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Valley Hope of Atchison

1816 North Second Street, Atchison, Kansas, 66002
Valley Hope at Atchison provides individualized substance abuse treatment for patients 16 and older. Treatment services include assessment, medically monitored detoxification, residential and partial/day programs, group, individual and family therapy, 12-step meetings, spirituality counseling, psycho-educational instruction and continuing care strategies. Valley Hope at Atchison also offers online family counseling and training.

Facility Highlights

  • Accessible Care / Effective Support Services (AC/ESS)
  • The Fly to Recovery program
  • JCAHO accredited


  • Medically monitored detoxification

    Medically monitored detoxification services are available at our residential drug rehab centers under the supervision of our consulting physician and professional nursing staff. Each patient is given a complete physical and a lab profile is obtained. A team of nurses provides 24-hour medical observation and assessment services. Medications to minimize withdrawal symptoms are used as part of our treatment regimen when necessary. If there are complications, the patient is referred to a local acute care hospital.
  • Day Or Partial Care Drug Rehab

    Valley Hope also provides day or partial care drug rehab for persons suffering from the disease of addiction. This level of care is offered seven days a week and allows the patient to maintain close contact with his or her support in the community and home setting.

Facility Settings

  • Private/Secluded

Meet the Staff

  • Dee Munsen
    Dee MunsenCommunity Service Clinician for Valley Hope’s Kansas City/Atchison
    Dee is our Community Service Clinician for Valley Hope’s Kansas City/Atchison continuum for alcohol, drug and related treatment services. Dee is a credentialed counselor and has been involved in the chemical dependency treatment field since 2004. She is an alumni of the Valley Hope Counselor training program and prior to accepting the community relations position, Dee worked as a counselor at Atchison Valley Hope for four years and in turn knows the value that Valley Hope can offer loved ones struggling with addiction.

Financial Details

  • Financing Available

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Valley Hope, located in Atchison, Kan., offers residential and detoxification treatment to individuals ages 16 and older struggling with chemical dependency. Valley Hope is one of Kansas’ 14 (7.7 percent) facilities that offers non-hospital detoxification. Valley Hope operates residential, outpatient, and online treatment programs across 16 locations in seven states.


To be admitted, clients may either call the facility directly fill out an inquiry form on the Valley Hope website. Most clients remain in residential treatment for an average of 17 to 30 days, making it one of Kansas’ 20 (11 percent) facilities to provide short-term residential care. Detoxification treatment usually lasts just a few days. Clients who need detoxification may receive medication-assisted treatment (MAT) under 24-hour supervision to ease withdrawal symptoms.

Clients of Valley Hope’s program receive 40 hours per week of programming, which may include individual counseling, pastoral sessions, family therapy, group therapy, and wellness activities. Clients attend local 12-step meetings regularly throughout treatment and receive nutritious meals seven days a week. In Kansas, 119 (65.4 percent) facilities use the 12-Step method in their programming.

Families are included in treatment through a program called family intensive treatment (FIT), which involves daily online group discussions facilitated by a family counselor and weekly individual therapy sessions. All clients who successfully complete treatment are eligible to participate in an alumni network, which holds meetings at the Atchison location monthly.


The executive leadership team at Valley Hope includes a licensed clinical psychologist, a doctor of psychology, a certified addiction counselor, and a medical doctor. Valley Hope is one of the 21 (11.5 percent) facilities in Kansas accredited by the Joint Commission.


The Valley Hope facility in Atchison offers 72 beds in a rural setting overlooking the Missouri River. Clients stay in semi-private rooms, and nutritional meals are provided by a staff chef. To date, the 16 individuals polled on the matters by Rehabs.com appreciated the facility's upkeep and moderately approved of its amenities.

Cleanliness: 4.1/5
Exercise and Leisure: 3.4/5


The 31 alumni polled by Rehabs.com at time of writing gave the facility overall positive reviews, with many alumni expressing that they were thankful to work with staff who were in recovery themselves. Twenty-six reviewers said they would recommend Valley Hope to friends or family members seeking treatment. Overall, the 10 alumni polled on specific metrics by Rehabs.com praised the facility's family programming and staff, though felt holistic offerings could improve.

Family Participation: 4.4/5
Staff Experience and Training: 4.1/5
Holistic Offerings: 2.3/5

One reviewer wrote, “If you're ready to truly surrender, it is a wonderful place to be. The clients are involved, have fun, and have potential to succeed.” Many other reviewers praised the "good counselors," and accommodations. "It's a great place for peoples first time treatment," one anonymous alum wrote, adding, "friendly & welcoming."

When asked to comment on facility weaknesses, several alumni described Valley Hope as expensive, despite its affordability earning a relatively high average rating. Although counseling options also received moderate ratings, alumni agreed they'd recommend the facility to others.

Would Recommend: 4.5/5
Counseling Options: 3.2/5

Secondary sources revealed glowing alumni reviews. On Google, Valley of Hope of Atchison had an average rating of 4.2 out of five stars from 30 reviews to date.[1] On Facebook, where the facility can manage its own page, the facility had an average rating of 4.6 out of five stars from 58 reviews.[2] Overwhelmingly, reviewers noted the “love and caring staff.”


While the 12 loved ones polled by Rehabs.com at the time of this writing offered more mixed feedback, they generally appreciated the level of family participation and visitor policies. “They included family which is important,” a loved one wrote.

Family Participation: 4.2/5
Connectivity/Visitor Policies: 3.5/5

In their feedback, loved ones also specifically mentioned the facility's strong reputation, nutritious food, and effective multidisciplinary treatment. However, the loved ones polled were not universally positive, and many felt that Valley Hope did not effectively deal with relapse or dually diagnosed clients.


At the time of this writing, the one former staff member polled by Rehabs.com gave the facility high ratings across several different metrics and indicated that she would recommend the facility to a friend or loved one considering rehab. When asked about the strengths of the facility, the staff member wrote that employees were caring and client-focused. “Valley Hope has the best treatment philosophies of any I ever saw,” the staff member added.


Valley Hope accepts private insurance**, but *does not accept Medicaid or Medicare*. Valley Hope offers discounts for out-of-pocket payments made upfront and works with two health care lending companies. To date, the 16 individuals polled by Rehabs.com on the matter gave generally positive ratings concerning the facility's cost.

Affordability: 3.8/5

[1] GoogleReviews
[2] https://www.facebook.com/pg/AtchisonValleyHope/reviews

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