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Exclusive Hawaii Rehab

31-631 Old Mamalahoa Hwy, Hakalau, Hawaii, 96710
The Exclusive Hawaii Rehab is a secluded, small eight-bed facility tucked away on a private estate offering a state-of-the-art non-12 step, holistic addiction treatment program. We believe to conquer addiction, it is essential to treat the whole person rather than a single symptom. We address chemical imbalances created by alcohol and drugs and focus on releasing previous trauma and unresolved pain. We offer one of the most customized treatment programs in the country with exceptional services and amenities. From the very first day clients entrust themselves to our care, and running concurrent with their addiction recovery program, clients will participate in relapse prevention and our customized treatment process. Together we help clients assemble the building blocks they need to live a renewed and passionate life and teach the skills to overcome old addiction triggers. By the time clients leave Exclusive Hawaii Rehab, their new life has already begun! We teach clients how being authentic, vulnerable and connected will naturally take the place of addictive behaviors. We share our philosophy of non-judgment and unconditional acceptance, and love of self and others. We’re committed to creating a cocoon of safety and warmth that allows clients to immerse themselves fully into the program. We realize that when clients are facing their shadow and their past, it may be the hardest thing they’ve ever done, and we make it as comfortable as possible.

Facility Highlights

  • Emotional Fluidity
  • Acupuncture
  • New Life Direction Coaching Program


  • Individualized Treatment

    Some facilities have an addiction treatment protocol that all patients or clients are expected to follow, while others customize or individualize treatment based on a person’s unique needs and circumstances. Factors that may affect treatment decisions include age, lifestyle, medical conditions, type of drug, religious beliefs, etc.
  • Non 12 Step Therapy

    In our Non 12-Step methodology, we believe that everyone is doing the best they can, based on the beliefs they hold. Because we deeply understand this, we are able to hold a non-judgmental attitude when working with our clients. We treat our clients with love, compassion, and respect. We treat everyone as if they were part of our “Ohana,” or family. We know that substance abuse is merely a symptom of a deep-rooted issue. We truly understand that drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and eating disorders are an attempt to relieve yourself from anxiety, unresolved past trauma, and depression, to name a few. For that reason, we don’t want to label you or have you identify as your addiction.

Facility Settings

  • Private/Secluded

Financial Details

  • Financing Available

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Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, The Exclusive Hawaii, a 7,000-square-foot estate on a 52-acre property, is a luxury alcohol and drug addiction treatment center for adults located on The Big Island of Hawaii.

The center is among 13.7 percent of private, non-profit substance abuse treatment facilities in the state, offering inpatient rehabilitation and medically-supervised holistic detox. As such, it is one of 16 (9.5 percent) substance abuse treatment facilities that provides residential, non-hospital care and one of five (three percent) in this category that performs on-site detoxification.


At The Exclusive Hawaii, admission starts with a 90-minute assessment and information phone call. The program focuses on getting to the root causes of a client's substance abuse to, in their words, “heal the core of addiction.” Treatment is customized to each client’s needs and addresses “every level of your being.”

Holistic detox enables clients to withdraw safely and gradually. Clients first meet with the medical director, who determines their physical condition and toxicity level, as well as monitors them. During the process, clients may receive nutritional supplements and engage in therapy to release emotions, as well as in bodywork, acupuncture, and exercise.

The facility also addresses co-occurring disorders, which places it as one of 31 (18.5 percent) substance abuse treatment facilities in the state with specially tailored groups for clients with co-occurring disorders.

The Exclusive Hawaii’s non-12-step approach revolves around its proprietary Core Belief Restructuring methodology developed by the founder and based on cognitive behavior therapy.

Therapists work with clients to develop self-acceptance and -awareness, purpose, emotional fluidity, and behavioral adjustments. Another cornerstone of the innovative program is Experiential Engagement Therapy, which helps clients learn about themselves. To address trauma, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is also available, along with mindfulness classes, and art and music therapy.

The facility requires a minimum 30-day stay. However, treatment plans also are offered for 60 and 90 days. In addition to the proprietary and state-of-the-art modalities, clients take part in small group therapy sessions, which are interactive and experiential.

