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Home With A Heart

220 James Mattison Road, Liberty, South Carolina, 29657
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About Home With A Heart

The Home With A Heart is a cost-free residential substance abuse treatment center for chemically-dependent men struggling with addiction. Utilizing a Christ-centered approach to addiction treatment, The Home With A Heart offers an intensive eight-week residential program based on biblical principles, daily devotions, and the 12 Steps of Recovery. The Home With A Heart is a non-profit addiction treatment facility and is supported through the generosity of local sponsors.

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Accommodations & Amenities
Treatment Effectiveness
Meals & Nutrition
This place needs to be investigated. The reason it’s free is because you have to work 12 hours a day 6 days a week In their thrift stores. All they care about is processing their thrift donations and making cash which is not spent in any way, shape or form on the men in the program. The first thing they do is apply for a food stamps card in every man’s name isn’t that illegal? The owner uses those food stamps cards to feed the residence as well as his huge extended family and anything they might want. The only benefit the program provides is for the benefit of the Richie family. This is predatory rehab and it’s absolutely worst. Do not send your love ones here they will be used and abused and then put out on the street. It is so sad that it is all done In the name of Jesus Christ. These people who operate HWAH are the very money changers Jesus threw out of the Temple. I can say this with honesty because I not only was a patient but I also worked there for a short time. I truly hope they shut this place down so not one more man will suffer there.
I was totally not impressed with my son's interview. . While he was filling his application out, the interviewer was talking about hisself..not talking to my son or asking him questions. Another man came in and said he would be coming to the center on the 29th if september.. we were taken on a very short tour,basically pretty quick. Assuming my son was going in, called this morning and said that he needed to go somewhere else. He gave him three different# to call.. I feel like if they had been more upfront and not wasted our time. . Oh the interviewer, was within 3 more weeks of graduation. .
my son did so good when he was there. Unfortunately after he left, less than 6 months, he was right back where he started. I feel the program should be at least a year long. I realize the addict is the one at fault. This is an excellent program, just feel it should be longer.
Accommodations & Amenities
Treatment Effectiveness
Meals & Nutrition
Home with a Heart is and will always have a special place in my heart. It gave me my life back. And I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about getting there life back.. Suck it up cupcake!!
Accommodations & Amenities
Treatment Effectiveness
Meals & Nutrition
Meals: Carbs mostly, and anyone in the industry knows addicts need extra nutrition to recover from the ravages on their body imposed by drugs and alcohol. Counselors are RECENTLY recovered addicts, many with less than a year clean themselves. This is a \"good ol\' boy\" facility, if you\'re not white, BEWARE. They USE the addicts that come in to do extreme amounts of labor... plus they get food stamps and serve sub standard meals, so they\'re making bank when you really add it all up....donations they take in, labor and food stamps they collect. Most of all, after exposure to the program, it is clear that much of their program is not based on industry standards, but is set up and run by non professionals who do it the way they want to, and some of what they do is questionable. We do not recommend this program to those serious about getting clean and staying\'s a fly by the seat of your pants organization. Free is not a good thing in this case, but is more like desperate people who literally have nowhere to go can at least get a roof over their head. We are praying for the Lord to rectify the many things we know are sub standard about this organization and their program and their \"limited clean time counselors\" that are supposed to help others get clean, because they are doing this in God\'s Name, and that upsets us significantly. We know specifics and we want that those who do what they do and don\'t do here are made to answer for their conduct and greedy ways. Most of all, if you or a loved one are sincere about getting clean, look elsewhere to ensure your needs are met.