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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in Bloomington, Indiana

Finding treatment for substance use disorder in Bloomington, Indiana, and taking that initial step towards recovery is vital. However, knowing your payment and treatment options is equally important as it allows you to access the necessary help. Contact to connect with an admissions navigator for free assistance or to start today.

Treatment Centers near Bloomington, IN

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Boca Recovery Center is a Substance Use Disorder program providing excellence in the medical and clinical treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, as well as co-occurring mental health issues. We are passionate about working with individuals seeking recovery, and our purpose is to provide clients with the tools necessary to rebuild their lives through a foundation of overall health and well-being. Addiction is a family disease and our highly trained staff will work closely with both clients and their loved ones to support the healing process. Substance Use Disorders and related mental health issues can present differently for each person, therefore there is no “one-size-fits-all” method that can ensure a person’s successful recovery. Through an individualized process, our team will work to develop the right treatment plan for each client, providing the instillation of hope in situations that may have appeared hopeless. Our clinical team is trained at the Master’s or Doctoral level, with each professional bringing unique training and skill to our program. Collectively, our entire staff takes pride in our strong passion for helping clients develop a life of sobriety and a renewed sense of hope for the future. Our clinical team starts by providing a strengths-based assessment process to facilitate accurate treatment planning and focus. Together, we create a plan of action that will address the client’s specific needs and help them build a solid foundation for recovery. We offer a recovery community providing strength and support to those who seek long-term recovery from addiction. Our passionate, insightful staff are fully committed to the goal of providing a safe, comfortable, cutting-edge treatment experience. The relationship with our clients begins from the very first call to our facility, and we remain available and connected to all our clients long after they have completed their stay, through our Alumni Program.
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Boca Recovery Center is the best overall drug & alcohol rehab in Indiana.
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Information About Rehab in Bloomington

Latest Reviews

Latest Reviews of Rehabs in Indiana

Centerstone Bloomington – South Rogers Street

Strengths:People that work. Weaknesses: I dont know any. People have to want to be there for it to work.

- anonymous
5 out of 5
Bloomington, IN

Boca Recovery Center - Bloomington, Indiana

Boca Recovery Center's Bloomington, Indiana location is beautiful.

- Chris
5 out of 5
Bloomington, IN
About Bloomington, Indiana

Bloomington, Indiana thrives as a diverse city in Monroe County. With approximately 80,000 residents,1 it’s a lively college town acclaimed for its arts scene, top-notch education, and natural surroundings. Home to Indiana University, Bloomington offers cultural events, outdoor activities, and a welcoming community for both locals and visitors.

Substance Misuse and Addiction in Bloomington, Indiana

Substance misuse is a prevalent issue in Bloomington, Indiana, mirroring a concerning trend across the United States. Data from the Monroe County Health Department illustrates the severity of this crisis. In 2019, 29 substance use-related deaths were reported, escalating to a staggering 54 fatalities by 2021, marking an 86% increase in just two years.2

Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Rehab centers offer diverse programs to treat addiction, personalized to each individual seeking recovery. These programs aim to provide essential support and tools for the journey towards sobriety, addressing unique circumstances and needs.

What Happens in Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Rehab involves multiple care stages: detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient programs, and aftercare. The choice of care level depends on individual needs, ensuring a flexible path to healing and sobriety.

Detox Programs

Detox programs are pivotal initial stages in the journey towards recovery from substance use disorders. They are expertly supervised and medically guided interventions specifically designed to safely manage and alleviate the challenging symptoms of withdrawal through the administration of appropriate medications. By mitigating discomfort and health risks associated with withdrawal, these programs serve as crucial foundations for the subsequent phases of treatment. Establishing a stable and secure base allows individuals to transition effectively and safely into further stages of their recovery journey.

How Long Is Detox in Rehab?

Typically lasting 3 to 7 days, detox programs’ duration varies based on factors like substance type, overall health, and addiction severity. The primary goal is a safe transition to the next treatment stage.

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Inpatient treatment programs, such as inpatient drug rehab or inpatient drug and alcohol rehab, offer a comprehensive and immersive care environment within a structured setting. Beyond the controlled environment, therapy assumes a fundamental role, encompassing both individual and group sessions. This therapeutic approach is aimed at delving into the root causes of addiction while simultaneously addressing any co-occurring disorders. Although 30-day programs are prevalent, certain individuals may significantly benefit from extended stays lasting 60 or 90 days, providing ample time and support for sustainable recovery.

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Outpatient treatment stands as a flexible and adaptable approach to the recovery process, allowing individuals to receive necessary care while continuing with their everyday routines and responsibilities. These programs are designed to equip individuals with essential tools for aftercare and relapse prevention, fostering the maintenance of sobriety within the community. The customizable nature of outpatient treatment programs ensures that individuals receive tailored care, with the intensity of support and therapy adapted to match their specific needs and progress along the recovery journey.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

Paying for rehab can cause stress and possibly even deter individuals from seeking much needed help, but financial worries should never prevent anyone from receiving treatment.  There are many payment options and resources available to help cover expenses, such as:

Does Insurance Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Many insurances do cover at least partial rehab costs, and understanding your drug rehab insurance coverage can ease the financial concerns associated with treatment. Widely accepted drug rehab insurances include, but are not limited to:

To determine how your addiction treatment will be covered, call us today at for a free insurance verification.

Finding The Best Rehab Center

Bloomington, Indiana Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facilities

Choosing a rehab facility is crucial. While staying in-state might seem convenient, considering facilities outside your immediate area can reduce distractions and enhance focus on recovery. Our rehab locator assists in finding the best treatment, tailored to individual needs, whether in Indiana or elsewhere.

Why Choose AAC Rehab Facilities

Our commitment to your recovery journey extends through our American Addiction Center facilities, backed by a 90-day guarantee. This guarantee underscores our dedication to supporting individuals throughout a crucial period of their recovery, providing comprehensive assistance and resources. Moreover, our facilities are committed to ensuring accessibility to quality treatment by accepting a wide spectrum of insurances, aiming to accommodate as many individuals as possible in their pursuit of lasting recovery. American Addiction Centers’ facilities include:

Alongside our commitment to comprehensive care, our facilities provide diverse treatment tracks and specialized programs tailored to address the unique needs of different individuals on their paths to recovery. These specialized programs encompass a broad spectrum, including dedicated tracks for the LGBTQ+ community and specialized support programs for veterans. By recognizing and catering to these specific needs, our facilities strive to create inclusive and supportive environments that foster successful and sustainable recovery journeys for all individuals.

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