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Headwaters Origins

933 45th Street, West Palm Beach, Florida, 33407
HeadWaters at Origins offers an extraordinary, patient-centered addiction treatment option for executives and other individuals of high net worth in the professional service sector. Our clinical staff draws on a deep understanding of the unique circumstances and requirements of this discerning patient and their family. HeadWaters’ multifaceted approach employs the full range of available treatment modalities in order to customize a highly-individualized plan for physical, spiritual and emotional healing. The clinical treatment facilities for clients of HeadWaters are situated to ensure the utmost privacy. An elegantly appointed residence overlooking an expansive, private waterfront is “home” for HeadWaters patients when they are not involved in clinical treatment. This high amenity environment provides a quiet place for healing and recovery while patients are not involved in clinical treatment.

Facility Highlights

  • Engaging family programming
  • Ongoing continuing care and aftercare support
  • Demographic-specific treatment


  • Advanced Psychological Services and PNP

    HeadWaters' team provides cognitive restructuring based on leading edge research on the brain’s capacity to restructure and renew itself. Headed by renowned psychologist, this multidisciplinary team of professionals collaborates to find solutions to the variety of challenges in a person’s neurological and psychological development. Psychological services programs include rigorous psychological testing and evidence-based therapies such as biofeedback, neurotherapy, and sleep protocols.
  • Highly Individualized Therapies

    The Headwaters clinical treatment program is individually tailored from the results of an in-depth assessment process regarding the patient’s substance abuse, mental health and family background. Individualized psychotherapy, along with advanced psychiatric and psychological services are core components. The clinical team is committed to addressing each patient's unique issues using evidenced-based therapies and complimentary, holistic services, provided in a private setting.

Facility Settings

  • Private/Secluded

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Origins Behavioral Healthcare owns and operates multiple substance abuse treatment facilities in Texas and Florida, including Hannah’s House and the Hanley Center at Origins. HeadWaters at Origins, which is set in West Palm Beach, Fla., offers an exclusive residential program for adults who require a discreet and upscale addiction treatment experience.

The program provides two separate tracks: one for individuals of high net worth and a second for doctors, lawyers, pilots, and other licensed professionals. In addition, Headwaters at Origins offers medical detox, which is available in just 10.9 percent of residential treatment facilities in Florida.


All clients entering one of Origin’s treatment programs receive a comprehensive assessment to determine the appropriate course of care. Treatment is highly individualized and combines 12-step methods with evidence-based practices such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), cognitive restructuring, motivational interviewing, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). It also utilizes rational emotive behavior therapy (REBT), which is a modality available in 54.8 percent of Florida treatment facilities.

Holistic techniques are another important component of treatment and include meditation, massage, yoga, and acupuncture, the latter of which is offered by only 11.4 percent of facilities in Florida.

Comprehensive aftercare support is available to all successful graduates, which includes an exclusive 12-month recovery support group developed for clients of Origins.


Origin’s treatment team consists of physicians, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, addictionologists, certified addiction counselors, spiritual counselors, nutritionists, and holistic practitioners. The facility offers 24-hour nursing care.


The luxurious and intimate 14-bed facility offers well-appointed private rooms and daily housekeeping. Other amenities include a swimming pool, a fully equipped gym, a jogging path, and a walking trail. Clients are treated to five-star gourmet meals and regular trips to the beach.


The two former clients polled by Rehabs.com at the time of this writing gave Headwaters at Origins mostly negative feedback. D.J.P., who wrote this review while still in treatment, noted that while some elements of treatment were strong, he ultimately would not recommend the program to others. "Facilities, food, and some staff are top notch," they wrote. "Clinically, too rushed and not enough 1:1 therapy available for the price tag. Currently, it is does not offer nearly the value its price tag commands and consequently I do not recommend it."

NAN agreed and wrote: "Considering the 30 day average cost of $80,000, there are many areas of needed improvement," they wrote."Organization, scheduling, and communication between departments need completely revamped for Origins to be recommended to anyone I know."


The two loved ones surveyed by Rehabs.com at the time of this writing gave HeadWaters at Origins mostly positive reviews. Both respondents awarded the facility four or five out of five stars for its family participation, its connectivity and visitor policies, its cleanliness, its counseling options, its treatment of co-occurring disorders, and its staff’s level of treatment and experience. While one reviewer reported a satisfactory experience all-around, the other complained about the rehab’s high cost.


Origin's fees start at $75,000 per month, and some private insurance plans are accepted.

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