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Three Dimensional Life for Young Men

4141 Old Cornelia Highway, Gainesville, Georgia, 30507
Situated on a picturesque Christmas tree farm in northeast Georgia, Three Dimensional Life has been proving substance abuse treatment to young men since 2005. The rehab offers faith-based residential care for men ages 14 to 19, and is designed to help clients examine, understand and modify their addictive and destructive behaviors. Residents learn how to break free from addiction by taking a Biblical approach to the 12 Steps and forming a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Facility Highlights

  • For young men ages 14 to 19
  • Faith Based Program
  • Secluded Facility


  • Individualized Treatment

    Some facilities have an addiction treatment protocol that all patients or clients are expected to follow, while others customize or individualize treatment based on a person’s unique needs and circumstances. Factors that may affect treatment decisions include age, lifestyle, medical conditions, type of drug, religious beliefs, etc.
  • Residential Treatment

    Residential treatment programs provide housing (food and meals) in addition to treatment for substance abuse. Some facilities offer only short-term residential treatment, some offer only long-term treatment and others offer both, ranging from a few days to many months, based on patient needs.

Facility Settings

  • Private/Secluded

Meet the Staff

  • Ben Armstrong
    Ben ArmstrongExecutive Director
    After 7 years of a methamphetamines addiction, Ben found himself at a crossroads. After a dramatic overdose & 3 days spent in a coma, he decided enough was enough. After completing a long-term treatment program, Ben has committed his life to helping others not go down the deep, dark hole that he did.
  • Dan Dixon
    Dan DixonProgram Director
    Dan is a former Youth Pastor from south Georgia. However, before entering into ministry, Dan spent several years addicted to opioids. Dan checked himself into a long term treatment program and found God & himself. Dan lives his life trying to save others from their addictions.

Financial Details

  • Financing available

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Located on a secluded plot of land in idyllic Gainesville, Ga., Three Dimensional Life provides long-term residential treatment for teenage boys struggling with substance abuse. It is one of 51 facilities in Georgia to offer long-term residential care. The organization takes a faith-based approach to treatment that focuses on the residents' "relationship with Christ” to aid them in their road to recovery. It is part of the 26 percent of treatment facilities in the state that operate as non-profit organizations.


Three Dimensional Life admits boys between the ages of 14 and 19. It is one of 68 facilities in Georgia that offers treatment specifically for adolescents. Treatment takes place over nine months and is divided into four stages.

Over this period of time, clients participate in a highly disciplined program that prioritizes school and incorporates group therapy and weekly individual counseling. Following treatment, clients may enroll in the LifeTrack program, a nine-month aftercare program where clients complete their educational goals or secure an apprenticeship or internship.

Clients can continue their high school education by enrolling in Faith Academy, a non-traditional education option that utilizes tutoring and small group instruction. Faith Academy is a fully accredited high school with accreditation from AdvancEd. Clients may also spend time studying for their GED test or pursuing online college education.

Three Dimensional Life maintains a strict communication policy. While the program does incorporate family counseling and visitation sessions, contact during the first 30 days of enrollment is strictly prohibited. Once this initial phase has passed, family members are allowed to visit and attend church with their loved ones twice per month. Family counseling is also conducted two times per month. Clients may visit their families after completing six months of treatment.


According to the facility’s website, the rehab appears to be run in large part thanks to trained volunteers, instructors, and counselors. Loved ones may receive professional counseling from a licensed counselor. It is governed by an independent board of directors.


Three Dimensional Life houses its facility in a rustic log cabin. The facility includes basketball and volleyball courts. Clients participate in Crossfit workouts and can enjoy sports, movies, and video games in their free time. Clients attend monthly adventure outings as part of treatment.


Rehabs.com has not received any reviews of Three Dimension Life from alumni to date. On secondary sites, reviewers were mostly positive in their assessments of the facility. On the facility’s Facebook page, which Three Dimensional Life may have the ability to manage, it has received an average 4.7 out of five stars based on 69 reviews to date. Reviewers generally praised the program's staff. In a representative review, alum Jarrod wrote: "My life has been totally changed by this program. If you want help 3D can offer you the tools you need to learn to be successful."[1] On Google, two reviewers gave five star ratings and a third gave a rating of one star.[2]

Another alum, however, felt that a once-great program had gone downhill following some staff turnover. Joshua wrote: “It's turned into a cake walk. Theres no more call outs on your crap and digging to get the inner healing you need… It was an amazing program at one point I won't deny. But what it's become is more of a summer camp than a place for healing.”


To date, reviews of Three Dimensional Life by seven loved ones to Rehabs.com weremixed to positive. One parent, N.R., gave the facility's pricing and cleanliness four out of five stars; its family involvement three stars; and its holistic treatment offerings, counseling options, and staff support two stars. After their son’s relapse, the anonymous parent felt that the program “only offers a bandage for the problem.”

They referenced a lack of communication and adequate aftercare and echoed claims that the program suffered from a staff turnover, writing: “There were some things about the program I really liked but because the leadership turnover and instructor turnover was so great, the things I liked changed quickly.” Another parent, P.G. agreed, writing "lack of communication would be [my] biggest issue."

In contrast, the other fives parent, gave five out of five stars for the facilities overall effectiveness. Jennifer also rated the facility a perfect five stars in meals and nutrition, and accommodations and amenities. She wrote: "This is an amazing program. They saved my son's life. The staff is incredible and truly cares about each and every one of the guys. They restored our family and our relationship."


Three Dimensional Life accepts some forms of insurance including HMO and PPO plans but, like over 50% of the facilities in the state does accept not Medicaid. It also does not accept PeachCare, which includes Wellcare, Amerigroup, & Peach State insurance. The cost of each class at Faith Academy is $199 per semester.

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[2] GoogleReviews

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