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Sparc Admission Office

812 South Walnut Street, Spokane, Washington, 99204
Spokane Addiction Recovery Center (SPARC) offers treatment services for low-income or indigent adults struggling with substance abuse issues and co-occurring mental health disorders. Services include intensive, gender-specific inpatient programs, intensive outpatient care, a homeless resource center, Native American support services, family programs and relapse prevention.

Facility Highlights

  • Relapse Prevention
  • Family Education Program
  • Gender Specific Groups


  • Dual Diagnosis/ Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

    These two terms describe a person who is not only addicted to drugs or alcohol, but also has a mental or emotional illness, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Facilities that treat patients with dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders provide psychiatric treatment in addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.
  • Residential Treatment

    Residential treatment programs provide housing (food and meals) in addition to treatment for substance abuse. Some facilities offer only short-term residential treatment, some offer only long-term treatment and others offer both, ranging from a few days to many months, based on patient needs.

Facility Settings

  • Average Location/Amenities

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Founded 50 years ago and located in a residential neighborhood in southwestern Spokane, SPARC is one of Washington’s 176 (44.4 percent) of private, nonprofit addiction treatment facilities. Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers (SPARC) offers on-site medical monitoring, as well as residential and outpatient treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders, specifically for men and women. Detox is not available.


SPARC uses an individualized, evidence-based, and multidimensional treatment process. Treatment includes cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing (MI), and motivational enhancement therapy. Alumni reviews submitted to Rehabs.com indicate that treatment uses the 12-Steps, which is used in 255 (64.4 percent) of treatment facilities across the state.

Outpatient treatment is available at both standard, and intensive levels, and services include DUI assessment, abuse treatment, and alcohol & drug information school. Only 126 (31.8 percent) of facilities in Washington provide DUI programs.

The facility also provides mental health services. In Washington, only 270 (68.2 percent) of facilities offer assessments and treatment for mental health concerns. Mental health services include counseling and psychotherapy, medication supervision, and case management.


SPARC is staffed by trained counselors, house administrators, and certified DUI school counselors.


SPARC is housed in a large house in a residential area. It includes places to walk as well as a calm neighborhood for clients to focus on their recovery with minimal distractions.


The nine alumni reviews submitted to Rehabs.com at the time of this writing about SPARC were mixed.

Comments indicate that the facility does good work, despite being overburdened. Alumni indicated that the staff were “terrible”, even if the treatment was good. At least four alumni mentioned that the facility seemed overcrowded. An anonymous reviewer commented: “Too many patients,” and another wrote that despite the “caring staff,” there was a “lack of resources and time for each individuals's needs.”

Holistic Offerings: 2.9/5
Family Participation: 2.3/5
Cleanliness: 3.3/5

On Google, Spokane Addiction Recovery Centers received an average rating of 4.1 out of five stars from 81 reviews to date.[1] Reviewers had a lot of positive notes about the staff, describing employees as “kind,” “empathetic,” and “awesome.” Specifically, reviewers wrote about the effectiveness of its treatment for co-occurring disorders.


The two loved ones polled by Rehabs.com gave mostly positive feedback for SPARC. Both would recommend treatment at the facility, and they gave four out of five stars for its family participation. One did echo alumni complaints, writing: “Too many clients at one time." Another indicated that the rules on phone and Internet usage were too strict.


Rehabs.com has received two reviews from anonymous staff members, each giving four or five out of five stars to SPARC's family programming, affordability, counseling options, and the staff’s level of training and experience. One highlighted the “Awesome staff,” while the other noted certain aspects of the treatment process. “Not able to use faster acting naloxone shots due to no qualified pharmacy,” they wrote.


SPARC receives public funding from the State of Washington and Spokane County. It is also one of the 267 (67.4 percent) of facilities in Washington that accept Medicaid.

[1] GoogleReviews

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