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Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers

4944 Parkway Plaza #200, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28217
We specialize in a holistic approach when it comes to our drug and alcohol treatment programs. Our approach is unique in that we treat each individual from the inside out; with weekly individual and group counseling sessions and activities. We believe your addiction can be effectively maintained allowing you to live life to your potential. We'll help heal the whole you while learning to manage your drug and/or alcohol addiction. Through interactions with our dedicated and experienced staff, we help you relearn to live your life with passion. We'll teach you the skills needed to lead a successful and fulfilling life. We believe that your life can once again be free of the fear and uncertainty that coping with an addiction causes. At Legacy, we can help you triumph over your addictions for good through tailored substance abuse treatment.

Facility Highlights

  • "We take a different approach to drug treatment"
  • "With our client-centered philosophy, each client gets an individualized treatment plan"
  • "A person struggling with heroine addiction may respond differently to certain treatment methods than a person addicted to cocaine."


  • Holistic Therapy

    Facilities that offer “holistic therapy” see and treat patients in the context of their entire lives and health status. They treat the “whole person,” not just the addiction.
  • Outpatient

    Outpatient treatment describes all addiction treatment that is not residential. Patients live at home while undergoing rehab.

Facility Settings

  • Luxury

Meet the Staff

  • Waylon D. Hinson, Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)
    Waylon D. Hinson, Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP)CEO
    Waylon Hinson’s vision for Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers is to provide treatment that heals underlying causes and conditions, while also helping clients find their dogma or reason for being. He brings a unique perspective to helping his clients. Waylon believes we all have core issues we need to work on. He says treatment helps people break through all of this to heal and bring the brain back to a normal state. Waylon’s goal is to help every client who walks through the door not only achieve recovery, but also find their purpose in life. He focuses on helping people find whatever it is in this life that makes them tick. Through helping clients find their passion in life, Waylon believes they are less likely to find a need to abuse drugs or alcohol.
  • Ellen Barton, MS, CRC, LCAS
    Ellen Barton, MS, CRC, LCAS Clinical Director
    Ellen Barton began her career in the addiction treatment industry working for drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers in Australia. During Ellen’s training she had the opportunity of working under John Bradshaw and Pia Melody. Ellen also received specialized training in performing drug and alcohol interventions and relationship counseling. With over 21 years in recovery, Ellen brings a personal perspective to helping each and every Legacy client. Ellen places a strong emphasis on holistic healing and alternative therapies, including EMDR, sweat lodges, aromatherapy, yoga and massage therapy. Ellen believes these therapeutic methods are most effective in successfully treating those struggling with substance abuse problems. By placing a special emphasis on the family system and family dynamics, Ellen treats the entire family unit offering a new life for the client and everyone in their life.

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Legacy Freedom Treatment Centers operates four outpatient treatment facilities in North Carolina and Ohio for adults and adolescents who are struggling with substance abuse. The Charlotte site provides an intensive outpatient program (IOP) that integrates holistic therapies with individual and group psychotherapy.

Treatment also is available for co-occurring mental health disorders and addictions besides drugs and alcohol, such as eating, gaming, gambling, sex, and shopping. In addressing this additional slate of addictions, the Charlotte Legacy Freedom Treatment Center is, throughout the state of North Carolina, among 26.2 percent of substance abuse treatment facilities that provide care for other addictions.


The primary course of treatment at the Charlotte Legacy Freedom Treatment Center is an IOP that meets for group therapy three times a week and individual therapy at least twice a week. These sessions apply evidence-based methods, which include trauma-informed eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.

Additionally, clients participate in practices designed to strengthen coping skills, boundary setting, emotional management, spiritual discovery, and physical recovery. Drug testing is a component of the program. Among the holistic therapies available are acupuncture, meditation, equine-assisted therapy, nutritional counseling, Tai Chi, and yoga.

Upon completion of the IOP, clients receive referrals to relevant services for aftercare, such as therapists, gyms, sober coaches, and sober living facilities. The center also offers life coaching and couples and family counseling.


According to Legacy’s website, the staff at the Charlotte facility includes a medical doctor and master’s-level therapists. At least one therapist is fluent in Spanish. Counselors hold an array of substance abuse and addiction certifications.


Three alumni who submitted reviews to Rehabs.com about the Charlotte Legacy Freedom Treatment Center to date provided mixed feedback, skewed to the negative: one positive, two unfavorable. One anonymous former client awarded perfect five stars for the facility's treatment effectiveness, writing: Great staff.” However, the other two alumni felt the facility was financially driven. A.B., who reported personal relapses and failure of the treatment staff to provide accountability, wrote: "I found AA to be much more beneficial than the IOP."

In contrast, secondary review sites yielded highly favorable feedback about the Charlotte facility to date: perfect five stars based on four reviews on Google; and 4.5 out of five stars based on eight reviews on Facebook, which the organization can manage. [1] [2] Of the 12 total reviewers, all but one awarded the facility a perfect five-star rating. “Such a great place to be if you need help with addiction!" Lauren wrote on Google. Alum Jeremy added:.“Legacy Freedom changed my life!”


The sole loved one polled by Rehabs.com to date left highly unfavorable opinions of the facility. The parent of a former client gave the facility just one out of five stars for treatment effectiveness, as well for its counseling options, family involvement and programs, holistic offerings, pricing, and staff support. “Poor communication with the family. No routine, no support, sponsors not in place and staff is poorly trained,” the loved one wrote.


According to the facility’s website, most major health insurance plans are accepted, including Aetna, Cigna, and UnitedHealthcare, but not Medicaid or Medicare at this time. Personal payments also are accepted, and clients may apply for scholarship opportunities.

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[2] https://www.facebook.com/pg/LegacyFreedomTreatmentCenters/reviews/

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