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Serenity Rehab

15140 16th Ave., Marne, Michigan, 49435
Serenity Rehab provides a variety of treatment options such as SMART recovery, which takes a scientific and secular approach to treatment and incorporates behavioral techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Enhancement Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. Serenity also offers counseling in communication, taking responsibility, overcoming “crooked” thinking, and life skills training.

Facility Highlights

  • SMART Recovery
  • Spirituality
  • Groups


  • Holistic Therapy

    Facilities that offer “holistic therapy” see and treat patients in the context of their entire lives and health status. They treat the “whole person,” not just the addiction.
  • Detox

    Though not all rehab facilities offer “medical detoxification,” all people with an addiction to drugs or alcohol will experience intense physical and emotional changes and discomfort as their bodies react to withdrawal of the addictive substance. Many people use the term “detox” to refer to the period of time (ranging from a few days to a week) when the body is reacting to an addict’s decision to stop using.

Facility Settings

  • Mountains

Meet the Staff

  • Sarah Russell, LLMSW
    Sarah Russell, LLMSWCounselor
    Sarah Russell has a Masters of Social Work degree from Grand Valley State University, as well as a Masters of Public Administration. Her populations of interest include adults of any age suffering from the consequences of addiction and those who are seeking active recovery. Sarah has 5+ years of experience working with individuals, families, and groups in the greater West Michigan area in the fields of both mental health and substance abuse. She is passionate in incorporating a holistic approach while utilizing classic clinical methods.
  • Tammy Zylstra, MA, NCC, LPC
    Tammy Zylstra, MA, NCC, LPCClinical Director/Senior Director of Production
    Tammy Zystra has a Masters in Clinical Counseling and she is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Michigan. Tammy has 10 years of experience in multiple modalities of therapy with a diverse population. She has worked with families, children, and adolescence. Tammy has experience in crisis intervention, co-occurring disorders, substance abuse, addictions, post-traumatic stress, and behavioral intervention. She been trained in multiple training and educational techniques, such as Moral Recognition Therapy, SMART Recovery, AA/NA, and behavioral modification. “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” –Alice Walker

Financial Details

  • Financing available for all or a portion of treatment.

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Nestled in a the town of Marne, Mich., approximately 15 miles from Grand Rapids, Serenity Rehab is one of the state's 83 (18.2 percent) residential treatment centers for adults who are struggling with substance abuse. In addition, this is one of the just 35 (7.7 percent) non-hospital treatment centers in Michigan where medically-supervised detox services are offered on-site.


Treatment at Serenity Rehab is highly individualized, and the facility takes a secular, scientific approach to addiction by utilizing evidence-based techniques, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), rational emotive behavioral therapy, and motivational interviewing (MI).

Treatment primarily adheres to the SMART Recovery program, a popular alternative to the traditional 12-step model. Though optional, Serenity Rehab also encourages clients to integrate spirituality into their recovery process.

Other aspects of treatment include gender-specific process groups and life skills workshops, as well as regular fitness and holistic opportunities including yoga, meditation, and music therapy.


The treatment team includes licensed practicing counselors, licensed marriage and family therapists, licensed master’s level social workers, and case managers. To date, the 17 individuals polled by Rehabs.com on the matter awarded high ratings for the facility's staff.

Staff Experience and Training: 4.2/5


Located in a secluded area surrounded by nature, the 150-bed residential campus provides clients with cozy, dorm-style rooms that are shared or private. This suggests a high-level of bed availability, given that the average number of residents in a treatment facility was 18 clients, as of 2016.

Amenities include an on-site gym, hot tub, shared dining area, basketball court, and game room. The 17 Rehabs.com survey respondents polled on the matter provided extremely high ratings for the facility's accommodations and amenities.

Leisure, Exercise, and Extracurricular Options: 4.2/5
Facility Cleanliness and Upkeep: 4/5


The positive comments from more than a dozen alumni polled by Rehabs.com, which were the majority, reported compassionate, qualified staff and a supportive and encouraging environment for recovery. “The staff is very caring and have helped me in many ways with any questions or concerns that I have had,” A.F. wrote. Alumni also appreciated the different holistic therapies such as art, music, and yoga.

When asked if they would recommend Serenity Rehab, the eight alumni polled by Rehabs.com at the time of this writing strongly agreed, and 14 alumni rated holistic offering and counseling options positively.

Likelihood to Recommend 4.5/5
Counseling Options: 4.4/5
Holistic Offerings: 4.2/5

Several alumni credited the facility with saving or changing their lives, including Tommy who wrote to Rehabs.com, “I've received so much love and support. I am a firm believer in this type of recovery treatment because I am seeing great results in my life.” More than one alumni also commented the rehab was the most effective they have attended. “I have been to every kind of rehab there is and this one is the best,” Alan wrote.

However, a few alumni felt the facility was misleading in its marketing efforts. “The website and reality are 2 different things,” one alum wrote, while alum Jerry added: “Serenity Point Recovery provides exaggerations, disappointment.”

Feedback was slightly more neutral, though still above average on secondary sites, indicated by the 3.5 out of five-star average rating based on 39 Google reviews to date.[1] While a few reviewers took issue with the staff members being in recovery themselves, many more comments praised the programming and quality of care. In a representative review, A.V. wrote, "I’ve never seen so many helpful people as I’ve seen at Serenity Point. It’s amazing. The staff there make going to treatment an enjoyable experience."


Of the two loved ones surveyed by Rehabs.com at the time of this writing, one gave an overall positive review and one gave a more negative review. Loved one C.S., whose fiance attended the program wrote: “I see such a huge change in him. I feel like what he learned really helped him, and now he is not suffering, and doesnt have side effects," offering five stars for counseling options and four stars for the level of family participation.

However, J.E.C. wrote, “Lack of communication, no support for families, communication with the family was hindered by staff, staff lied to patients and families.”

On Yelp at the time of this writing, one reviewer gave two stars and the other, the parent of a former client, gave just one out of five stars.[2] "Dumping addicts without notifying family seems pretty counter productive," this parent wrote, claiming that her son was kicked out of the program with no warning. However, she updated her review to say that there was eventual follow-up and she would like to improve her rating.


The sole staff member surveyed by Rehabs.com at the time of this writing gave Serenity Rehab positive feedback. "Experienced caring staff members, multiple methods of treatment, great counseling, nice building," wrote C.R.


According to information provided by the center, treatment costs $30,000 per month. Serenity Rehab accepts most private insurance plans, including Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and BlueCross BlueShield. They also work with lenders and have in-house financing options. The 17 individuals surveyed on center affordability to date provided an extremely high average rating.

Affordability: 4.2/5

[1] GoogleReviews

[2] https://www.yelp.com/biz/serenity-point-marne

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