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Ashcreek Academy

652 N Shady Ln, Toquerville, Utah, 84774
Ashcreek Ranch Academy is an equine assisted treatment program for adolescent boys between the ages of 14 and 18 suffering from academic, behavioral, or substance abuse issues. Boasting over 100 horses and 75 acres, Ashcreek Ranch Academy’s unique experience allows participants to harness a powerful work ethic through a remarkable horsemanship program designed specifically for young men. The hands-on approach of experiential equine therapy promotes personal accountability in boys, while also emphasizing the importance of mutual trust and respect as a part of all healthy relationships. During their stay on the ranch, participants receive a world class academic education and are assisted in credit recovery if needed. Participants also receive individual, group, and family counseling, as well as substance use groups and meetings.

Facility Highlights

  • Equine Therapy
  • Additional Assistance & Credit Recovery
  • College Prep Academic Exprience


  • Horsemanship Program

    Natural Horsemanship for Therapeutic Intervention represents a fundamental part of our experiential therapy program at Ashcreek Ranch Academy. The central aim of equine therapy is to help our students create healthy relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Many times, the lack of understanding of the importance of “trust” and “respect” is the teen’s core issue. Therefore, “trust” and “respect” becomes the focal point of the therapeutic goal.
  • Community Service Focus

    Ashcreek Ranch Academy is also very committed to participation in community service projects. Community service provides an atmosphere in which boys learn to enrich the lives of others by getting outside of themselves. Ashcreek Ranch Academy students participate in community and neighborhood service projects to promote self-esteem and a sense of purpose. Service projects consist of work projects, as well as visiting those who are in need of friendship and companionship at local nursing homes, senior citizens centers or assisted living homes.

Facility Settings

  • Desert

Meet the Staff

  • Tammy Prince Behrmann
    Tammy Prince BehrmannExecutive Director
    Tammy began working in her first Adolescent Residential Treatment Center in 1989, while working her way through college. She worked in nearly all departments, learning all aspects of Residential care. Eventually, she was promoted to Admissions Director, a position she held for five years. In 1996, Tammy moved to Arizona, where she was an integral team member in founding and opening a successful Therapeutic Boarding School (her first ownership endeavor). Then in 1998, she realized her own dream by founding a nationally recognized Girls Therapeutic Boarding School in Lake Montezuma, Arizona, Sedona Sky Academy, which is still very successful today. Tammy received her Associate of Science degree from Dixie College and proceeded to complete undergraduate work at Southern Utah University and Brigham Young University in Business Administration and Marketing.
  • Garth Lasater
    Garth LasaterAssociate Director
    Garth has over eighteen years of experience working in residential treatment programs. His past experience has included being the Outpatient Director of the Utah Alcoholism Foundation’s Central Utah Treatment Center, where he also worked with alcoholic/drug abusive clients in a sixty-day inpatient program. He has worked for the Division of Family Services within the State of Utah, assisting families and adolescents in crisis. Garth received his Bachelor’s Degree in Social work from Brigham Young University, and his Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV).

Financial Details

  • Up to 60%

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Located outside the small southern Utah city of Toquerville, Ashcreek Ranch Academy (ARA) offers long-term residential treatment and education for adolescent boys aged 14 to 18. Clients are struggling typically with co-occurring substance use and mental health concerns, process addictions, behavioral disorders, academics, and/or family conflict.

ARA emphasizes adventure and experiential therapy, particularly highlighting its equestrian program. This facility’s owners also operate Sedona Sky Academy for girls in Lake Montezuma, Ariz.


In addition to drug and alcohol use, teens come to Ashcreek Ranch Academy with ADD/ADHD, depression, and OCD, as well as process addictions, including gaming, social networking, or pornography. The average stay is eight to 12 months, according to the facility’s website.

ARA’s programming is structured around outdoor adventure therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Clients participate in daily group therapy, twice-weekly individual therapy, weekly family therapy, and education. Schooling is nationally accredited and individualized to meet home state requirements. Central to treatment are the goals of developing responsibility and confidence.

Along with CBT, treatment modalities used include motivational interviewing and mindfulness practices. Outdoor activities regularly feature mountain biking, rafting, rock climbing, and scuba diving, as well as horse-handling. Therapists work with boys to address trauma, anger, stress, grief, family dynamics, and attachment issues, while learning relapse prevention and communication skills. Psychiatric and nursing services are provided on-site.

The facility offers quarterly two-day family workshops and encourages families to participate in Al-Anon and/or Families Anonymous. Transitional aftercare arrangements include the availability of staff guidance following graduation from an ARA program.


Owned and operated by a brother and sister, Ashcreek Ranch Academy employs a psychiatric nurse, psychologists, master’s level licensed therapists, residence counselors, and various activity specialists. The facility has a staff-to-client ratio of 1:4, according to information provided to Rehabs.com by ARA.


Ashcreek Ranch Academy encompasses 200 acres, located close to Zion National Park. A single, home-like residential facility houses 25 boys, sleeping four bunk-beds to a room. Meals are prepared on-site and eaten family-style. The house has a home theater and weight room and directly behind is a private pond for swimming, kayaking, and fishing. Also on-site is an outdoor skate park and, according to ARA’s Facebook page, professional music recording studio.


Of the four alumni reviews submitted to Rehabs.com to date, two were very favorable and two very negative. The two positive reviewers described feeling comfortable at Ashcreek Ranch Academy, thanks to welcoming staff and the amenities.

By contrast, the two critical reviewers described staff as unprofessional and manipulative. A majority of reviews by alumni on other secondary sites echoed these opinions.

Six alumni offered negative reviews on Google, while two were more moderate. One alum noted that the facility was “religious” but “open.” Another described uneven staffing, with some therapists more supportive than others. Two cited discrimination by staff and residents related to sexual orientation, and two mentioned unhealthy food.[1] On Yelp, one alum repeated reports of sexuality discrimination. Two, however, shared positive perspectives on the effective lessons they learned and staff that cared at Ashcreek Ranch Academy.[2]


Of the ten reviews submitted by family members to Rehabs.com, nine were positive and one was negative. Satisfied parents repeatedly praised the center’s focus on outdoors therapy and the pleasant living conditions, and noted that a stay at Ashcreek Ranch had turned their sons’ and their families’ lives around. In the single negative review from a loved one, a mother reported “many issues,” without detail.

With an average rating of 4.2 out of five stars, most of the 39 reviews for ARA on Google were from family members. Many concurred with Rehabs.com reviewers on the value of the equestrian and other outdoor programming and the life-saving effects of treatment at Ashcreek. They tended to characterized staff as consistent, honest, and caring.

Several family members (as well as some alumni) cited friendship as a highlight. Kevin wrote that “nobody was left out,” and Kathleen expressed relief in seeing her son “come out of his shell and begin to interact with the other boys and staff.” Representing the common sentiment that whole families benefited, F.D. wrote: “My son learned valuable life skills and so did the rest of our family.”

Similarly, on Yelp, 14 positive and one negative review from family members followed these trends. The staff were described as “professional but down to earth,” knowledgeable, and “supportive, yet firm.” The one negative reviewer reported that services were not what had been promised.[2] [3]

Notably, each site included at least two duplicated reviews across Google, Yelp, and Rehabs.com. An ARA staff member responded to many posted reviews.


Two employees praised Ashcreek Ranch Academy on Indeed for the staff’s commitment to serving clients.[4]


Ashcreek Ranch Academy accepts private pay and some clients may receive reimbursement from out-of-network insurance coverage. Fees start at $9,600 per month and $28,500 for 90 days. Some financial aid may be available.

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