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Latest Reviews of Rehabs in Michigan

A Forever Recovery

If my daughter hadn’t gone to A Forever Recovery for treatment, I don’t know where she’d be right now or what she’d be doing. It wouldn’t be anything good though, that’s for sure. When my husband and I started looking into rehabs for our daughter, we knew that she wasn’t ready to get help. We couldn’t just do nothing though so, we started looking into treatment for her. When we first spoke with the intake counselor at AFR we told him that we didn’t know when she would agree to go to treatment or if she ever would. The intake counselor was really great though. He was willing to talk to my husband or I whenever we called, and he was instrumental in helping us to get our daughter to agree to get help. He helped us understand why our daughter wasn’t willing to talk to us about getting help and he helped coach us on how to go about talking to our daughter about getting help. Without his help, our daughter would still be using and not even thinking about treatment. It was 6 months before our daughter agreed to get help and this intake counselor, he spoke with us at least once a week. Checking in on us and our daughter, finding out what was going on with her, giving us advice on dealing with her and generally just helping us cope with having a kid who was addicted to drugs. Once our daughter was at AFR, it didn’t take long for the changes in her to become visible. For starters, I could talk to her again without worrying that the only reason she was calling me was because she wanted money. I could talk to her without the conversation devolving into an argument. Being able to talk to her and having her temperament being what it was before her drug use was a really nice change. Her dad and I went to visit her 3 weeks after she got to AFR and the physical changes were amazing. She’d lost a lot of weight because of her drug use and she’d started gaining it back. Her skin was clearing up and her happiness seemed to just radiate from her. Every parent worries about their kids. There are so many things in this world that can hurt them and having them basically choose to hurt themselves by using a drug like heroin and becoming dependent, it’s a horrible thing to have to deal with. You know that until they make the decision to get help, there’s not much you can do to help them. So, having that kid finally get the help they need and watching them come back to themselves and start acting like the person you raised again, it’s amazing and wonderful and I can’t thank AFR enough for giving me that. Because my daughter went to AFR, because of the help my husband and I received before she even agreed to go there, she’s now off everything and has been completely sober for 5 months. My daughter has been vigilant in continuing with her aftercare since coming home. She speaks with her aftercare specialist regularly. She knows that just because she went to treatment, that doesn’t mean that her dad and I instantly started trusting her again and since she’s come home, she has done a lot of work to earn our trust back. We knew that she needed to start working and doing something with her day but, we were worried that having her own money again wouldn’t be good for her. So, when she got a job 2 months ago, she worked it out with her dad so he’s in charge of her money. When she goes out to lunch, she brings him the receipt so that we know exactly what she spent her money on. Doing that, it isn’t something that she had to do, it is her money but, she knew how worried we were and is doing it to put us at is. Showing that consideration for her dad and I, it shows just how far she’s come since going to AFR.

- Linda
4.3 out of 5
Battle Creek, MI

St. Mary Mercy Livonia

Loved one enjoyed the meal plan. No support for patients who are disoriented. It was a great facility but the patients can get abusive and in your face. Loved one was approached by prisoners while disoriented and was intimidated.

- N.H.
5 out of 5
Livonia, MI

Gilmore Community Healing Center

Awesome staff (Sky the cook was amazing), one of the cleanest and well organized facilities, you get your own pillow and blankets (big deal btw), snacks you can bring in, great food just not enough healthy options, for this body. Salad bar would be ideal, yet you won't go hungry! Really care about your recovery. Structure in my life was much needed and they delivered!

- Alicia Barry
4.7 out of 5
Kalamazoo, MI