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Zion Red Rock Villa

991 W. 230 S., Rockville, Utah, 84763
The Balance Health Systems residential program at The Retreat at Zion provides progressive therapeutic, medical and holistic care to overcome chronic health conditions, including addiction. Substance abuse treatment options include cellular balance, cognitive behavioral therapy, group and individual counseling, fitness training, yoga, meditation, and equine, art and music therapies.

Facility Highlights

  • Personalized Fitness Training
  • Hiking, Recreation, Outdoor Activities
  • By Zion National Park


  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

    EMDR is a highly specific, research-validated form of therapy that can help people overcome traumatic stress, anxiety and depression. With EMDR, a trained practitioner uses bilateral stimulation, eye movement and touch to stimulate parts of the brain as a patient recounts certain experiences and memories as a way to more thoroughly process uncomfortable, painful feelings.
  • Trauma & Associative Awareness Therapy (AAT)

    Associative Awareness Therapy (AAT) uses the brain’s innate ability to adapt to change in a healing way, essentially “retraining” the brain to respond differently to familiar memories of trauma or pain.

Facility Settings

  • Desert

Meet the Staff

  • Kevin Brough
    Kevin BroughC.Ht., CAd Executive Director
    Kevin brings a vast array of knowledge and practical experience to all he does. He draws from a wide variety of personal empowerment tools for the heart, mind, body, and spirit ranging all the way from Eastern philosophy to modern, cutting edge mind & body techniques. He guides his clients to discover from within their sacred purpose & resources to address issues on a behavioral level with external shifts in present life patterns, and on a deeper level reaching internal subconscious life scripts that are not serving them well and bringing these limiting beliefs into awareness and light.
  • Iuri T Melo LCSW
    Iuri T Melo LCSWClinical Director
    Therapy is an incredibly rewarding process in which you become aware of who you have become, and take steps to evolve in a direction that is meaningful to you. Individuals who are struggling with Depression, OCD, Anxiety disorder (Panic-attacks), and Trauma are my preferred clientele. I am confident in mine and yours ability to regain the ground that you have lost to these disorders and conditions.

Financial Details

  • Less than 60%

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Located in Rockville, Utah, Retreat at Zion offers a range of services to men and women dealing with addiction and chronic health issues. It is also one of the 139 (58.2 percent) of Utah treatment facilities that treats clients with co-occurring disorders. Set at the entrance to Zion National Park, the treatment center is one of the 65 (27.2 percent) of Utah treatment facilities that offers residential care. The upscale facility boasts a picturesque, natural setting conducive to recovery.

If necessary, the facility provides customized, medically monitored detoxification, which only 22 (9.2 percent) of Utah treatment facilities offer. Detox includes alternative body cleansing methods to remove toxins and minimize withdrawal symptoms. In addition to its residential services, the Retreat at Zion also facilitates interventions and will organize travel arrangements for its clients.


According to The Retreat at Zion's website, it combines traditional treatment methods with a robust offering of holistic and alternative techniques. The addiction recovery program includes individual and group therapy, educational seminars, EEG biofeedback, and neural re-patterning using electro-stimulation.

The facility also offers an introduction to the 12-step model of recovery, and considers recreational therapy, experiential therapy, proper nutrition, physical health, and holistic treatment integral to overall recovery. Alternative treatments include equine therapy, creative arts therapy, yoga and meditation, music therapy, sweat lodge purification, and personal fitness training.

Taking advantage of the facility’s proximity to Zion National Park, clients also have the opportunity to participate in rock climbing, rappelling, zip-lining, canyoneering, mountain biking, water sports, and camping.


According to information provided to Rehabs.com by the facility, The Retreat at Zion has a staff-to-client ratio of 1:2. The treatment team includes a doctor who's board-certified in addiction medicine, as well as a consulting psychologist, a licensed clinical social worker, and a former culture director of a Native American youth program. The facility also employs a full-time chef and a team of nutritionists and personal trainers.


The expansive, 13-bed facility spans over 15,000 square feet. Each room is semi-private and equipped with an en suite bathroom. The main building includes multiple treatment rooms, therapy rooms, a medical facility, lecture and group classrooms, a dining room patio, a personal training area, a gym, and a yoga studio. In addition, the grounds feature a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, and a sunning area.


The one alum polled by Rehabs.com at the time of this writing gave Retreat at Zion an excellent review. The alum, Rob, gave five out of five stars for inclusion of holistic treatment, and availability of leisure and alternative activities.

He also praised the facility’s staff and the effectiveness of the program. “The programs were not your typical all day group sessions. We did a lot of hiking, exercise, individual counseling mixed with a 12 step program as well," they wrote. "I really enjoyed my stay and program... I felt like I started living again for the first time in 10 years."

To date, the three people to leave reviews on its Facebook page gave positive reviews and five out of five stars. "It's a Great Safe place to be with Amazingly Awesome Staff if your trying to break free from the Chains of Addiction," Justin wrote in a representative review. [1]

The one person to leave a Google review at the time of this writing also gave five out of five stars, but no commentary. [2]


According to information provided by the facility to Rehabs.com, fees start at $700 a day, $19,000 a month, and $40,000 for 90 days. Some private insurance plans are accepted, and financial assistance is offered to clients who qualify.

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