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New Beginnings Minnesota at Waverly

109 North Shore Drive, Waverly, Minnesota, 55390
New Beginnings at Waverly is a nationally recognized preferred provider of addiction treatment services with a demonstrated legacy of caring and expertise in providing individualized treatment services for patients and their families in a positive, respectful, and healing environment, one person at a time, one day at a time.

Facility Highlights

  • Family Education
  • Continuing Care
  • Men’s and Women’s Residential Programs


  • Men’s & Women’s Professional Program

    The New Beginnings at Waverly, LLC’s goal is to expand professional recovery opportunities to all professionals and caregivers, offering them access to high quality, low-cost, effective addiction recovery treatment that we have made possible for so many professionals over the years in a coordinated, successful, and effective way.

    New Beginnings has a specifically designed track for stimulant users and abusers.

Facility Settings

  • Average Location/Amenities

Meet the Staff

    Gil’s feature from “Experts on what Recovery Looks and Feels Like,” from Christopher Kennedy Lawford’s 2013 bestseller, “Recover to Live: Kick Any Habit, Manage Any Addiction” (p. 292). “From Gil Gilchrist, Chief Executive Officer, New Beginnings at Waverly: Recovery is a lot like enlightenment—most of the people who have excellent recovery, you wouldn’t even know until you spent time with them. They are human beings first and recovering people second. The recovery ideology does not define them, but it’s an integral part of their life. Recovery is not a feeling. It is a state of awareness and reali¬zation. You realize that you are free. No matter how good or bad things get, the fundamental realization is that you are free.”
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Founded in 1982, New Beginnings Minnesota now operates seven facilities throughout the state that treat individuals struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. The campus in the town of Waverly offers residential treatment for adults. This location also provides intervention services as well as outpatient programming and continuing care.


At New Beginnings Minnesota at Waverly, residential programming is gender-separate and firmly rooted in the 12-Steps. Treatment is individualized and typically lasts 28 to 30 days, although it may extend to 45 days depending on client needs.

In addition to 12-step work, clients participate in individual and group counseling, plus a week-long family program that includes education and group therapy. Nutritional lectures, psychotherapy groups, and curricula are targeted to meet the needs of each gender.

A dedicated program for professionals uses a two-clinician model to minimize length of stay and get clients back to work as soon as possible. Staff also liaises with employers and external evaluators such as professional boards to ease the transition back into the workplace.

The facility’s website emphasizes that recovery is a lifelong achievement, and has aftercare options including ongoing support, referrals to New Beginnings own outpatient facilities, local sober-living homes, and 12-step meetings. The center's very active alumni association holds events twice a month.


According to the facility’s website, the treatment team at New Beginnings Minnesota includes licensed alcohol and drug counselors, as well as two nurses. There are no doctors on staff.


In-patient clients at New Beginnings Minnesota at Waverly, reside in gender-specific lodges on a large, rural campus overlooking Waverly Lake. All bedrooms are shared and many have dividers for added privacy. There are cozy common areas with wood paneling and plush sofas, and meals are served cafeteria-style. Clients cannot bring cell phones or other electronics. Smoking is allowed outdoors only. Visitors are welcome twice a week at scheduled days and times.

Several alumni reported to Rehabs.com that the food served is plentiful and of high quality. Twenty-two individuals surveyed at the time of this writing gave an average of four out of five stars for the quality of the accommodations and amenities.


The 16 alumni polled by Rehabs.com to date provided largely positive feedback. Most rated treatment effectiveness in the range of four and five out of five stars. Only one former client offered a negative point of view. On average, seven alumni gave the center 4.4 out of five stars when asked if they would recommend New Beginnings Minnesota at Waverly.

They also gave the facility’s cleanliness and the staff’s level of training and experience high average ratings of 4.5 and 4.6 out of five stars, respectively. Many alumni praised the staff and the counseling specifically. “Most of the staff were kind,” one anonymous alum wrote to Rehabs.com. Numerous reviewers also thought very highly of the facility’s alumni association. Several others pointed out that “You get what you put into it!”

A few had difficulties with individual staff members. And one wanted Rehabs.com to know: “The place is like a minimum security jail. It's full of patients who want out of jail and who are not serious. More than that, they are disruptive.“


Loved ones surveyed by Rehabs.com at time this writing offered mostly positive feedback. Of the six loved ones who participated in the poll, five provided positive reviews and one submitted a neutral review.

Several commented with relief that their loved ones achieved sobriety here after unsuccessful attempts elsewhere: “My son had been to rehab before. It didn't work. This place did,” a parent wrote. Others praised the family meetings and the effective, professional treatment provided. The one loved one who didn’t leave a positive review mentioned that it was for the “lack of staff.”


According to the facility’s website, “New Beginnings Minnesota inpatient and outpatient programs are ‘in-network’ and covered by all major Minnesota insurance providers.”

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