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The Ridge | Residential Drug And Alcohol Treatment Center

25 Whitney Dr., Suite 120, Milford, Ohio, 45150
The Ridge is a premium care, 12-step drug and alcohol treatment center in rural Cincinnati. It’s located on 51 scenic acres, which provides anonymity and comfort for clients in the recovery process. Many know us as the premier non-hospital program in the Midwest. With only 15 beds, we are able to provide intensive, focused treatment that includes CBT, education on the disease of addiction and how to manage it, frequent family groups and 1 year of aftercare for relapse prevention. We also have a psychiatrist on staff for mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and bipolar disorder. Our unique aspects include: Physician management led by a board-certified addictionologist, intensive family participation, 13-month length (including aftercare), frequent exercise/recreation, healthy hearty chef-prepared meals and the ability to privately care for our clients needs.

Facility Highlights

  • Extensive recreation & exercise activities
  • Serene 51-acre estate
  • Specialty in discreetly treating executives and professionals


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    The addiction specialists at The Ridge combine 12-step programs with CBT in order to help patients understand and accept they have an addiction, they must learn to manage, rationally, in a focused, deliberate manner. Cognitive behavioral therapy enables clients to recognize patterns of drug and alcohol abuse, and equips them with the knowledge and power to avoid relapse during aftercare.
  • Recreation and Nutrition

    While achieving sobriety is the clients’ first priority, it’s essential they regain health and wellness. A healthy body feels more comfortable, energetic, and balanced, contributing to the continuance of a sober lifestyle. The Ridge helps achieve this thru a balanced program of nutrition and exercise. We also have recreational activities outside of the ridge that allow clients to have fun again without using.

Facility Settings

  • Private/Secluded

Meet the Staff

  • Dr. Marc Whitsett
    Dr. Marc WhitsettOur Leader
    Dr. Marc Whitsett, M.D., a board certified addictionologist, leads The Ridge’s experienced team of physicians, nurses and chemical dependency counselors. He continues the legacy started by Dr. Jeffrey Stuckert, M.D., of educating our clients about the disease of drug and alcohol addiction and helping clients learn the tools to manage it. His experience in emergency and occupational medicine gives him a strong a foundation in the medical effects of the disease. He is experienced in detox, residential and outpatient treatment and is a researcher exploring various treatment methods. Whitsett was a Clinical Investigator for Phase II FDA trials to get naltrexone (ReVia) approved for use in alcohol dependence. Since addiction still has no known cause, Dr. Whitsett passionately continues to try to find the cause, or as he says “the nugget”. Board certified by the American Boards of Internal and Addiction Medicine, Dr. Whitsett earned his medical degree from the University of Cincinnati.

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Located on 51 acres, The Ridge provides medical and therapeutic treatment for individuals struggling with substance abuse in a serene, comfortable setting. The intimate facility, which is about 20 minutes outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, covers the full continuum of substance abuse care including interventions, medically-supervised detoxification, residential treatment, and aftercare. It is wort noting that The Ridge is part of the 3.4% of residential, non-hospital facilities in Ohio to offer detox services.


According to the Ridge’s website, the signature addiction treatment program at the center is physician-designed and managed, and residential treatment is based on a 30-day stay.

In addition to 12-step meetings, treatment includes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), medication-assisted treatment (MAT), and group and individual counseling. Extensive fitness and recreational activities are offered as well. MAT entails the use of Suboxone, which is administered at 37.9 percent of Ohio facilities.

Emphasis is placed on education for both clients and their families, with family members and loved ones able to visit, and encouraged to participate in treatment. The facility offers six family groups a month, as well as ample opportunities for one-on-one family counseling.

Many patients require detox before entering The Ridge’s inpatient program. About 80 percent of patients are able to go through detox at the center. More severe cases may however require hospitalization, which The Ridge can help coordinate.

One year of aftercare, which includes a weekly 90-minute group session, is provided to all successful graduates as a part of the program package.

The rehab is accredited to treat licensed professionals such as doctors, pharmacists, and lawyers, as well as high-level executives in a separate program.


The facility's treatment team includes a board-certified addictionologist, physicians, nurses, a psychiatrist, and licensed chemical dependency counselors. Of the 14 individuals polled by Rehabs.com to date, the seven individuals polled on the matter appreciated the aptitude of staff.

Staff Experience and Training: 4.4/5


The 16-bed facility proudly characterizes itself as an intimate treatment program where anyone is welcome to overcome their substance abuse in a discreet and supportive setting. Living quarters are comfortable, offering shared rooms and one private room, as well as a spacious dining room and a living room with a fireplace. Nutritious meals are prepared daily by the facility's full-time chef.

The 51-acre campus includes a small swimming pool, stocked fishing pond, a sauna, and a wooded area. The seven amenities polled on the matter praised the facility's quality.

Facility Cleanliness and Upkeep: 4.6/7


At the time of this writing, the 11 alumni polled by Rehabs.com praised most aspects of the facility. The four alumni surveyed extensively appreciated the facility's counseling options and family participation, as well as indicated they'd be likely to recommend the facility to others.

Likelihood to Recommend: 4.3/5
Family Participation: 4/5
Counseling Options: 3.5/5

Alumni remarked that strengths of the facility included patient and kind employees, as well as the professional attitudes of staff. Several alumni remarked that a weakness of the facility was that it was very expensive. "Its combination of staff, doctors, cooks, facilities, and program was absolutely amazing," one alum wrote.

Secondary sources also revealed highly positive alumni opinions. On Google, 48 individuals awarded the facility an average rating of 4.8 out of five stars [1]. Many alumni praised the facility's staff and quality of accommodations. "I thank God for the Ridge, its amazing staff, and its comfortable home where I grew to transform into the person I was truly meant to be!" Pamela, a representative reviewer, wrote.


At the time of this writing, there have been three friends and family members polled by Rehabs.com. Loved ones gave the facility mostly positive reviews and praised the "friendly staff" and "understanding" counselors. The loved ones also gave high four- and five-star ratings for the facility's ability to treat co-occurring disorders, discharge planning, and the amount of family participation. "There are counselers who were once addicts themselves and are understanding," one loved one wrote.


The private pay rate at The Ridge Ohio is $30,000 per month. Commercial insurance with out-of-network benefits is accepted. Medicare and Medicaid will not pay for residential treatment at The Ridge Ohio. The seven individuals polled on the matter offered mixed opinions concerning the facility's cost.

Affordability: 3.1/5

[1] Google Reviews

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