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McLean Hospital- Ambulatory Treatment Center at Naukeag

115 Mill Street, Belmont, Massachusetts, 02478
At McLean Naukeag, clients are offered residential and partial hospital care for substance abuse and co-occurring psychiatric disorders in a safe, compassionate clinical setting. Individuals are offered a comprehensive range of treatment services, featuring an in-depth medical assessment, group therapy, medication stabilization, addiction education, aftercare assistance, and more. Care is offered on a residential, inpatient, partial hospital, and outpatient basis.

Facility Highlights

  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Bucolic Setting


  • Individualized Treatment

    Some facilities have an addiction treatment protocol that all patients or clients are expected to follow, while others customize or individualize treatment based on a person’s unique needs and circumstances. Factors that may affect treatment decisions include age, lifestyle, medical conditions, type of drug, religious beliefs, etc.
  • Client & Family Support Groups

    Group therapy is a vital component of addiction recovery treatment, considered as important and effective (sometimes even more so) than individual therapy. Benefits include reducing isolation and loneliness and providing the opportunity to learn from others in recovery. In the addiction setting, group therapy is run by trained professionals who guide participants toward a shared goal of recovery.

Facility Settings

  • Wilderness

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Located in Petersham, central Massachusetts, the Ambulatory Treatment Program at Naukeag offers residential care and partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) for adults struggling with substance use disorder and co-occurring psychiatric disorders, with a special emphasis on treating dual diagnosis. The center is operated by McLean Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School that's headquartered 65 miles east in Belmont.

Medical detox is not available on-site, and treatment is intended for those who have already safely detoxed. Clients who need to detox can do so at McLean Hospital's main facility in Belmont. McLean Hospital and its satellite facilities are among the 24.2 percent of Massachusetts-based rehabs that operate as private nonprofits.


McLean's programs use evidence-based psychosocial methods combined with medication management, when necessary. Treatment plans are individualized and begin with an in-depth assessment, which staff use to determine the best course of treatment.

At Naukeag, treatment includes individual and group therapy, self-help meetings, and education about abstinence. Physical dependence and any co-occurring disorders are addressed by stabilizing, evaluating, managing, and educating clients on medications, as well as educating them on how to manage their illness or illnesses.

Clients also learn life skills, including how to prevent relapse, and receive assistance in planning for life after treatment. Clients' families are encouraged to play an active role throughout treatment. The program also focuses on managing stress and working with clients to achieve their goals, whether related to their recovery, career, or personal life.


According to the facility’s website, staff includes board-certified psychiatrists, licensed clinical social workers, registered nurses, and expressive therapists. The single individual polled by Rehabs.com to date on the level of staff support provided gave it five out of five stars.


The facility is located in a quiet community, and offers comfortable bedrooms, common areas, and landscaped grounds. Visitors are allowed during designated hours every afternoon, and cell phones are permitted (except during therapy sessions).

Similarly, smoking is allowed but only in a designated outdoor area. Clients are encouraged to quit smoking, and nicotine cessation treatment is available. The single individual polled by Rehabs.com to date on the center's cleanliness gave it four stars.


All four of the alumni polled by Rehabs.com to date gave Naukeag stellar feedback. The reviews repeatedly praised the center's staff, comfort level, and effective treatment. "Naukeag was live saving and empowering! The staff is second to none, they teach you how to handle life WITHOUT alcohol/drugs. The sleeping accommodations are 2 in a room,very comfortable and the food was outstanding!" K.C. wrote in a representative comment.

The center also has excellent feedback on secondary sites, with a perfect five-star average rating based on the opinions of eight people posting on an unofficial Facebook page.[1] "Can't say enough about this place.Went to McLeans for detox,then I was fortunate enough to go here,will be a year clean & sober on 6/16/2015.THANK YOU," Debbi wrote in one comment; "Wonderful place. Very professional and kind," Katie added in the only other piece of commentary left on Facebook.


All three of the loved ones surveyed by Rehabs.com to date also gave positive feedback. The single loved one polled on Naukeag's performance in a variety of areas gave the center four stars for its leadership and counseling and three stars for its holistic offerings and family participation.

In their comments, the friends and family members repeatedly described Naukeag helping people with at least one previous failed attempt at rehab. "My dearest friend -- my soul sister -- bravely fought a horrible addiction for so many years. Naukeag was the only treatment that helped her conquer it," Z. wrote in a representative comment. Loved one Amy praised the breadth and warmth of the program, writing: "A life saver for our child. The program is comprehensive yet caring and compassionate."


McLean accepts private insurance, Medicare, and Massachusetts Medicaid (accepted at 72.1, 57.8, and 74.9 percent of Massachusetts-based rehabs, respectively).

[1] https://www.facebook.com/pages/McLean-Ambulatory-Treatment-Center-At-Naukeag/122350771156956

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