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Guided Life Structures

286 East Main Street, Somerville, New Jersey, 08876
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About Guided Life Structures

To provide the highest quality, ethical, and affordable outpatient treatment for individuals and families who wish to recover and heal from their substance use and its associated problems. We will attain this by creating an inspiring and therapeutic environment designed to address the diverse needs of our client population. To this end, we will embrace best practice principles by utilizing clinically sound and effective treatment methods and modalities specifically matched to the unique needs of our clients.

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Unfortunately you can't please everyone. We receive referrals from all areas of the criminal justice system as well as people convicted of DUI. Most of these people though in need of treatment do not necessarily agree with that assessment. They resent the fact that they were referred into treatment to begin with and when a diagnosis contradicts their denial it is an up hill battle. Our program provides education about addiction and attempts to show the individual the negative effects their relationship with a substance has had on their life. We also offer alternative choices they can make in their lives instead of continuing in the insidious cycle of addiction. If you can take an honest inventory of the effect a substance had had on your life and are motivated to change. Guided Life can help you. Those looking for short cuts or just showing up to comply may get exactly what they put in. Please note I rated us 3 stars for neutrality.
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Great Place!! Good People!! Been sober for almost 2 years now thanks to them.
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This place saved my LIFE!! It not only saved my life but it saved my family. I thank god everyday for Guided Life Structures. Thanks to them I am finally living a sober happy life with my family. The employees here are all great and had so much patients are most definitely willing to help as much as they can. If your every looking for help I 100% recommend GLS
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GLS doesn't even deserve 1 star. If you are thinking of going here for any of their services, don't go there. They are the worst provider of rehab services in NJ. All they do is take your money & don't do a thing. In fact, their main counselor, will lie just to get you in their program, which will last 16 weeks. They will bleed of you thousands of $$$ and you won't be better off then than you are today. Please, Please, Please, avoid this place like the plague.
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If you are truly seeking treatment for drug and/or alcohol abuse I insist you not utilize this resource, if so it can be called. The treatment I encountered consisted of wolf-pack tactics whereby the counselors encourage the group to attack individuals who fail to maintain abstinence. The method employed by the counselor(s) is to suggest to the group that 'someone has a secret,' which forces the individuals to look around until that particular someone fesses up. Sobriety is a life long endeavor and certainly not an easy feat to achieve even when measured by a daily basis. To be scoffed at and criticized by your counselors and peers for failing is not rehabilitation. I wouldn't even consider that tough love. Every measure taken by counselors to assist in your rehabilitation is either forced or guilted out of you. I could provide more examples of tactics employed on how they assist in keeping people clean and sober, but it would be a laundry list of aggression and guilt. It reminded me of my Catholic hell, fire, and brimstone upbringing. If this is the type of treatment you seek then maybe this is the center for you, but it certainly was very off-putting for me and I dropped out and sought help elsewhere. The sad part was is I was 'in' for a first time dui and was in denial of being an alcoholic. When I dropped out and went elsewhere I actually received 'help', not badgering. It has been almost 2 years since my last drink and I am an alcoholic. Had I stayed there and completed my mandatory 16 weeks I do not believe I would be writing these words today because I wouldn't be sober. I would have fulfilled my 16 week obligation, or 'got out', and went right back to drinking. I suppose I write this review now because this reality has truly sunk in. The only good that came out of that center was learning that what they believe to be treatment truly is not.