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New Hope Manor, Inc.

35 Hillside Road, Barryville, New York, 12719
New Hope Manor is committed to offering high quality, research-based substance abuse treatment services that are sensitive to the individual needs of each woman. We respect the dignity and uniqueness of every woman who seeks our help, and strive to enhance the personal growth and development of those we serve. We offer a program designed to promote greater self-awareness, self-respect, and self-worth, as well as the ability to care for oneself and to enter into positive relationships with others.

Facility Highlights

  • Monther-Infant Bonding Group
  • Parenting Classes
  • Pre-natal and Post-natal Care


  • Individual Therapy

    This term describes one-on-one therapy, in which a patient and trained counselor, social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist meets privately with a patient to discuss challenges related to lifestyle, work, family and romantic relationships that may have contributed to the development of an addiction.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

    The focus of cognitive behavioral therapy (also called CBT) is helping people to understand the thoughts and emotions that underlie their addiction with the goal of learning new, healthier and more productive ways to understand and express themselves.

Facility Settings

  • Average Location/Amenities

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New Hope Manor, located in Barryville, N.Y., offers residential treatment to females 13 years of age and older who are struggling with substance abuse. The facility accepts any woman in need of services, including pregnant women and mothers of young children. The facility is one of only 18 facilities in the state that offers residential beds for clients' children. The organization also runs a second facility in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. that offers reintegration services for women.


The facility’s residential treatment program uses cognitive, motivational, research-based treatment methods. To be admitted, clients should call the facility directly. The admissions process includes a phone screening, psychosocial evaluation, and medical evaluation.

All of New Hope Manor’s programs are variable in their length of stay, and treatment at the Barryville residence focuses on stabilization and rehabilitation. Clients with mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms may receive treatment. New Hope Manor is among the 25.4 percent of facilities in New York that offer non-hospital, residential treatment.

Throughout treatment, clients receive individual, group, and family therapy, medical case management, vocational counseling, spiritual development counseling, and when necessary, assistance applying for public assistance and obtaining legal representation. Clients are also immersed into the 12-step model of recovery.

New Hope Manor also provides specialized services to pregnant women and mothers, including pre- and post-natal care, childbirth classes, pediatric care, mother support groups, and a range of childcare services, including developmental assessments and pediatric care. New Hope Manor is one of 44 facilities in the state to offer childcare for client's children.


There is currently no information provided by New Hope Manor regarding its treatment staff. However, to date, the two loved ones polled by Rehabs.com on the matter rated the staff's level of experience and training with three and four out of five stars.


The facility is located in rural setting overlooking the Delaware River. According to New Hope's website the facility includes dorm-like, shared bedrooms, a dining hall, tennis court, in-ground pool, a daycare center, a medical suite, and a children’s playground. Hygiene products are provided by the facility. New Hope can accommodate up to 53 women and 12 children at any one time.


At the time of this writing, the seven alumni polled by Rehabs.com offered mostly positive reviews. C.G. gave the facility five stars for counseling options, as well as four stars for the amount of holistic offering and family participation. “This place really helped saved my life...I would recommend this program for young women when there in their early stages of addiction/alcoholism.” Other alumni echoed this review, praising the facility's staff and the effectiveness of programming.

On Google, eight reviewers gave an average rating of 3.9 out of five stars. In one of the negative reviews, E.E. claimed that the facility did not live up to what was publicly promised. However, two five-star reviewers felt the the facility saved their lives.[1]


At the time of this writing, there has been three friend or family members of clients polled by Rehabs.com. Both reviewers rated New Hope Manor highly and said they would be highly likely (five stars) to recommend the facility to others. They also gave four or five-star ratings for the amount of family participation and its ability to treat co-occurring disorders.

One loved one described the facility as “a long term complete care facility that gives those seeking treatment an opportunity to find their inner strength to resist the pull of addiction as well as a plan for employment and educational opportunities.” However, one loved one was critical of the attitude of a front desk staff member.


At the time of this writing, there has been one former staff member polled by Rehabs.com. J.S. gave the facility five out of five stars when asked if leadership of the facility was willing to put clients' interests first and for the experience and credentials of the management team. She also gave a five-star rating for the facility's leadership and their ability to inspire loyalty and a sense of community among patients. “Excellent administration and excellent standard of care,” J.S. wrote.


The New Hope Manor website states that housing at the facility is paid for through temporary assistance, social security Income, social security disability, or a sliding scale payment plan. Clients without health insurance must apply for Medicaid before entering the facility to ensure their medical expenses will be covered. Clients are encouraged to contact the facility directly for additional information regarding financing.

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