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Springfield Wellness Center

32900 Pitcher Rd, Springfield, Louisiana, 70462
Located in Springfield, Louisiana, Springfield Wellness Center is a licensed mental health clinic offering traditional and nutritionally based treatment for a variety of addictions, post-traumatic stress, chronic stress, depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Its founder, Paula Norris, and her husband and colleague Dr. Richard Mestayer, are the developers of the BR+ (proprietary NAD) protocols for addiction, post traumatic stress, and other mental health treatments and, since 2002, have administered NAD to more than 700 patients with extremely promising results.

Facility Highlights

  • Outpatient
  • Low Level Laser Therapy
  • BR+ protocols, which include Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD)


  • Dual Diagnosis/Co-occurring Disorders Treatment

    These two terms describe a person who is not only addicted to drugs or alcohol, but also has a mental or emotional illness, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Facilities that treat patients with dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders provide psychiatric treatment in addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.
  • Client & Family Support Groups

    Group therapy is a vital component of addiction recovery treatment, considered as important and effective (sometimes even more so) than individual therapy. Benefits include reducing isolation and loneliness and providing the opportunity to learn from others in recovery. In the addiction setting, group therapy is run by trained professionals who guide participants toward a shared goal of recovery.

Facility Settings

  • Private/Secluded

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Located east of Baton Rouge, La., Springfield Wellness Center is an outpatient mental health clinic focused on holistic physical care. The center’s specialization, outpatient detox services, are available at just 14 percent (19) of Louisiana’s 136 substance abuse treatment facilities. Springfield uses an approach its clinical staff pioneered in the U.S., which combines intravenous and oral nutritional supplements designed to replenish clients’ supplies of neurotransmitters.

Springfield Wellness Center treats chemical dependency and dually diagnosed co-occurring disorders, along with chronic stress, PTSD, depression and anxiety, chronic pain, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.


Clients can begin their treatment at Springfield Wellness Center through an initial phone assessment and questionnaire collecting medical history and current status to determine an individualized protocol. The average detox treatment is 10 days, which is performed on-site for between four and 10 hours per day, and designed to taper clients throughout the process. Multiple addictions may be addressed concurrently, and some clients return for a one- to two-day booster.

The center's primary method is BR+NAD Brain Restoration Plus Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, which combines intravenous and oral nutrients that reduce withdrawal symptoms and cravings, according to the facility’s website. Television and internet access are provided to clients during their time at the clinic each day.

Springfield Wellness approaches addiction as a chronic disease, and the center’s website emphasizes that their treatments do not substitute recovery treatment, but rather restore clients’ brains to optimal functioning, allowing clients to better engage further in the recovery process.

Individual and family counseling is available through the center as needed. Following nutrition-assisted treatment, clients are encouraged to continue treatment elsewhere, in such services as psychotherapy, 12-step processes, and other nutritional programs.

Along with BR+NAD, Springfield offers hypnotherapy, guided imagery, and auricular acupuncture. According to a 2017 SAMHSA survey, acupuncture is available in just three Louisiana addiction treatment facilities..


Springfield Wellness Center employs two medical doctors, a doctorate-level psychotherapist, and nurses, according to the facility’s website.


The sole alum polled by Rehabs.com to date praised Springfield Wellness Center’s staff and atmosphere but reported that its BR+NAD treatment did not live up to expectation. T.L.S. described the center as a “nice place with a lot of hope,” nevertheless writing: "Product helps as vitamins do, but does not help with cravings or withdrawal at all."

Elsewhere, alumni feedback was more consistently favorable. Six individuals granted maximum five-star ratings on Google.[1] In a representative review, T.N. wrote: “The staff is very professional in a relaxed setting. No comments referenced chemical dependency detox, but all attested to successful treatment for other conditions.

On the Springfield Wellness Center’s official Facebook page, which its staff may monitor, the facility has a 4.9 out of five-star rating based on the opinion of 22 people.[2] Reviewers frequently cited the setting as a strength, along with positive results and professional staff. One alum reported that “delicious” meals were provided, and another wrote that she had no cravings following treatment for a 25-year meth addiction.


The sole loved one polled to date by Rehabs.com would also recommend Springfield Wellness Center to others, rating the facility’s holistic offerings five stars and meals four stars. They thanked the facility’s staff for assistance in finding lodging during an out-of-town stay and reported that pricing was fair.


Treatment costs published on the Springfield Wellness Center website include a $175 assessment fee and $1,350 per day for NAD detox. The clinic accepts some private insurance and offers financial assistance to military veterans. Financing may be arranged through an affiliation with My Treatment Lender.

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