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Evergreen Recovery Centers

2601 Summit Avenue - Bldg. A, Everett, Washington, 98201
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About Evergreen Recovery Centers

Evergreen Manor provides substance abuse treatment for pregnant and parenting women. Services include long-term residential treatment, intensive outpatient care, addiction education, individual, group and family counseling, life and parenting skills training, smoking cessation, domestic violence support groups, 12-Step meetings, relapse prevention planning, and on-site daycare for clients' children under the age five.

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The ECR in Everett is very disorganized. There was NO communication between staff and they often didn’t know anything about the client(s) that came in (or even their children); no paperwork was done on the clients so if there was an emergency, they had nothing to go off of, not even their name. Most of not all of the staff are not available to the clients so the clients ended up being frustrated and not getting the treatment that they needed. When good staff did come through, management would fire them and would say that the staff they fired have no boundaries for clients. The staff that are there are either to young, to old and fragile or are felons themselves. Staff also lie about other staff or clients and know how to get away with things not on camera - they will tell clients which cameras don't work and where blind spots are at.
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I self committed to ERC's PPW Program under false pretenses. I surrendered to my Drug of Choice 2 weeks prior to that, I was attending 2/3 NA meetings daily prior to my self committal. I was very excited to begin my recovery journey with what I was told to be a very lucrative program. Unfortunately I quickly realized that I had made a huge mistake. The inhouse meetings were non productive, non recovery based at all. They are chaired by the other Women so if a meeting to you is listening to the other Women glorify their drug use, laugh about how high they are on their methadone dose, or just complain about their still using boyfriends then those inhouse meetings are for you. The outside meetings are the same 4 Women everytime and the same "patients" from ERC so be prepared to share as little as possible because there is ZERO ANONYMITY at ERC. They approved my Sponsor to take me to my regular outside meetings and then vetoed it so I had to do what I needed to do for my recovery, I started my step work and couldn't go over them with my Sponsor so I was forced to sit on them until I aborted Tx. I am also not CPS involved so they had no idea how to help me get my child back but I love my child enough not to have her with me in such a toxic, chaotic, and unsupportive environment...your child will know how to twerk, disrespect you, among many other bad habits before you leave there so if that's something you strive for in your child's future then ERC is the place for you. I refused to get on an ORT (Opioid Replacement Therapy) even though I was asked 3 times to get on methadone. I know me, I know what I need for MY recovery and to go from 1 mind altering substance to another was not my journey. I aborted Tx with ERC almost 2 weeks ago and I am still clean, I go to a meeting EVERYDAY, I had another DOA Assessment done immediately after walking out of ERC (even though I asked ERC for 12 days for my original assessment to no avail) and was told that even IOP is too much for me because of how solid my recovery is but I self committed into IOP because I need to be held accountable after aborting Tx so here I am. I witnessed so much unethical behavior by the staff and relapse behavior by the patients that my recovery was in jeopardy and I did what i needed to do for my recovery to get back on track. If your serious about your recovery then DO NOT go to ERC and if your a Spouse or Parent of a Woman in active addiction then please check the facts, this place is not conducive to a healthy recovery for a Woman or her Child. There were many other situations that occurred that were unhealthy and unsupportive but this review is already too long and I've got to get ready for a meeting so...Good Luck and Best Wishes for All considering ERC. I'm Agnieszka, I go to the local NA meetings so if you just want someone to talk to or even just listen I am here...I'll save you a seat.
This program is amazing. It teaches women parenting skills, give them mental health counseling and coping mechanisms.
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Evergreen Recovery Centers is extremely helpful and thorough. I was so nervous to begin treatment but the staff at ERC was so polite, welcoming, and kind. The energy at the Grand location was fun and uplifting. I enjoyed my outpatient classes and counselors. This place helped change my life!
Accommodations & Amenities
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I successfully completed this program about 2 years ago. When I look back on my life-- when I think about my lowest point-- the months leading up to my admittance to ERC come up everytime, without hesitation. I was addicted to heroin and meth, seriously close to losing my 1 year old daughter, in an abusive relationship, and my self worth was based solely upon vanity. It was a pretty sad existence. Everyone around me counted on the fact that I would fail. Thankfully, that all changed as soon as i walked through the doors at Evergreen. Everyone, down to the cook, began telling me why I could succeed. Don't get me wrong, it wasnt all rainbows and butterflys. I had my disagreements with other clients and staff. There were moments when I felt singled out and when others accused me of being aggressive or cliquey. But hey, were all human and entitled to our feelings. We were encouraged to bring these issues to the light and we worked through all of it. In the end, none of the petty BS mattered because there was no dispute that the staff were genuine and the things they said always matched the things they did. And what they did was teach us to be better mothers and women of integrity, while helping us regain custody of our children. Who could ask for more?