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Home of Grace for Men

14200 Jericho Road PO Box 5009, Vancleave, Mississippi, 39565
The Men’s Campus is situated on 30 acres of rolling hills and borders the fresh water of Bluff Creek. This serene setting is the ideal place to unplug, reflect, and find peace. Our fully functional campus can house up to 110 men and features everything necessary for a 3 month stay: dining hall, cottages, laundry, media room, security detail, volleyball, private counseling rooms, private group rooms, chapel, classrooms, and plenty of green space.

Facility Highlights

  • Holistic Therapy
  • Individual Therapy


  • Classroom Instruction

    After establishing a healthy foundation, you will embark on a curriculum of classes and become prepared for your exit from the program by embracing the Christian walk on a deeper level as well as learning new habits and new coping skills.
  • Adult Education Program

    To aid in adjusting to life after the program, residents who have not earned their high school diploma or GED are given an opportunity to participate in the Adult Education Program.

Facility Settings

  • Private/Secluded

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Situated on 30 acres of grassy, rolling hills in Vancleave, Miss., Home of Grace for Men provides residential treatment for drug, alcohol, gambling, and pornography addiction. The program is faith-based and utilizes Christian principles as a foundation for recovery. Women seeking help may be treated at a separate campus a few miles away in Gautier. Detoxification services are not provided on-site. The center is among 24.7 percent of substance abuse treatment facilities in the state that offer 30+ days of long-term, residential non-hospital care.


At Home of Grace for Men, clients must be medically cleared before being admitted and not suffering from mental health and co-occurring disorders. Mood altering medications, such as antidepressants, are not allowed at the treatment center.

Length of stay is three months, and typical treatment plans include individual counseling, group therapy, Bible study, regular worship and devotional services, and a curriculum of coursework designed to prepare residents for life after rehab. Residents are required to participate in “therapeutic work assignments” intended to develop a “Christian work ethic”and related to food service, housekeeping, and facility maintenance. The program consists of two phases, which build on the other and have a set focus, goals, responsibilities, and requirements for successful completion.

An adult education program is available for individuals without a high school diploma or GED. There also is a 3-month residential retreat available. In Mississippi, the facility is among the 42.7 percent of facilities to provide specialized programming for men.


The center's website indicates the leadership of this rehab tends to stay within one family. The current executive director is the third generation family member to step into that role. Key staff include counselors, teachers, ministers, and volunteers with experience in business and faith-based recovery.


Home of Grace can accommodate 110 men at a time. Living quarters are modest and resemble a dormitory. Recreational and physical fitness activities are offered on-site. The facility’s “Statement of Faith and Conduct” defines marriage as an “exclusive union” between a man and a woman. Therefore, this center may not be a supportive environment for LGBTQ individuals.


Three alumni who submitted reviews to Rehabs.com to date all provided positive feedback. D.C., who sought treatment a decade ago, credited the program for his sobriety: “I was a resident at the Home of Grace 10 years ago...It was the place I began feeling the transformations that God had in store for my life. The facilities have changed since then but the love I felt there is still alive." However, he added: “There is not a tremendous clinical approach; dual diagnosis clients need a more specialized setting.”

J.M.G., who assigned perfect five-star ratings for extracurricular activities, safety, staff experience and training, and staff support; and four stars for connectivity/visitor policy, facility cleanliness and upkeep, and lead counselor, wrote: “After 25 years of drug addiction $3000.00 was a small price to pay for sobriety” and noted the center provided “outside counseling with pastors and addiction counselors” once he completed the program. The other alum commented favorably about the “incredibly inexpensive” cost of treatment for “a 90 day program that is a life changer.”

On secondary sites, Home of Grace for Men received highly favorable coverage to date: perfect five stars based on eight reviews on Google; and 4.8 out of five stars based on 303 reviews on Facebook, which the organization can manage. [1] [2] Reviewers appreciated the spiritual renewal and guidance they received to help recover from addiction, achieve sobriety, and save their life, such as Jay, who wrote: “The place where miracles happen! The Lord changed my life at the HoG as He has done for thousands of others. If you are struggling with addiction, there is hope.”

Isolated negative posts on the Facebook page, which is for both the men’s and women’s programs, accused the center of being a scam and took exception with a class in the curriculum.


Three loved ones provided positive impressions of the facility to date. Two who evaluated the major categories of the survey assigned perfect five stars to facility cleanliness and upkeep, family involvement, and holistic offerings. All three reported the treatment center had improved their sons' lives, such as J.F., who told wrote: "Through Home of Grace, founded in 1965, God has changed our son's life and our family's life. It is a God-filled place." E.J.D. wrote: "The Home of Grace is a Christian based recovery center. I honestly believe that unless Christ is at the head of the recovery process, no one will ever beat their addiction."


According to the facility's website, the standard program fee is $3,000 for the three-month residential program. However, donations and scholarships enable clients to attend at significantly discounted rates. Payment is required upon admission and no refunds will be issued. Of note, family member J.F., via a Rehabs.com survey, reported payment plans are available: “Paid monthly until his graduation, then he made payments.” Insurance is not accepted.

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