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On-Belay House Anthony Louis Center — Male Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment

115 Forestview Lane, Plymouth, Minnesota, 55441
Teenage substance abuse affects emotional and social functioning, as well as the healthy development of family relationships. The goal of the Anthony Louis Center On Belay House in Plymouth, Minn is to help adolescent boys develop the skills they need to cope with life’s stresses without turning to drugs and alcohol. Residential treatment provides male teens with a safe and supportive place to examine their substance abuse and behavioral problems, become educated about the disease of addiction, and discover alternative methods for facing life’s challenges and having fun.

Facility Highlights

  • Recreational Activities
  • Family Sessions
  • Individual Sessions


  • Residential Treatment

    Residential treatment programs provide housing (food and meals) in addition to treatment for substance abuse. Some facilities offer only short-term residential treatment, some offer only long-term treatment and others offer both, ranging from a few days to many months, based on patient needs.
  • Family Program

    Research shows that the odds of successful, sustained recovery from addiction are far higher when family members and loved ones are involved in treatment. Drug and alcohol addiction often have genetic roots, whether related to substance abuse, mental illness or both. Family dynamics also play a role and, often, family members are the first to realize a loved one has developed an addiction. Also, it’s important for family members to understand and embrace the lifestyle changes that are required to sustain recovery.

Facility Settings

  • Residential Neighborhood

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A program of the Anthony Louis Center, a substance abuse treatment program established in 1982, the On-Belay House of Plymouth, Minn., serves 20 teenage males struggling with addiction and co-occurring disorders. The rehab offers both primary and extended care options.

The term “On-Belay" is used in mountain climbing and means "securely supported.”


While some teens are best suited for primary care, typically ranging from 45 to 60 days, others may require 60 to 120 days of extended care. In either track, teens benefit from a curriculum complete with individual counseling, group and family therapy, educational lectures, and life skills workshops. Those still in school may continue their formal education through a partnership with District 287, a provider of specialized educational services. Dietary and nursing services also are available.

On-Belay House also provides comprehensive case management as well as formal home plans for those who complete treatment. Many teens are referred for intensive outpatient (IOP) care close to home upon successful completion of the program.


Licensed as a Children's Residential Facility through the Minnesota Department of Human Services, On-Belay House staffs a medical director, a registered nurse, a consulting licensed clinical psychologist, master’s level clinicians, licensed chemical dependency counselors, and a dietician.


Located in a quiet, rural neighborhood, the residence can accommodate up to 20 teens at a time. Rooms are shared, up to four residents per room.


Rehabs.com has yet to receive any reviews from this facility’s alumni.

On CiteHealth, the On-Belay House Anthony Louis Center has just 2.38 out of five stars from eight reviewers.[1] In one such report, an alum gave the facility just one star for all five different treatment metrics, citing a lack of compassion and professionalism amongst staff. “I was ridiculed for my faith, sexual orientation, severe chronic depression, refused help for my mental health concerns or and medical care, and this is not a treatment facility; it's a dumping-hole for kids with problems run by untrained, unskilled, non-professionals.”


Feedback from loved ones is more mixed. Of those disappointed with the treatment their loved ones received, one expressed outrage at tactics that included “using punishment and ridicule to force them into submitting to your behavioral modification techniques,” while another wrote: “They are more interested in recommendations that benefit their financial outcomes rather than the health and well-being of your child. I deeply regret that we ever walked through their doors.”

Still, others found success here. In a four-star review found on CiteHealth, one reviewer wrote: “It was certainly disheartening to read the other reviews on this site. Clearly they were written by people who did not successfully complete the program. On Belay saved my son's life. The staff were caring and offered support to our entire family. Even though we have a long journey head of us I am glad we went to On Belay!” More succinctly, another wrote: “Lots of great staff, excellent clinical services, They saved my son’s life.”


On-Belay House accepts insurance, managed care, and HMO plans. A limited number of scholarships are also available.

[1] http://citehealth.com/rehab-centers/minnesota/cities/plymouth/on-belay-house#reviews

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