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Latest Reviews

Latest Reviews of Rehabs in Michigan

Ten16 Recovery Network

Strengths: Dedication to clients recovery. Weaknesses: Private insurance options. Amazing staff.

- K. F. S.
5 out of 5
Midland, MI

Addiction Treatment Services

Great, not many weaknesses

- Eric
5 out of 5
Traverse City, MI

A Forever Recovery

I’m so glad I found A Forever Recovery when my daughter needed help again. She’s been in and out of rehabs so many times since she started using drugs. My daughter tried heroin a few times when she was in high school and she became addicted to it really quickly. Since then, the desire and effort for her to get and stay clean have always been there. She has told me that she hates using heroin and yet even when she’s been clean for a couple months the urge to use is so incredibly strong. She stays with me after she finishes each rehab and I can tell how agonized she is from the effort it takes her to stay away from the drugs each and every day. This last time she came to me asking for help I started looking at programs and came across A Forever Recovery. Together, her and I watched the videos on YouTube and looked at the website. It really seemed like the perfect place for her to go to. When we called the intake counselor we spoke to was so helpful. He got her into the facility to start her program the very next day which is exactly what she needed. When we talked after she went through detox she said that the detox she went through at AFR was the easiest detox she’s gone through. She’s been through quite a few detoxes so for her to say that is pretty big. The staff there treated her so well and were always checking on her to see if she needed anything and finding little ways to make the detox process smoother. Throughout her entire program each time we talked she just seemed more and more at peace with herself and her past. She’s been home for 6 months now and the change in her is stunning. She’s not worn down by just the effort to stay clean. She puts effort into it sure, but it’s more her putting effort into make sure she’s doing her aftercare and working through problems. She talks to someone now when the urge to use gets too strong. Which is another thing about A Forever Recovery that is wonderful. When my daughter is having a rough day and calls AFR to talk to someone. She’s able to talk to someone right away instead of waiting for a call back. The availability of the staff there when they are needed is amazing. Whether the person that needs them is at the facility or not. My daughter got a job and while it isn’t her first job, it is the first job she’s had for more than a week. She’s doing so well and I owe everything to the staff at A Forever Recovery and the amazing job they did helping my daughter turn her life around.

- Tracy
5 out of 5
Battle Creek, MI