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River Park Hospital

1230 6th Avenue, Huntington, West Virginia, 25701
River Park Hospital provides behavioral health care services for all ages, and chemical dependency treatment for adolescents and adults. The ROAD program for adolescents provides residential treatment for addiction and co-occurring mental health issues, and features individual, group and family therapy, 12-Step participation, an on-site school, life and social skills training, and psychiatric and medication management.

Facility Highlights

  • Medical Management
  • Family Education
  • Individual Therapy


  • Residential Treatment

    Residential treatment programs provide housing (food and meals) in addition to treatment for substance abuse. Some facilities offer only short-term residential treatment, some offer only long-term treatment and others offer both, ranging from a few days to many months, based on patient needs.
  • Dual Diagnosis/ Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment

    These two terms describe a person who is not only addicted to drugs or alcohol, but also has a mental or emotional illness, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. Facilities that treat patients with dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders provide psychiatric treatment in addition to drug and alcohol rehabilitation services.

Facility Settings

  • Hospital

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River Park Hospital of Huntington, W.V. provides short and long-term inpatient care for adults, children, and teens facing substance abuse and/or co-occurring mental health disorders. The Huntington, W.V., location also provides medical detoxification if needed, a service that’s available at just 12 (11.8 percent) of hospitals in the state.


River Park Hospital runs two separate tracks for adults aged 18 and older. In the traditional track, participants focus on developing solutions to their specific issues as well as coping and conflict resolution skills. In the chemical dependency track, clients seeking recovery from addiction spend time learning the Stages of Change model. Lasting from seven to 10 days, these inpatient services form a part of the eight (7.8 percent) of hospital treatment programs statewide.

River Park Hospital also runs four specialized residential programs for teens. These include tracks for teen sex offenders, those with co-occurring disorders, and those with severe psychiatric disorders. Programming incorporates individual, group, and family therapy, on-site education, and medication management, amongst other therapies. The hospital also runs a long-term child abuse reactive program (BRIDGE) for children between the ages of eight and 12 that lasts six to 12 months on average.

Referrals to outpatient services and sober living facilities are also provided.


River Park Hospital employs a multidisciplinary team of physicians, therapists, nurses, mental health technicians, activities specialists, case managers, and psychiatrists. Educational services are provided by state-licensed educators, a principal, and a school counselor.


River Park Hospital is a 165-bed facility that offers 24-hour clinical care.


While Rehabs.com has yet to receive any reviews from former clients of the hospital, secondary sites reveal mixed feedback. On Google, for instance, where River Park Hospital received 2.8 out of five stars from 20 individuals to date, several complained about the staff, including Drew, who called them "rude" and "uncaring.”[1]

Yet on the facility’s unofficial Facebook page, where 23 individuals contributed towards an above-average rating of 3.3 out of five stars, reviewers were more satisfied. “All of the nurses and the doctors were very good to me,” J.R.E. wrote in one such report. “Staff was top notch and professional,” added J.T.M.[2]

On Yelp, River Park has even more polarized feedback, with four one-star ratings and two five-star ratings. Those dissatisfied with the hospital found the mental health department a “complete joke.”[3]


The sole respondent of a Rehabs.com survey to date gave the hospital just two out of five stars for its treatment effectiveness. The anonymous reviewer felt that the hospital lacked “quality care” and that the staff “made little effort to get to know” their cousin and his story.


While Rehabs.com has yet to receive any reviews from staff, River Park Hospital maintains an average 3.6 out of five stars from 38 individuals on Indeed to date.[4] By and large, reviewers depicted the hospital as a positive work environment, yet some found the management disrespectful and unrealistic. “River Park could be an amazing facility with a few tweaks,” a nurse wrote in a balanced, constructive review.

On the facility’s unofficial Facebook page, R.P. shared her perspective on working here: “I have to say that most of the people that work with the patients day in and day out, which are usually mostly the Mental Health Technicians really care deeply for the patients. It is a great place for a person with problems to work through them in a safe environment.”


According to its website, River Park Hospital accepts payment through TRICARE and Medicare, possible at 60.8 percent of facilities statewide.

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