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Royal Life Centers at The Haven

8649 Martin Way E , Lacey, Washington, 98516
Royal Life Centers aims to provide the highest quality addiction treatment care to those struggling with drug and alcohol abuse. At Royal Life Center’s medically certified detoxification program, individuals are provided with 24-hour medical care to ease the discomfort that occurs upon the cessation of substance use. Once medical detoxification is complete, clients are invited to participate in Royal Life Centers’ inpatient or outpatient treatment programs. Inpatient services include individual and group therapy, psychiatric evaluation, psychotherapy, relapse prevention, grief and loss education, anger management, 12-Step meetings, and more. Outpatient treatment includes many of these services, as well as vocational preparation such as résumé building, interview training, and job application assistance.

Facility Highlights

  • Out Patient Treatment
  • Inpatient treatment
  • 12-Step Based


  • Residential Treatment

    Residential treatment programs provide housing (food and meals) in addition to treatment for substance abuse. Some facilities offer only short-term residential treatment, some offer only long-term treatment and others offer both, ranging from a few days to many months, based on patient needs.
  • Medical Detoxification

    Drugs and alcohol have widespread effects throughout your body, including but not limited to the addiction and/or physical/psychological dependence that develops with substance abuse over time. Many organ systems are affected by addiction and will react to withdrawal. The term “medical detoxification” means that there is a trained and licensed medical professional onsite to monitor your vital signs and protect your physical and emotional health as your body goes through withdrawal.

Facility Settings

  • Residential Neighborhood

Financial Details

  • Up to 70%

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Royal Life Centers serves adults dealing with substance abuse through holistic care. The facility in Delray Beach, Flor., offers sober living and outpatient treatment.

Royal Life Centers operates 13 facilities across Washington, Arizona, and Florida.


Royal Life Centers uses evidence-based modalities like cognitive behavioral therapy and 12-step programming. Residential and outpatient treatment include individual and group therapy, medication management, psychiatric evaluation, and psychotherapy.

Holistic offerings are a core component of treatment and include yoga, art therapy, music therapy, acupuncture, and Tai Chi.

The center also offers education on depression, dealing with trauma, grief, gender-specific issues, and anger management.

Clients enrolled in the outpatient program will receive life skills and job preparation training, placing it among the 38.9 percent of Florida treatment facilities that offer employment assistance.


Information provided by Royal Life Centers to Rehabs.com indicates that the staff-to-client ratio is 1:6 as of 2015. The center employs therapists, psychiatrists, and behavioral health technicians. It is one of the 203 (30.4 percent) of Florida treatment centers accredited by The Joint Commission.


Information provided by Royal Life Centers to Rehabs.com indicates that 200 beds are available across its many residential and sober living facilities. All locations include security systems, 24/7 staff, and a curfew. Official photographs show on-site washing machines, televisions, and twin beds.

Women and men will reside in separate sober living facilities for nine weeks. Employed individuals can transition into sober living residencies with an extended curfew and more independence. Transportation is provided to 12-step meetings.


Of the 11 alumni reviews submitted to Rehabs.com to date, eight were positive and three were negative. Several reviews mentioned changes in the environment and management of the facility following a merger with former program “A New Day.” Positive reviews mentioned great staff and an effectively structured program. Three alumni complained about the cost of treatment and the strictness of the program.

Four alumni polled by Rehabs.com at this time of writing gave positive feedback for Royal Life Center. The four alumni agreed that the facility was well-maintained.

Cleanliness: 3.8/5 stars

On Google, Royal Life Center had a 4.4-star average rating based on 15 reviews. Feedback was generally positive, with four individuals complimenting Royal Life Centers for its caring staff and five individuals noting the well-structured program.


Three loved ones leaving commentary on Rehabs.com gave negative feedback for Royal Life Center. All loved ones noted communication problems while two individuals cited a lack of individualized attention for clients.


Rehabs.com has not yet received any reviews from this facility’s staff; however, on Glassdoor, Royal Life Centers has a 3.2-star average rating, based on 20 reviews. [2] Reviews on Glassdoor are mostly positive, with 14 individuals praising staff’s dedication to clients. However, three individuals cited short staffing and a lack of training.


Royal Life Centers indicated in information provided to Rehabs.com that treatment costs $500 per day, $15,000 per month, and $40,000 for 90 days. The center is one of the 463 (69.3 percent) of California treatment facilities that accept most insurance plans including Aetna, Cigna, and Humana. Financial assistance is available.

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