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If you are abusing drugs, it’s imperative to get help. When addiction takes hold, it can destroy lives—not only yours, but those around you. Without treatment, the risk of serious harm to both your physical and mental health is high, not to mention the risk of life-threatening overdose. Luckily, there is a multitude of resources of which you can take advantage. Scroll through our directory to find options, get contact information, and read reviews of Oklahoma treatment programs.

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Valley Hope

Cushing, OK


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Narconon Arrowhead

Canadian, OK


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Valliant House, LLC

Valliant, OK


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    Information about rehab in Oklahoma

    OK Substance Abuse Facts

    The state of Oklahoma has one of the highest rates of opioid prescribing in the U.S., a number that has remained steady over the last few years.1 Interestingly, OK is one of the very few states that saw a decrease in the number of prescription opioid overdose deaths from 2014-2015.2 However, while this number went down, deaths from synthetic opioids like fentanyl increased by about 26%.3 Overdose deaths from heroin also rose quite a bit by more than 40%.4

    In 2013, a plan was put in place by the state with the goal of reducing unintentional opioid overdose deaths by 15% over a 5-year period.5 It included plans to increase the availability of treatment in the state, increase funding of and expand community-based opioid treatment services, and provide ongoing support of naloxone programs within the community.

    Statistics show that improvements have been made since its launch, with opioid overdose death rates decreasing by 9% from 2013-20145 and a further 13% from 2014 to 2015.3,4,6 There is still work to be done, however, as both prescription and illicit drugs take many lives each year.

    Getting Addiction Treatment Help in OK

    There are many rehab options for you in Oklahoma, with more than 100 different facilities to choose from.7 Here are some things you should ask before making a final decision:

    • Is the center accredited? Accredited facilities are evaluated by organizations, like the Joint Commission, on their ability to provide safe and quality care and treatment to all patients.8
    • What credentials or licensing do the staff have? Make sure you’re comfortable with the expertise of the medical staff and therapists.
    • Are there any success stories from past patients? Reading online reviews from patients can also help you decide whether a rehab center is right for you.
    • Do the programs address your religious or spiritual beliefs?
    • Does the center provide ongoing support once you leave treatment? Aftercare is critical to living a healthy and sober life following rehab.

    You can take the stress out of sorting through all the Oklahoma rehabs by calling 1-888-744-0069 and speaking to an addiction support advisor today. A confidential, free call to a member of our support team can provide you with treatment information so that you may better choose the right program for you.


    Where Else Can I Find Help in OK?

    Something to consider when choosing a rehab is the cost. The price of rehab can vary depending on several factors, such as location, amenities, length of stay, and types of programs provided.

    If you’ve found the perfect center for you but don’t have enough money upfront, you may still have some options. Check whether they accept insurance, ask about sliding-scale fees or payment plans, or apply for a personal loan. Your family and friends may even be willing to help you pay for treatment.

    Resources in Oklahoma

    OK resources:

    Local Helplines:

    • Al-Anon/Alateen: (405) 767-9701
    • Alcoholics Anonymous: (405) 542-1100
    • Cocaine Anonymous: (405) 560-0017
    • Heartline (24/7 helplines and chat services): 211 or text your zip code to 898-211

    National Hotlines and Resources:

    • SAMHSA’s National Helpline: (800) 662-HELP (4357)
    • Suicide Hotline: (800) 273-TALK (8255)
    • Drug Information for Consumers (U.S. Food & Drug Administration)
    • Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism information line: (301) 443-3860
    • Drug Abuse and Addiction information line: (877) NIDA-NIH (643-2644)
    • Mental Institute of Mental Health hotline: (301) 443-4513


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