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Latest Reviews of Rehabs in Michigan

A Forever Recovery

My parents pestered me for 6 months before I finally agreed to go to A Forever Recovery. I’m more than lucky that my parents found AFR and were relentless in their determination to get me there. For the first time in 9 years I feel normal again when I’m sober. I started using pain meds when I was 23 and went to my first rehab 2 years into my addiction. I went to 5 more rehabs before my parent found AFR and going to AFR was completely different and better than all those other rehabs put together. Every time I finished a rehab program in the past I would try to stay clean and I would for a month, maybe 2 but the biggest problem I had was the fact that I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin anymore and the knowledge that if I just used I’d feel normal again. On the one hand, I wanted to be sober. On the other hand, I just wanted to feel normal. So eventually I’d give up and relapse. I thought AFR would be like the other rehabs and didn’t quite understand why they seemed to be so fixated on this one place when in the past it was just getting me a rehab, any rehab. When I got there and started interacting with the staff I came to realize why my parents thought so highly of AFR. Every staff member was exceptionally kind and compassionate and incredibly helpful all the time. I felt comfortable there and was able to relax and just concentrate on my recovery. I was able to talk with and open up to my counselors. For the first time since I started using I felt like a had a decent shot of staying clean when I finished the program. It was about 6 weeks into my program at AFR when I noticed how different I was. I was exercising and eating well. Something that actually surprised me was how good the food there was. I was smiling more and just happy to be there doing a rehab program that worked for me. Throughout the program I got more and more comfortable just being me. I didn’t feel off when I was sober anymore and as that was one of the major hurdles I’ve always had I knew that I could and would be able to stay sober when I finished my program and went home. I’ve had some bad days since I’ve finished my program but I haven’t relapsed and going to AFR gave me the tools I needed to get through those bad days and the support system to help me when I need it. Going to AFR helped me so much. It’s amazing being clean and sober. More importantly though I feel like myself again. Being sober is normal for me now and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

- Casey
5 out of 5
Battle Creek, MI

Brighton Center for Recovery

Brighton Hospital saved my life. I saw many people come and go from their program against medical advice but those people did not genuinely want sobriety.I did. So, I worked their program hard and have continued to do so through AA the last 19 months since I left their hospital.

5 out of 5
Brighton, MI

The Elizabeth Upjohn Community Healing Center

Overall, a good program

- Anonymous
5 out of 5
Kalamazoo, MI