Dr. , Destin, Florida, 32541
Located right on the beach, Destin Recovery provides clients with a tranquil and therapeutic atmosphere for drug and alcohol treatment. The substance abuse rehab offers a full continuum of care, including medically-monitored detox, residential services, outpatient treatment, and sober living houses. State-of-the-art therapy techniques and personalized treatment programs focus on all facets of the disease, giving clients the opportunity to develop new coping skills, find inner peace, and finally regain control of their lives.

Facility Highlights

  • Buprenorphine dependence treatment
  • Complete medical, psychiatric & psychological Care
  • Complex detox from polysubstances


  • Aftercare Support

    Addiction recovery does not end with discharge after completing a rehab program. Facilities that offer aftercare planning and/or support work with patients to ensure sustainable recovery by helping to plan and make arrangements for transitional or sober living, help with housing, vocational counseling, etc.
  • Dual Diagnosis/ Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

    These two terms describe a person who is not only addicted to drugs or alcohol, but also has a mental or emotional illness, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Facilities that treat patients with dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders provide psychiatric treatment in addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.

Facility Settings

  • Oceanfront

Meet the Staff

    DR. ROLAND REEVES, MD, FACS, ABAMFounder, Medical Director
    Because of a long-standing passion, he began caring for patients with addiction issues in addition to his vascular work. His passion, interest and practice steadily expanded, and he became Board Certified in Addiction of Medicine, eventually stopping his vascular work to focus entirely on Addiction Medicine. His work with severe vascular disease also led to an interest in chronic pain syndromes and severe neuropathies that often require treatment with addictive substances by pain specialists. Newly appointed Director of Addiction Medicine at Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast Member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine Triple Board Certified in General Surgery, Vascular Surgery, and Addiction Medicine Medical School at the University of South Florida Internship and residency in General Surgery at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte Vascular Fellowship at the University of Tennessee, and training as an Endovascular Associate at Stanford University Medical director of Destin Recovery and South Walton Medical Center Former Head, Division of Vascular Surgery, Naval Medical Center San Diego
  • Kelly Reeves
    Kelly ReevesCo-founder, RN
    Coming Soon

Financial Details

  • Loans for Addiction Treatment Available

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Located on Florida's Emerald Coast, Destin Recovery Addiction Treatment Center offers a comprehensive suite of substance abuse treatment services to adults, including those with more complex medical or psychiatric needs. These services include medically monitored detoxification, inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, and aftercare. The rehab center takes pride in its credentials as a facility owned and operated by a board certified addiction medicine physician. Additionally, the facility's website boasts direct access to beaches and "nature's therapeutic beauty."


Destin Recovery Addiction Treatment Center emphasizes specialized care for individuals struggling with multiple concerns in connection with treatment. According to its website, the facility is equipped to treat clients who have a dual diagnosis of such conditions as chronic pain, psychiatric disorders, heart or lung disease, diabetes, liver failure, or various age-related challenges. Professionals are accommodated, as well as clients who have experienced repeated relapse following other treatment programs.

Clients may be able to begin treatment within 24 hours of calling. During intake on-site, each individual undergoes a physical and psychological examination.

When necessary, individualized treatment plans begin with detoxification, which involves medication-assisted therapy such as buprenorphine for clients withdrawing from opioid dependence. The center typically recommends a 30-day intensive residential treatment program and/or a long-term outpatient program in combination with sober housing operated by Destin Recovery. Some clients remain in long-term treatment for between two months and a year. Outpatient treatment sessions are provided at South Walton Medical Group, an affiliated facility.

Family participation is prioritized, along with access to both medical care and evidence-based psychotherapy, which includes cognitive behavioral (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapies (DBT). Clients can expect to receive one-on-one counseling, group-based process therapy and education, and mindfulness and spiritual training. Most clients also participate in off-site Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics, Cocaine Anonymous, or other 12-step groups and practices. Drug screenings are conducted regularly.

Among the aftercare services available from Destin Recovery are employment and legal assistance and life coaching.


The facility maintains a 3:1 staff-to-client ratio, according to information supplied by staff members to Rehabs.com. Destin Recovery’s founder and medical director is board certified in addiction medicine with a background also in vascular surgery. Other staff members, many of whom are in recovery, include licensed clinical social workers and certified addiction counselors.


The Destin Recovery Addictions Treatment Center residences are located on the beach and amenities and activities offered feature relaxation and taking advantage of the local surroundings. Photographs on the facility website show comfortably furnished living spaces, modern kitchens, and rooms with a view of the water. The number of spots available in the center's main, gender-specific condos varies, with 14 beds listed at the time of this writing.

Most bedrooms are shared, although private rooms can be arranged. Residents contribute through chores, including cooking and basic cleaning.

Integrated into a weekly schedule of therapy and education are activities including fishing, dolphin excursions, hiking, swimming, and dining out. Residents also have access to a local fitness center and are encouraged to participate in exercise, yoga, meditation, and massage.

Personal music-listening devices and smoking are allowed.


Feedback from former clients for Destin Recovery Addictions Treatment Center was split between five negative reviews and three positive. The eight alumni reviews on Rehabs.com to date touched on an array of topics, sometimes in opposition to each other, but there were some points of agreement.

Alumni Susan, S.M., Sam, and Dana all concurred that the treatment they received was not effective. Sam described his therapist as "terrible," while Dana noted that the doctor was available, but "not very helpful." In addition, these four reviewers rated general accommodations and meals and nutrition poorly, with mostly one and two stars out of five. Two cited less access to the beach and related leisure activities than promised. Two also complained of limited contact with family members. A particularly critical reviewer expressed concerns about treatment practices that they experienced as humiliating and emotionally aggressive.

By contrast, three alumni highlighted the effectiveness of treatment. Chris characterized his experience as life-saving, J.J. wrote that the facility could help anyone, and an anonymous reviewer highlighted the longterm value of the sobriety tools taught. The same alum also cited the individual care received as a highlight.


Five loved ones submitted feedback to Rehabs.com, split in the same way from alum: three would not recommend the program and two would. Two who were surveyed more extensively awarded four- and five-star ratings for metrics measuring the facility's cleanliness and upkeep, effectiveness of treatment, exercise and leisure activity, and the level of staff training and experience. Holistic offerings and dual diagnosis treatment, both key elements promoted by the facility, received much lower ratings from one to three stars.

Concurring with the alum who found Destin Recovery visitation and outside communication policies strict, one parent wrote that while some of the staff might seem uncaring, the structured approach was necessary for the recovery process. However, two other loved ones concluded that staff were uncaring and disrespectful.

Two loved ones also complained about financial issues and one agreed with the alumni who reported differences between their experience and what was promoted in the facility's marketing materials.


At the time of this writing one current staff member has been polled by Rehabs.com. C.D. acknowledged that the cost of treatment at Destin Recovery was not affordable for some clients, but emphasized the value of the staff who worked as a team and were committed to helping individuals achieve holistic recovery.


The Destin Recovery Addictions Treatment Center's website lists about half a dozen insurance companies they work with, out-of-network. Destin Recovery partners with My Treatment Lender for financing.

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