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Latest Reviews of Rehabs in Michigan

Behavioral Rehabilitation Services

Going to through rehab at BRS turned out to a surprising great experience. I’ve been to a few rehabs in the last few years and BRS is the nicest rehab I’ve been to. I would have put up with a lot to finally get off the pain medication that I’d become addiction to but, I went to BRS and it was great there. So, there are pros and cons to BRS. There aren’t many cons and they are completely outweighed by the number of pros there are. The first thing is that BRS is in central Michigan. Not really a con because it’s beautiful there but, if you’re going in winter, it’ll be a step past freezing. The second con which isn’t really a con is the food. I only bring it up because the website made me think the food was going to be completely amazing and it wasn’t. It was good though so, not really something to complain about. Think Applebee’s, not Spago’s. The last con, which isn’t really a con for the clients is that sometimes it seemed like there weren’t enough people working there. The staff at BRS is incredibly dedication to helping others and they are good at their job but, I think they were run a bit ragged sometimes. Now, the pros. The building is really nice. BRS looks and feels like you’re staying in a ski lodge and it doesn’t have that institutional feeling that most rehabs have. You’re allowed to smoke at BRS. I’ve never been to a rehab where I couldn’t smoke but, I’ve heard a couple horror stories of someone checking into treatment only to have them take their cigarettes away. Which sounds awful. They offer different programs at BRS. Every client is about to find a program that feels right to them. The first rehab I went to only offered the 12-step program. Now, I know it works for some people. I’ve talked to people that say it’s the best thing they have ever done, it helped them so much. For me, it felt weird to do. It didn’t fit with me or my personality and honestly, I until I went to BRS and was able to look at and find a different program, I thought it was normal. So, having the different programs available at BRS really is a huge benefit. The staff working at BRS are perfect for their jobs. Some of the most compassionate and understanding people I’ve ever met work at BRS. One thing that stood out to me was that to the staff at BRS, I was a person, not just an addict. They took the time to get to know me, to understand why I’d become addicted to pain meds and when I told them how I’d become addicted, they understood. With other people I’ve talked to about my addiction, it felt like once they found out that I’d become addicted, it didn’t matter how it happened, it didn’t matter that the first time I took a pain pill it came from a doctor and that everything I took actually came from a doctor. The only thing that mattered was the fact that I didn’t stop taking the pills, which made me an addict. It wasn’t like that at BRS. They took the time to understand me and my life. They helped me feel like a normal human being again and their attitude was very refreshing. You can stay at BRS for as long as you need to. I was there for 4 months but, there was someone who came and went in 30 days there and there was someone there that stayed for almost a year. It didn’t matter, you stayed for however long you need to. All in all, going to BRS was a really great experience that resulted in me being clean, sober and able to stay clean and sober. I haven’t run into any problems staying sober since getting home. I would have put up with so much to get to where I am today, I’m just glad I went to BRS because I didn’t have to put up with anything.

- Jennifer
5 out of 5
Harrison, MI

A Forever Recovery

When my husband went to A Forever Recovery it was his last chance to get his life together before I divorced him and took our kids away. I love my husband and didn’t want to divorce him but I wasn’t going to put our kids through something like that. When I told him that I wanted a divorce he asked for one more chance, going to rehab and I agreed. I figured at worst I’d do what I’d planned on and get a divorce but at best I wouldn’t have to and we could get through his addiction and all the other stuff him being addicted to crack caused. I came across A Forever Recovery when we started looking for rehab options and it seemed like a great place. It looked beautiful and peaceful in all the pictures and when I called and talked to a counselor I was impressed with the amount of help and patience I received. Prior to my husband getting addicted to crack I had no knowledge of addiction and what it did to a person. The counselor I spoke with was great about answering all my questions and making sure I truly understood what was going on. I started noticing a difference in my husband within the first two weeks of his being there. He was able to communicate with me more and seemed much happier. We went to visit once about a month into his program and I was floored by how much he’d changed. He had gained all of his weight back and was happy and smiling. Watching him play with our kids again was amazing. It was the first time since he started smoking crack that he was laughing and smiling while playing with the kids. The counselor I spoke with during his program was so great about giving me updates on his progress and how he was doing throughout his program. She called me consistently throughout his program but if I had a question or concern she was great about handling them. If I called and wasn’t able to speak with her right away she called me back almost immediately and would speak to me no matter what time it was. When my husband graduated the program and came home I was extremely nervous. Doing well in an environment like there is at AFR is one thing but doing well back home when he’s back at work and has to deal the regular struggles of day to day life is quite another. He hasn’t relapsed but what’s more is that he’s being a great father and a wonderful husband. We’re able to communicate with each other so much better since he did his program. He takes the kids out for an afternoon and I’m not freaking out the whole time anymore that something bad will happen or that he’ll relapse and I won’t be there to take the kids. He’s not just telling me that he wants to be a part of our family again he shows me in all the ways that are important that he’s going to be the husband I want and the father that our kids needs.

- CD
5 out of 5
Battle Creek, MI

Brighton Center for Recovery


- Anonymous
4.3 out of 5
Brighton, MI