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Lucida Treatment Center - A Promises Behavioral Health Company

112 North Oak Street, Lantana, Florida, 33462
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About Lucida Treatment Center - A Promises Behavioral Health Company

Lucida Treatment Center provides residential care for people with substance abuse and co-occurring or primary mental health disorders. Comfortable accommodations and beautiful views of Florida’s Intracoastal Waterway allow clients to focus on recovery in a private setting. The center offers biopsychosocial assessments, expert psychiatric care, individualized treatment programs, and both 12-step and non-12 step support to ensure that clients learn sustainable recovery methods that work for them.

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Accommodations & Amenities
Treatment Effectiveness
Meals & Nutrition
This place is EXTREMELY run down. They never answer their phone goodluck ever contacting admissions once you’ve been admitted. They’re out for money and that’s all. They haven’t updated the gym equipment in so long it’s disgusting rusty & barley functional-able they shouldn’t even say they have a gym or pool service considering the pools only open 2 hours a day & the hot tubs broken. If you’re considering doing here don’t you will be severely disappointed.
Accommodations & Amenities
Treatment Effectiveness
Meals & Nutrition
I would NOT even give it one star...but the system requires it! January 2019 My 19 year old was admitted with the understanding that she had an eating disorder, ocd, self-harm, and co-occurring conditions. They assured me that it would be a safe environment. They took her to her room while NO-ONE was in the apartment and left her. She had an urge to self harm and could not locate a staff member to help. She ended up needing medical attention and was admitted to a mental health hospital. At discharge, Lucida called me to tell me that our daughter should not have been discharged and needed to be at the hospital. The staff sent her to a different hospital. At intake the doctor said she did not need to be there and did not admit her. When she called Lucida to let them know, she was told that she was not compliant with what Lucida had recommended. She was told she had to come pick up her belongings. My daughter called me (I was in Georgia) requesting me to book her a hotel room as she had nowhere to stay for the night. Fortunately I was able to call a friend that was 2 hours away to pick her up. I would NEVER recommend this place.
Accommodations & Amenities
Treatment Effectiveness
Meals & Nutrition
Fantastic center. Went for mental health. The clinical and technical staff are top notch; . Seriously, they saved my life. The management takes a personal interest in each person and it shows.
This treatment centre is a disaster. Run by an appalling clinical director who has very little morals, care or empathy for the clients. It has lost almost all of the decent staff as Lucida. The food is truely awful, all heavily processed and unhealthy. There is no chef as promised so people who are very depressed and low when they get there are left to fend for themselves. The techs who are supposed to look after the clients are more like prison wardens, they spend all their time eating, chatting and using their phones and can be extremely patronising and misuse their power over the clients.The treatment itself is also chaotic with staff changing almost weekly and who you get as your primary therapist is very much luck of the draw. I was lucky in this respect because I ended up with a great person but others were not so lucky.Ive just heard that the place is actually now not closing and they have the old MD back so I really hope this is true but still they have lost too many good people.My advice is if you or a loved one is suffering there are many other places better than this to help them.
This was once a very good treatment facility as you will see by the reviews but that has changed. They have cut staffing and , most of their good employees have left.