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ANR® Clinic - Advanced Opioid Treatment Center

2002 N LOIS AVE STE 150 , Tampa, Florida, 33607
Welcome to Accelerated Neuro-Regulation® by Dr. Waismann. The new paradigm of treatment for opioid dependency. Your opioid addiction can be immediately reversed using modern medicine. ANR helped 24,000 patients worldwide defeat their opioid dependency easily using a safe, effective, and humane treatment. Now available in the US.

Facility Highlights

  • We treat the root of the dependency using modern medicine
  • Over 24,000 patients treated all over the world
  • Critical Care specialized facility and team


  • Medical Detoxification

  • Detox

Facility Settings

  • Private/Secluded

Meet the Staff

  • Dr. A Waismann
    Dr. A WaismannDeveloper of ANR
  • Dr. Albert Kabemba
    Dr. Albert KabembaMedical Director

Financial Details

  • Yes

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ANR Clinic is a rehab facility in Naples, Florida that specializes in treating individuals struggling with opioid dependency. The Naples rehab facility offers short-term inpatient care, which applies a unique medical approach to opioid detoxification. Among Florida rehab facilities, ANR Clinic is one of 46 (6.9 percent) hospital-based, inpatient facilities to offer detoxification services.


ANR Clinic adheres to a Accelerated Neuro-Regulation (ANR) approach to assist individuals struggling with opioid dependency. A scientifically-backed approach, ANR Clinic uses Accelerated Neuro-Regulation to address the neurobiological effects of opioid dependency by helping the body to resume proper levels of endorphin production prior to the client's opioid dependency.

To achieve this neurological re-balancing, clients at ANR Clinic undergo sedation to minimize the discomfort of withdrawal. During this initial four to five hours of sedation, the process of ANR is designed to re-regulate and modulate the client's endorphin-receptors, helping to eliminate opioid cravings.

The Accelerated Neuro-Regulation process is overseen by a physician and anesthesiologist. The progress and physiological status of the client is consistently evaluated, allowing the staff to modulate and regulate the client on a endorphin-receptor level.

According to ANR Clinic's website, the average length of inpatient care is a few days, allowing clients to quickly return to daily life. In addition, clients do not receive any replacement opiate treatment, such as methadone or Suboxone, which are commonly prescribed to assist in opioid detoxification.


According to ANR Clinic's website, treatment is performed by highly qualified physicians, anesthesiologists, registered nurses, technicians, and medical assistants. In addition, consultations with other specialists, such as cardiologists and nephrologists, may also be recommended to ensure the safety of clientele.


Located within Landmark Hospital of Naples, the treatment facility offers clients a supervised, clinical environment. The ANR unit is similar to a modern hospital's intensive care unit, and clients have access to essential medical equipment to treat any complex or underlying medical conditions.


The sole alum polled by Rehabs.com to date, Anna, praised the efficacy of the detoxification process. "When I awoke it was so amazing how all the pain in my body and energy came back like i was reborn again. I have no cravings...," Anna wrote.

Third-party sites also revealed positive alumni reviews to date. On Google, all six alumni gave the facility perfect five-star reviews, praising the facility's staff and effective treatment approach[1]. "They are knowledgable, professional and most of all compassionate to everyone! I highly recommend ANR," alum Malgorzata wrote. Alum Charlie added, "I am a new man with a world of possibilities."


Although the cost of treatment at the ARN Clinic is not currently available, Landmark Hospital accepts a range of private insurance policies. The facility also accepts Medicare and Medicaid.


While Accelerated Neuro-Regulation is a new detoxification process in the United States, a 2019 news article indicated that ARN had been used to successfully detoxify over 24,000 clients throughout Europe and Israel.

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