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Damascus Road Recovery

10920 Highway 278, Covington, Georgia, 30014
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About Damascus Road Recovery

Set on more than 36 wooded acres of land in Covington, Georgia, Damascus Road Recovery offers long-term drug and alcohol addiction treatment exclusively for men. The residential rehab is 12-Step based and designed to prepare clients for life outside of the facility walls. Once treatment is complete, the hope is that each client will have the skills, tools and techniques necessary to maintain a long and happy life in sobriety.

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Accommodations & Amenities
Treatment Effectiveness
Meals & Nutrition
I was here for 6 months and ended up in a mental hospital and these people wouldn't even let my probation officer know that I wasn't discharged for disciplinary reasons to keep me from going back to prison.they make you pay mandatory tithes.they charge you 40 dollars a week for gas even if you don't use it.they are very rude to your family..and it's almost like they feel as if u can't make it there then you don't deserve recovery.its a money making machine!
I placed my son at this facility in hopes that they could help him find his way. My son knew that this was his way home. He lasted 4 weeks. They never called to let his family know this. I have been trying to get in touch with someone... to hear their version of what exactly happened. I did not research this place and I should have.
Accommodations & Amenities
Treatment Effectiveness
Meals & Nutrition
My first impression of this place was a great one. I spoke with one woman for a good 45 minutes about getting my qualifier into their program. The very next day she did not even remember speaking to me. She did not remember mine or my qualifiers name. That should have been my first sign. My next sign should have been them not mentioning the $300 expense account until the day before we dropped our qualifier off. My 3rd sign should have been the horrible attitude that she and another man portrayed when we dropped our qualifier off. They lied to our qualifier the entire time that they were there... Telling them that they were giving us weekly updates. We didn\'t receive a single update the entire time. They lied to our qualifier stating that we had called stating that he had called us... We never spoke with him nor did we say that called us. Their policy is that they kick them out for phone calls... We never received said phone calls. My qualifier was severely depressed and asked for professional guidance.. They gave him an 18 year old sponsor who wouldn\'t get out of his laptop long enough to listen. It took them 36 hours to reassign him someone else. My mom is hearing impaired and legally deaf. I asked if there were alternative types of al-anon meetings and they wouldn't accommodate. I feel that they never even gave him a chance. I feel as if all that they are concerned about is money and not the well being of the qualifier. SEVERAL people were dropped off at the quick trip with all of their belongings in the 4 weeks that my qualifier was there.
Accommodations & Amenities
Treatment Effectiveness
Meals & Nutrition
Like the other reviewer said, the clients work and pay almost all they earn to the program. On top of all the fees, clients must pay a 10% \"tithe\" to the program. After two years it they are luck they will have saved $2000. There is no one-on-one counseling to help clients get to the root cause of their addiction - only weekly AA meetings and a class here or there. They aren\'t licensed by the state because \"we don\'t want anyone telling us what we can and can\'t do\". Most of the food is donated to the program and is not nutritionally sound. There have recent health concerns there like septic tanks backing up and black mold. All were covered up and clients were told to lie about them if they were questioned.
This place is a joke they treat their men like poorly the only counseling you get is one day a meeting a week their counselor or so call counselor. they put you on a job where you only make $9 an hour you go in the hole every single week because of charging you more than much you even make they put you in a house a three bedroom house with each other and men treat you badly they\'re mean to you and the ridiculous they speak down to you it\'s a very ugly place.