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The Hopequest Ministry Group, Inc.

PO Box 2699, Woodstock, Georgia, 30188
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About The Hopequest Ministry Group, Inc.

If you are searching for a comprehensive and fully-integrated addiction treatment program that is both Christ-centered and clinically effective, Then our Trek program is a rehabilitation center that’s uniquely qualified to meet your needs. Trek is a 12-week residential program treating a variety of drug abuse, alcohol abuse and sexual addictions. Our professionally-licensed staff are both devoted Christians who feel called to help those struggling with addiction and clinicians trained in the treatment of addiction. Our comprehensive curriculum at our rehabilitation center addresses the whole person and focuses on understanding the issues underlying the addiction, as well as developing healthy coping strategies and authentic relationships. If you have struggled to maintain sobriety or need a long-term program to give you the best possible chance of success in recovery, the Trek program is designed with you in mind.

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Accommodations & Amenities
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I have waited to write this review because I wanted to let things settle and be sure I was thinking clearly about my time at Hopequest. Like anything there are positives and negatives about my experience there. Overall there are several really wonderful, talented and caring people but the program as a whole has so many shortcomings I would not recommend it. Communication “F“ Staff feels no obligation to communicate clearly or accurately before or during your inpatient stay and offers no apology for miscommunication to your or your family throughout. Food “D” Chef is actually a cook didn’t go to culinary school. Food is low-quality pre packaged and frozen meat products very little fresh. Recreation “D” No gym, “volleyball court” is an uneven patch of gravel, “hiking trail” is 1/3 mile loop of which ½ is the gravel driveway. There is a stack of rustly low-quality weights in the group room used for class. Overall the description on their website is flattering/deceiving. Respect of staff: “C-” Several staff members are wonderful and loving, unfortunately several of the people you see the most: are condescending and disrespectful and appear to be that way without consequence. Class time “B-“ 8 Hours per day in a converted garage in some uncomfortable chairs some great instructors some very poor that simply read the notes or PowerPoint. Cleaning bathrooms and the kitchen is signed off on as “a class” Individual Therapy 2 hours per week “A-“ Skilled and caring therapists but you see them too little to make a huge impact and communication when you aren’t with them is poor. Spiritual classes/counseling “A-“ 5 hours class 0-3 hours in person with pastor watching sermons discussion: this was valuable. Overall: C- I would not recommend this place to a friend due to the many problems.
Looking at the testimonies I was really hopeful that my brother would be able to heal and recover through this program. I think it's a great program except that they gave my brother a very young attractive female counselor, which really surprised and disappointed me. Being a Christian program I was surprised they thought that was appropriate or a good idea. I don't think he felt comfortable with her and so I don't think he made much progress with his hurts. He has been struggling since exiting and honestly I'm upset that they didn't change his counselor after I made a request. I think he could've made a lot more progress with one of their other counselors.
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This place was hell. Thier staff is horrible & they treat you like prisoners. We never left the campus but to go to church on Sunday mornings. Nowhere else. Their whole system is based on isolation.. which most everyone knows is the worst thing for an addict. Price for this 90 day hell? $15k. Save your money & go somewhere they may actually be helpful to you!
Accommodations & Amenities
Treatment Effectiveness
Meals & Nutrition
I attended the 12-week TREK program for men in 2016. I came here after years of sexual brokenness, adultery, affairs, and acting out. I was living a horrible life. Hopequest helped me do what I could not do for myself - help me understand the ROOT cause of my addiction, helped me address the root causes, and gave me the tools I needed to turn my life around. This program works if you show up ready to work. If you show up expecting the magic to happen just because you go through the motions - don't waste your time on this or ANY rehab. I learned how to be real, honest, and authentic for the first time in my life. I was able to meet men who were broken, just like me, and developed real friendships with other men for the first time in my life. The staff genuinely cares about the clients.....the counselors have your best interests in mind.....and they know what it takes to break the bonds of addiction. *In response to another poster who said that drug/alcohol addicts don't need to waste their time here - some of my best friends from here are guys who have recovered from heroin and alcohol. This program must've not worked for him - but it has worked for plenty of other drug/alcohol addicts. His statement about peers being able to kick them out - it is a complete and utter lie. The TREK program doesn't walk you through the 12 steps per se, but many of the daily and weekly practices and assignments here have components of the 12 steps in them, and anyone who completes TREK will have a tremendous advantage over anyone who is simply attending a 12-step program. If you're broken and ready for true life change and ready to work on yourself - then this is the place for you. It was the hardest, most challenging, and BEST 12 weeks of my life. I am who I am today because of the people at Hopequest.
Accommodations & Amenities
Treatment Effectiveness
Meals & Nutrition
My experience was that I found healing and hope in the darkest time of my life.