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The Gables

604 5th Street SW, Rochester, Minnesota, 55902
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  • Accommodations & Amenities
  • Treatment Effectiveness
  • Meals & Nutrition
I was addicted to heroin and when I entered treatment at the gables 3 years ago, I was so scared, lost and broken. Upon completing the program for 4 months, I transitioned home with my parents and have remained clean and sober since! The Gables saved my life and was given the tools to live a sober life again.
    I spent two weeks exactly there. I went in after spending 28 amazing days at Rebecca\'s Residence naively believing The Gables would provide the same eye opening journey. Boy, was I so wrong. I got there Tuesday Sept 8th, they didn\'t even know I was coming, yet my insurance company did. They acted appalled that I was there but of course took me anyways ($$). The director, was rude and treated me like the scrum of the earth. She did my admit, it took two days. The day I came two councelors had quit, and left the day of and another Sept 10. My eval was done by a woman who left two days later. I was tossed around between the remaining two councelors and it all felt so not personal. I went to bed that night after taking 100mg of trazodone and unfolded my comforter and noticed my bed had NO SHEETS, NO BLANKET, NO PILLOWCASES so with my meds in my system I walked down the narrow stairs to ask the tech to get me these things and a clean comforter. She had me follow her downstairs (the basement) on my meds and grab my sheets. She had me use the dirty comforter and didn\'t hand me pillow cases. I walked up two flights of narrow stairs and made my own bed. Two nights in a row I slept without pillow cases after asking repeatedly. The first sevens days you\'re on restrictions. Meaning you are obligated to stay in the house the entire time. The meetings consisted of movies that we have all seen 5times in detox centers, outpatient and other in patient treatments. Movies from 1986. The community group is coin sisted on drama that the staff LOVE to bring on. The in house meetings are ran solely by clients (peers) which is chaotic. Silence, same people saying same stuff, women cussing, making jokes and the words I heard the f-word. The other three women who came same day I did all wanted to leave at this point it had been an entire week of this. I finally confronted the staff members about my experience. I still hadn\'t had a one on one with my councelor and was upset. I finally was pulled up into her office and we redid my eval that I did with the other woman day #1. I was has handed two packets to work on and sent on my way never to meet with her again. The house has a strong smell of urine (once was a nursing home), you get used to the smell though but when you have visitors they are always thrown back by this smell that you\'ll notice when you first enter. I was finally off restrictions and got to go to a scarce number of outside meetings. I also got chores which trumped my recovery, if I couldn\'t find someone to do my chores then I wouldn\'t be able to join recovery groups outside the home. Walking the 120# therapy dog three times a day (being pulled from my recovery group). The dog is adorable, I love dogs but I didn\'t come to treatment to take care of the director\'s personal dog. Cleaning up his fecal matter and clumps of golden dog hair every day. They are focused on us maintaining the old house more than our recovery. I didn\'t go to recovery to clean all day. They work off a check system (infractions) which are easy to get and you wake up every morning with checks for various things. I personally, only received one, but I was anal about not getting them because the consequences was being cconfined to the house. My councelor was absent in the hhouse and very unorganized. On the second week, she didn\'t even know my name. I was appalled and saddened. So I decided to leave, I am investing my time to grow and learn and this place was in it for the money, clearly. The food is scarce and disgusting. Freezer burnt. The breakfast is always the same cereal, warm milk, bagels and plain oats except Friday they make something \"special\". When I decided to leave, I was treated so poorly. They were mean, llaughing in the office and saying inappropriate stuff about me. The package I had coming this week, they wouldn\'t forward it to me instead are returning to sender. Why would they help me? The money stopped. This place is appalling. Please trust in my words, as I am Just warning other girls to know the real deal. It was hard because I had invested two weeks of my life and walked out feeling I regressed. Sad not all people are in it to help the addict but in it for the money.
    • Accommodations & Amenities
    • Treatment Effectiveness
    • Meals & Nutrition
    I had been to 5 other treatment facilities prior to going to the Gables. The Gables saved my life. I love the atmosphere and the fact that it really felt like I was recovering in a home and not a \'facility\' or hospital. It was warm and inviting. The counselors were incredible. My favorite thing was that I never once felt like I was being talked down to. Rather, I felt like I was talking to equals, educated women who genuinely cares about me and my success. There was a variety of groups and the programs were very educational. Having Ebby the dog around was great for me. I enjoyed having an animal around, it was very therapeutic. I learned so much about myself at the Gables. I also learned how to live with and get along with many other women. I was able to start working while I was there and get back on my feet. I appreciate the Gables for what they have done for me and for what they have done and continue to do for many women. I would highly recommend this treatment center to anyone looking for a positive and effective rehab. I will always be grateful for the Gables.
      Strengths include: staffing, beautiful home, great food, and generally everything is awesome there.
      • Accommodations & Amenities
      • Meals & Nutrition
      When I entered the facility, I was already 9 months clean. I went there to figure myself out. However, it was way over booked, there was not enough staff, and they advertised things that they didn't have. see when i got there i already had 9months clean time. i went there to figure me out. One of the the worse things is you that you get close to your counselor and then she leaves, or they are just so over booked with clients. You don't get that one on one help. It becomes all a money thing. ... I didn't relapse and if I did I would not go back there. I just celebrated 4yrs of sobriety.