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Latest Reviews of Rehabs in Michigan

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services

Let me start of that I can only thank to behavioral rehab services that I am here now, and where I stand now thanks to them. Without them I might not even be alive. I have been a drug addict for the last few years and I have tried everything under the sun. I have overdosed numerous times, and I have already given up on life. I have been to rehabs, but they were not at all successful, to say the least. My last over dose was a brutal one, and I think that something clicked in me, and I realized I am too young to die and I still have all my life ahead of me and only if I could get off these horrible drugs, I could be happy again. I asked my parents to help me find this time really a rehab that is different and that truly gets you clean for the long run. So we were looking, and heard good things about this place. I looked at the photos, and it really seemed like a nice place. Well it definitely is. It reminds me of these mountain cabins we used to go with my parents when I was a kid, so i fell in loge with the place immediately. It is so calm, and you get the nature, and you instantly feel like it is all gonna go well. The good thing is you don\'t feel like you are in some hospital grade rehab, where you are just one of many. You feel like you are an individual who is different and has different needs, not everyone is the same. I got to choose my programs, and if I didn\'t like to do something, I was not forced to do it. Oh and the detox, I mean it was hard, but the one difference that I saw was that they did only holistic methods to get me through it, cause there is no point getting myself on some other pills to not use any kinda street drug. Essentially that would be the same. So that was a great start, hard but this is the actually way you gonna be off drugs for real. And I have to tell you that the staff were really really knowledgeable and competent and very caring and nice, and they didn\'t just let me suffer, there was always someone caring about me. Throughout the entire program it went like this. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Also the fact that at 30 days it was not like, okay bye you are done with 30 days you go now, but made sure you are ready, and I was not. This time I really wanted to do it the right way, so I stayed, and got to work in those points and things that I felt were not addressed enough. And you know that is a fantastic thing, that again they don\'t put you in this pox and label you \"addict\" but you are a person, who had some issues that caused you to use drugs, but you still are a good person, and that I really loved. Thank you to all of you for this, now 3 months have gone by since I came home, and I am sober and going to continue to be!

- TG
5 out of 5
Harrison, MI

Sanford House

Sanford House is a very luxurious place to stay for rehab. It is beautiful. The beds are extremely comfortable, the rooms are spacious, welcoming, and homey. The place has an excellent chef and very healthy food. The staff is phenomenal. You can tell they genuinely care about each and every woman they work with and know what to offer to women. You get to attend outside support group meetings every evening, and go to the YMCA. They have a variety of types of group therapy and take your preferences into consideration for the weekly schedule for which meetings and activities to do. I would call it the platinum standard for rehabs, having seen many rehabs up close and personal. It is on par with other rehabs for affordability.

- Star
5 out of 5
Grand Rapids, MI

Ten16 Recovery Network

Strengths: Dedication to clients recovery. Weaknesses: Private insurance options. Amazing staff.

- K. F. S.
5 out of 5
Midland, MI