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Sorenson'S Ranch School

410 North 100 East, Koosharem, Utah, 84744
Sorenson’s Ranch School is a residential treatment facility for teens combining therapy, experiential learning, behavior modification and education to address behavioral health issues, including drug and alcohol abuse. Treatment includes individual, group and family therapy, and a specialized equine therapy program. Additional services include life skills, relapse prevention, and anger management classes.

Facility Highlights

  • We use Cognitive Behavioral, Solution Focused, Motivational Interviewing, Psychodynamic, EMDR, DBT and Family Systems.
  • Sorenson’s Ranch has been bringing horses and people together since the late 1950’s.
  • Sorenson's is a second generation family owned school with over 30 years experience helping troubled teens.


  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

    The focus of cognitive behavioral therapy (also called CBT) is helping people to understand the thoughts and emotions that underlie their addiction with the goal of learning new, healthier and more productive ways to understand and express themselves.
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

    EMDR is a highly specific, research-validated form of therapy that can help people overcome traumatic stress, anxiety and depression. With EMDR, a trained practitioner uses bilateral stimulation, eye movement and touch to stimulate parts of the brain as a patient recounts certain experiences and memories as a way to more thoroughly process uncomfortable, painful feelings.

Facility Settings

  • Mountains

Meet the Staff

  • Shane Sorenson
    Shane SorensonDirector/ MA Psychology
    Shane Sorenson grew-up on the ranch that is now Sorenson's Ranch School. Much of Shane's early years were spent shoeless and carefree, throwing rock at birds, riding horses bareback, swimming in the canal, and catching fish by hand. Shane began working on the ranch doing chores associated with both animals and farming. Farm chores consumed the majority of Shane's time, but still he was able to enjoy the many outdoor activities that abound. Shane had several forays into Latin America, once as a foreign exchange student, a second time as a missionary, and a third time on sabbatical traveling through most of Mexico. This experience exposed him to different cultures. Later, it inspired Shane to study at Brigham Young University. During this time he settled on psychology, while learning how little he really knew of the sciences. This piqued an interest to pursue a master's degree while earning a minor in Spanish. Shane now lives in Koosharem, Utah, with his wife, Jill, and their two younger sons. The oldest is away at college. Today, Shane is the President and Director of Sorenson's Ranch School and a farmer during the summer months.
  • Jody Brand
    Jody BrandClinicle Director/ M.PC. / LPC
    Jody Brand is a Certified Professional Counselor LPC. She grew up in Koosharem, Utah, on a farm where she raised sheep and changed sprinklers on her family's field. As an adult she moved to Ely, Nevada, for 15 years. During that time Jody worked as a teacher at a Head Start program for preschoolers with disabilities and those from low-income families. While working at Head Start Jody learned about the importance of family support systems. While pursuing a master's degree Jody worked at Sorenson's Ranch School as a case manager and group facilitator for three years, and she worked as a college student intern for one year. Jody graduated from the University of Phoenix in January 2008 with a 4.0 GPA. After graduating Jody received Certified Professional Counselor Certification and also received the National Certified Counselor certification. Jody facilitates the Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) group, which provides students with skills to assist in interpersonal relationships and regulating their emotions and impulses. Students learn skills to become more self-aware. Jody also facilitates Support Therapy group, which is a psychotherapy group for victims of sexual abuse. Jody works with students and their families and treats a variety of mental health and family issues. Jody is married and is the mother of two teenage children. Jody and her family have built a house in the Koosharem area and are enjoying the peaceful environment of living in a rural area. Jody enjoys outdoor activities including camping, photographing wildlife, and assisting her daughter in raising a few farm animals as a hobby

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Located on a functioning farm in the small mountain valley town of Koosharem, UT, Sorenson’s Ranch is one of the 65 (27.2 percent) of Utah treatment facilities that offers residential treatment. The center is a therapeutic boarding school for adolescents ages 12 to 18. The facility provides comprehensive programs to treat individuals struggling with substance abuse, maladaptive behavior, and mental health problems. Family-run and in operation for more than 30 years, Sorenson’s Ranch also provides a competency-based, accredited school curriculum on-site.


Upon admission, clients are evaluated on past behavior, psychological testing, and academic aptitude, so that an individualized treatment plan can be created.

The facility uses a range of evidence-based techniques including cognitive behavioral therapy, and motivational interviewing. The center is also one of the 190 (79.5 percent) of Michigan facilities that provides dialectical behavior therapy.

Along with their academic obligations, residents participate in individual, group, and family counseling and attend specialized support groups. Group therapy topics cover topics such as anger management, grief, adoption issues, trauma, substance abuse, mental health, and other relevant topics.

To ensure academic proficiency, students must achieve at least an 80 percent in each class to advance. If not, a tutor helps the student improve their grade.

Experiential learning is also a major component of the program. Residents care for the farm’s animals (horses, pigs, and sheep) and perform daily chores on the grounds. Clients may also participate in equine therapy, and recreational activities such as organized sports, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, camping, waterskiing, and more.

The average length of stay at the facility is between nine and 16 months, and is based on the resident's specific needs.


Sorenson’s Ranch's treatment team includes licensed medical and psychiatric professionals and clinicians with an expertise in reactive detachment disorder, substance abuse, family dynamics, and sexual abuse. More than 40 child care specialists support these clinicians. The school's classes average between six and 12 students and its staff includes a school counselor, a special education teacher, and a team of certified educators.

The treatment center is one of the 64 (26.8 percent) of Utah centers that is accredited by The Joint Commission.


The facility has 75 beds and houses students in cabin-style dorms with connecting bathrooms and about four students to a room. The campus includes a classroom complex, an industrial arts center, an indoor gym, a fine arts center, a game room, playing fields, barns and corrals, and a library.


Of the three alumni polled by Rehabs.com to date, two gave negative feedback and one gave positive feedback for Sorenson's Ranch. The one alum who gave positive feedback noted the center was great and helpful.

The two alumni who left negative feedback wrote the center falsely advertised. “They put on a good front to wealthy parents with troubled teens, but as my parents found out the hard way, it's just a scam," an alum wrote.

To date, the 57 people who left Google Reviews gave an average of 3.8 out of five stars, and mostly positive feedback. Some individuals wrote about how The Ranch saved their life. "it not only saved my life but gave me an opportunity to truly be a successful member of society," D.L. wrote in a representative review. [1]

The eight individuals who left reviews on Yelp gave an average of 2.37 out of five stars, and mixed commentary. Some individuals praised the center and its staff, while others pointed out alarming concerns about abuse. [2]


The 10 loved ones surveyed by Rehabs.com at the time of this writing gave mostly positive feedback, and praised Sorenson's Ranch.

Three parents did give negative reviews, and called the center a nightmare. "This place is a nightmare!!! Please don't send your kids to this place!!!," a loved one wrote.

However, the other seven loved one gave positive feedback, and wrote about the center's treatment effectiveness and great staff. “It saved her life and finally held her accountable immediately for her choice,” a loved one wrote. “I am eternally thankful she had an opportunity to re-examine behaviors that would have led to little or no future," a loved one wrote in a representative review.


The 10 staffers to leave reviews on Indeed gave an average of 4.1 out of five stars at the time of this writing. The staffer wrote positive reviews and called the the center a great place to work with great co-workers. [3]

"Sorenson's Ranch is a great company to work for. I would highly recommend them," an employee wrote in a representative review. "Great working environment and you get to do something very fulfilling by helping kids."


According to information provided to Rehabs.com by Sorenson's Ranch, fees start at $5,500 per month and $16,500 for 90 days. Some private insurance is accepted.

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