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Insight Human Services - Robert S. Swain Recovery Center

932 Old US 70, Black Mountain, North Carolina, 28711
Treatment at Swain Recovery Center is holistic and focused on healing the mind, body and spirit. The rehab offers residential and outpatient services designed to help clients acknowledge, accept and understand their relationship with disease of addiction, as well as improve their self-esteem and return to a substance-free life. Treatment modalities include motivational interviewing, relapse prevention therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, the Seven Challenges and the Matrix Model.

Facility Highlights

  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Individual Therapy
  • Gender-Specific Groups


  • Residential Treatment

    Residential treatment programs provide housing (food and meals) in addition to treatment for substance abuse. Some facilities offer only short-term residential treatment, some offer only long-term treatment and others offer both, ranging from a few days to many months, based on patient needs.
  • Individual Therapy

    This term describes one-on-one therapy, in which a patient and trained counselor, social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist meets privately with a patient to discuss challenges related to lifestyle, work, family and romantic relationships that may have contributed to the development of an addiction.

Facility Settings

  • Private/Secluded

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Located 15 miles east of Asheville in Black Mountain, N.C., the Robert S. Swain Recovery Center has been providing residential treatment to adults and adolescents struggling with substance abuse and mental health concerns for more than 20 years.

Part of Insight Human Services, Inc., a nonprofit organization that serves more than 50 counties in North Carolina, Swain Recovery Center offers treatment that incorporates evidence-based practices and therapies. Within the state, the rehab is among 76 substance abuse treatment facilities that provide residential, non-hospital care.


Based on the belief that men and women relate and respond differently to drugs and alcohol, Swain Recovery Center offers gender-specific programming for its adult clients. Treatment begins with a series of biological, psychological and social evaluations, as well as psychiatric care, to address co-occurring issues.

Evidence-based practices, such as “Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Motivational Interviewing, are used. Additionally, residents are encouraged to partake in individual, family, and group therapy, addiction education, expressive arts, nature and recreation therapy, as well as 12-step meetings and workshops.

Priority admission is given to pregnant women, intravenous drug users, those with tuberculosis, and individuals who are HIV positive. Length of stay is 42 days for adults and 90 days for adolescents. In North Carolina, Swain Recovery Center is among 26.5 percent of substance abuse treatment facilities with specialized services for pregnant or postpartum women.

For adolescents, treatment revolves around the evidence-based Seven Challenges, a program designed for this age group that helps clients make thoughtful decisions. Swain Recovery Center offers an in-house educational program in which individuals spend 10 hours per week in school alongside a licensed teacher.

Those over the age of 16 have the option to work toward receiving their GED. Within the state, the center is among 26.1 percent of substance abuse treatment facilities with specially tailored programs for adolescents. At the end of treatment, clients are referred to a range of aftercare services.


Swain Recovery Center is among 43.9 percent of substance abuse treatment facilities in the state accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities - CARF. There is limited information on the organization's website regarding the staff’s credentials beyond noting that Swain Recovery Center has its own clinical director.


Swain Recovery Center is located on the grounds of the Black Mountain Neuro-Medical Treatment Center. The facility can accommodate 22 residents – 18 adults and four adolescents. The rehab is not a locked facility, as referenced on the organization’s website, which indicates “All clients are at Swain by choice.”


The five alumni who submitted impressions to Rehabs.com of the Swain Recovery Center to date provided favorable feedback. The one former client, J.K.B., who evaluated a series of survey metrics, awarded mainly positive ratings, including perfect five stars for conflict resolution, consistency, lead counselor, and overall group; four stars for facility cleanliness and upkeep, holistic offerings, staff experience and training, and staff support; and three stars for connectivity/visitor policy, flexibility, and respect. “It was a small facility with individual and group treatment,” J.K.B. wrote.

The reviewers frequently praised the staff members and the attention they showed to clients, such as one alum who wrote: "The staff there truly cares about each individual, and each client receives a very personalized treatment plan.” Several referred to the help they received, especially one reviewer who shared with Rehabs.com: “They keep you busy with classes and activities. Thank you so much for saving my life.”

On secondary sites, the facility received highly positive coverage to date: 4.2 out of five stars based on five reviews on Google; 4.3 stars based on the opinion of 12 people on the facility’s Facebook page, which the organization can manage; and perfect five stars based on two reviews on CiteHealth. [1] [2] [3]

Reviewers on these sites, similar to the ones who communicated with Rehabs.com, commended the facility’s staff members, referring to them as “amazing,” “friendly,” and “incredible,” and appreciated the therapeutic tools they received as well as the results achieved. On Google, T.W. wrote: ”This place saved and changed my life the staff there were some the greatest people I have ever meet truly have hearts and are passionate about you making the first steps of your clean and sober new Life.”


To date, Rehabs.com received a review from one loved one about Swain Recovery Center, which was highly positive. This individual, the mother of a former client, awarded perfect five stars for the effectiveness of the program. “I can't say enough good things about the treatment he is receiving. I do make the Sunday visits t and are impressed by the care and compassion I see from every single counselor that I make contact with... I am forever grateful.”


According to its website, Insight Human Services accepts private insurance and Medicaid for covered services. The organization receives funding from state, local, and private sources, and payment may be determined by a sliding scale.

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