Clients who complete a program of 30 or more days at The Exclusive Hawaii are invited to participate in 30 days of transitional aftercare, which involves phone or video conference counseling.


An integrated group, the treatment team at The Exclusive Hawaii consists of medical and therapeutic professionals, including a medical director/naturopathic physician, consulting physicians, registered nurses, certified substance abuse counselors, therapists, life coach, recreational and wellness specialists, an art and music therapy teacher, and acupuncturist.

The facility is one of 105 (62.5 percent) of Hawaii substance abuse treatment facilities accredited by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). To date, the eight individuals polled on the matter by Rehabs.com praised the aptitude of staff.

Staff Experience and Training: 5/5


Clients at The Exclusive Hawaii stay in the eight-bed Hale Maluhia – House of Peace – set on secluded private property and surrounded by topical foliage. They can choose a private or shared bedroom and enjoy access to an on-site fitness facility, waterfall swimming pool, hot tub, and outdoor patios with ocean views. Chefs prepare organic gourmet meals, and residents may participate in the cooking.

Clients regularly participate in a range of recreational activities, such as dolphin swims, private golf or tennis lessons, and helicopter rides. A family support program allows loved ones to visit clients, as appropriate to each client’s treatment. Personal cell phones and laptops may be used at designated times. To date, the eight individuals polled on the matter by Rehabs.com touted the facility's cleanliness and its amenities.

Cleanliness: 5/5
Exercise and Leisure: 5/5


At the time of this writing, the two former clients polled by Rehabs.com about The Exclusive Hawaii submitted highly favorable feedback. Both awarded top five-star ratings for connectivity/visitor policy, counseling options, facility cleanliness and upkeep, family participation, holistic offerings, likelihood to recommend, staff experience and training, and treatment of co-occurring disorders.

The reviewers also offered high praise for the staff. Alum K.F. referred to staff as “the most committed, loving, kind, people who are doing what they were born for,” while and the other cited staff as a strength of the facility and described them as “excellent.” Although the anonymous alum rated affordability a lowly one star, they added: “It was an unforgettable experience.”

On secondary sites, The Exclusive Hawaii received positive coverage to date: perfect five stars based on three reviews on Google and and an average four out of five stars based on the opinions of four people on Facebook, which the organization may manage. [1] [2]

Matthew on Facebook referred to the facility as “an exceptional rehabilitation program,” while Adam on Google added: “These folks are the best in their field, and the facilities are incredible.” However, alum Keith on Facebook assigned the center a lowly one star and was critical of insurance practices.


The three loved ones who reviewed The Exclusive Hawaii for Rehabs.com to date submitted highly positive impressions, awarded five stars for connectivity/visitor policy, facility cleanliness and upkeep, family participation, and likelihood to recommend. and staff experience and training.

M.B. referred to the “deeply compassionate and well trained staff,” while J.K. described the “incredibly dedicated staff, who went far beyond the expected responsibility to provide individualized care.”

In contrast, in a single review for The Exclusive Hawaii on Yellowpages.com, an alum’s spouse reported that the program was not restrictive enough for clients to change. [3] They rated the facility one out of five stars and described the experience as “a complete waste.”


At the time of this writing, three staff members at The Exclusive Hawaii submitted high favorable feedback about the facility to Rehabs.com. They assigned perfect five stars for, facility cleanliness and upkeep, family participation, holistic offerings, likelihood to recommend, staff experience and training, and treatment of co-occurring disorders.

They highlighted the customized approach to treatment, holistic orientation, therapeutic work on addressing underlying issues, as well as the beautiful location and caring team. One employee wrote: “The center is like a loving family; all the staff care deeply about their work.”


At the time of this writing, The Exclusive Hawaii serves as an out of-network provider for all major health insurance companies. As such, it accepts PPO policies from carriers such as Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, and United Healthcare.

Clients are required to remit a $5,000 non-refundable deposit to get the admissions process underway. The facility advises clients who come by plane to fly into Hilo International Airport and arrive Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. To date, the eight individuals polled on the matter by Rehabs.com generally approved of the facility's cost.

Affordability: 3.9/5

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