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Latest Reviews

Latest Reviews of Rehabs in Michigan

Meridian Health Services

We are so grateful to the people at Meridian. The counselors and staff are people who truly care. They go above and beyond to give the tools needed to live a sober life, with direction and hope.

- Joseph
5 out of 5
Waterford, MI

A Forever Recovery

When I decided to go to A Forever Recovery, I was ready to start a new life. I was determined to put the past behind and learn how to live my life without drugs. That’s exactly what I got from going to AFR, I learned how to navigate my life and my choices so that I wouldn’t fall back into the trap of drug use again. The tools I learned throughout my program are the reason that I’m still sober today. It’s been 6 months since I finished my program at AFR and I’m stable. By going through the program at AFR I learned so much about myself. I learned why I had been making the choices I was making and learned how to spot when things were getting harder in my life and to take a step back so that I didn’t fall into the same trap of using when I wasn’t happy or anything like that. When I was going through my program, I decided that going back home wouldn’t be great for me. I could have done it and stayed sober with what I learned at AFR but, because I had family in Colorado I decided to ask for help. Asking for help has always been hard for me. Whenever I asked for help from friends or family I felt like a failure and so wouldn’t do it. I was trying to do everything on my own and it wasn’t working for me. Going through my program at AFR helped me to realize that asking for help from my family wasn’t me failing but, getting support. So, I asked my aunt and uncle for their help and they’ve been amazing. My parents fully supported my decision to move away from them because it meant that I had a better chance at living a sober life. Since graduating from AFR and moving I’ve started working. I got a job 5 days after arriving in Colorado and I’ve been making it to work every day and I’m actually on time for it. I’m paying my own bills and everything else that comes with being an adult. Like I said earlier, I’m stable. Going from where I was before I went to AFR to where I am now since graduating is really great. I would have never imagined my life like this. Before I went to AFR I was positive that I was a drug addict and that I’d always be a drug addict, that I’d never beat my addiction and so I didn’t try very hard to beat it. Being around the people at AFR helped me to see that even though my life had been completely derailed by my addiction, going through the program and using what I learned there could and would give me my life back. The counselors at AFR helped me a lot throughout my program. Sometimes, it was just having someone to talk to about how my program was going or helping me deal with some issue I was having. Sometimes, it was the counselors calling me on my rubbish and not letting me get away with something that I’d have liked to have gotten away with at the time but, would’ve hindered my recovery. AFR isn’t on some busy street. It’s set back a way next to a lake and that privacy and serene atmosphere helped during my stay there. I was able to take a step back from my life, learn what I needed to learn and fix what I needed to fix so that I could start my new life without any extra baggage. I’m grateful for the time I spent at AFR, I’m a healthy, sober person now because I went there and it’s a rehab that I’d recommend to anyone needing help.

- RB
4.3 out of 5
Battle Creek, MI

Addiction Treatment Services

The have good group programs. They really don't help you transition back to normal when you get out. They helped my brother get clean and show him there is a better way to live.

- Anonymous
4 out of 5
Traverse City, MI