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The Refuge, A Healing Place

14835 SE 85th Street, Ocklawaha, Florida, 32179
The Refuge is one of the few nationwide programs that specializes in the treatment of Trauma & PTSD. Men and women come to The Refuge to examine and heal trauma from accidents, sexual abuse, severe grief & loss, rape, and PTSD. As our residents recover from their traumas, we treat the co-occurring substance abuse, depression and anxiety, and process addictions that often occur with or because of traumatic events. Utilizing holistic and experiential methods and modalities, The Refuge encompasses a person's mind, body and spirit allowing them to Unravel the trauma story, Understand the addiction story, and Create the recovery story.

Facility Highlights

  • 25 Hours Of Trauma Work Per Week On A Serene Healing Campus
  • All therapist are certified and trained in a wide variety of therapeutic methods.
  • Intense didactic and experiential family week offered every 5 weeks


  • Child and Adult Sexual Abuse Treatment

    Often when a young man or woman’s childhood lacks a healthy connection with a parent or family member or is sexually abused by a family member, friend or stranger, they develop a misunderstanding of the words love and sex. These young people will confuse sexual abuse, neglect or inappropriate affection for love and sex and seek these destructive behaviors in relationships later on in life. At The Refuge, we provide treatment for these behaviors by introducing clients to the correct meanings of love, sex and intimacy. Individuals that come to The Refuge suffer from some form of Trauma/PTSD that they experienced earlier on in life and Sex Addiction is one of the ways these clients cope with that Trauma/PTSD.
  • Self-Harm and Suicidal Ideation Treatment

    When you come to The Refuge our assessment and treatment team will do a complete evaluation to gain further information about your symptoms to determine the most appropriate type of treatment for your specific difficulties. While individuals who suffer from depression share certain symptoms, depression comprises numerous causes, indicators, co-occurring disorders and effects. This means each person’s experience of the illness is unique and should be treated as such. The Refuge provides individualized treatment based on your your specific needs.

Facility Settings

  • Lakeside

Meet the Staff

  • Judy Crane
    Judy Crane Founder & Executive Director
    Judy has over two decades of experience working in both residential and out-patient settings. In 2003 she brought her years of specialized training and her distinctive insights on treating trauma and addiction to create The Refuge-A Healing Place. Under her leadership, The Refuge has grown to become one of the foremost leaders in treating Trauma/PTSD and Addiction.
  • Douglas Davies
    Douglas Davies Director of Medical Staff
    Dr. Davies is fellowship trained in Addiction Medicine and certified by The American Board of Addiction Medicine. He serves full time as the medical director of The Refuge, leads our medical staff, and offers a no judgment, no pressure healing energy to all who cross his path. Dr. Davies is fully integrated as a key member of an exceptional team of nurses, consultant physicians and therapists.

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Centered on a 94-acre campus between Orlando and Gainesville in Central Florida, The Refuge, A Healing Place, provides treatment for adults dealing with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. The Refuge offers on-site detoxification, residential treatment, and sober living.

The Refuge also provides specific treatment for anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, bipolar disorder, and other psychiatric conditions.


Prior to admission, intake counselors at The Refuge will evaluate potential clients using interview data and medical history. Medically-managed detoxification at the center typically lasts seven to 10 days, though it can be extended as needed.

Counselors will create a personalized treatment plan that may include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), 12-step meetings, and holistic therapies. The Refuge also treats eating disorders, sex addiction, gambling, self-harming behaviors and other conditions.

Those enrolled in residential treatment on average stay for 90 days.

A four-day retreat for family members, Family Week, involves educational meetings, individual sessions and experiential groups.

Continuing care resources for clients involve a discharge plan and medication management. Graduates can transition into sober living facilities on the campus.


The Refuge is CARF-accredited and employs over 100 individuals including therapists, medical doctors, nurses, psychologists, certified counselors, and psychiatrists. Some staff members are in recovery themselves.


The 94-acre campus can accommodate 60 adults in gender-specific housing. The peaceful, secluded location makes it possible for clients to enjoy hiking trails, ropes courses, horseback riding, a labyrinth, and a meditation trail. Clients can also use an on-site swimming pool, volleyball, and basketball court.


Seven individuals surveyed by Rehabs.com to date gave mixed feedback concerning The Refuge. Four individuals polled gave the facility perfect five-star ratings for its treatment effectiveness, while three individuals gave The Refuge one- or three-stars.

Alum K.G. wrote: "I think the facility does an awesome job of personalizing ever patient's treatment." Jon called The Refuge a "very serene place" to receive treatment.

However, other individuals did not feel that treatment was worthwhile at The Refuge.

Jennifer, who received treatment for PTSD at The Refuge commented: "Bad place. Not worth the money..." One anonymous reviewer added: "The programs at The Rufuge are good, but the execution of those programs rarely was."

On The Refuge's Facebook page, which may be vetted, 110 reviewers gave the facility high marks of 4.7 out of five stars. [1]

Two reviewers left perfect five-star ratings for the facility on Yelp, while a third individual gave the facility one out of five stars. [2]


Four loved ones polled by Rehabs.com to date gave The Refuge moderate ratings overall, with 3.3 out of five stars going to the the facility's holistic offerings, cleanliness, exercise and leisure activities, and visitor policy. Two individuals gave perfect five-star ratings to The Refuge's treatment effectiveness.

Loved one J.L.C. indicated that treatment was "very expensive" but felt that strengths included "Lots of one on one counselling; strong family program." An anonymous parent added: "It gave her the structure she needed at first and then seemed to move to more self directed directions that helped her to gain insight into her situation."

However, parent S.F. reported: "There is no rhyme or reason for their modalities, except to have clients go over their trauma over and over again, which is traumatizing in itself."


No information is provided on The Refuge's website concerning insurance, pricing, or financial assistance at this time of writing.


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