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Central Wyoming Counseling Center

1430 Wilkins Circle, Casper, Wyoming, 82601
Central Wyoming Counseling Center is dedicated to providing quality substance abuse and mental health treatment to Wyoming residents in need. The facility offers a full continuum of care, including both inpatient and outpatient services, regardless of circumstance, income or ability to pay. CWCC emphasizes self-reliance and family involvement, and tailors mental health and addiction treatment plans to meet the needs of each client.

Facility Highlights

  • Discharge Planning
  • WRAP Planning
  • Didactic Groups


  • Individual Therapy

    This term describes one-on-one therapy, in which a patient and trained counselor, social worker, psychologist or psychiatrist meets privately with a patient to discuss challenges related to lifestyle, work, family and romantic relationships that may have contributed to the development of an addiction.
  • Individualized Treatment

    Some facilities have an addiction treatment protocol that all patients or clients are expected to follow, while others customize or individualize treatment based on a person’s unique needs and circumstances. Factors that may affect treatment decisions include age, lifestyle, medical conditions, type of drug, religious beliefs, etc.

Facility Settings

  • Average Location/Amenities

Meet the Staff

  • David S. Monhollen, MSW, ACSW
    David S. Monhollen, MSW, ACSWChief Executive Officer
    David has been the CEO of Central Wyoming Counseling Center since August 2011. He has been in the behavioral health and child welfare field since 1975. Mr. Monhollen was the COO of Steininger Behavioral Care Services in Cherry Hill NJ for seven years and the Vice President of Compliance, Standards and Research for KidsPeace Corporation in Orefield PA for five years. David was the CEO and President of Monhollen and Associates for 10 years and the CEO of Advanced Counseling Services in Michigan for five years. Mr. Monhollen was a Surveyor for JCAHO for 16 years. He is an officer of the Wyoming Association of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Centers and a former Board member of the New Jersey Association of Mental Health and AddictionAgencies. David lives in Casper Wyoming with his wife and two adult sons.
  • Paul Demple, MA, LPC
    Paul Demple, MA, LPCClinical Director
    Paul has been a member of the Central Wyoming Counseling Center team since March of 1989. After several years of providing direct clinical services, he became the Program Manager of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program in 1995, and Program Director in 2011. Prior to working for CWCC, he was in Denver where he worked for Comitis Crisis Center, a United Way agency, as well as Bethesda PsycHealth Hospital.

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Central Wyoming Counseling Center (CWCC) of Casper, Wyo., has served its local community’s mental health, behavioral health, and addiction disorders needs for more than 60 years. Today, the established center offers 68 residential beds for children, teens, adult men and women, women with children, and pregnant women in addition to intensive outpatient (IOP) care and medication-assisted treatment services.

CWCC also runs a non-medical, Social Detoxification Unit (SDU) and Comprehensive Crisis Stabilization Services (CCSS) for individuals experiencing a suicidal, psychiatric, or addiction emergency.


Clients begin with an initial assessment that takes into consideration their withdrawal symptoms, severity of addiction, and other factors. Evaluations take place Monday through Friday and are used to help staff develop an individualized plan of care. Walk-ins are accepted daily.

The intensive outpatient program (IOP), available at just 33 (70.2 percent) of facilities in the state, addresses eating disorders, depression, self-harm, and substance use disorders. Here, clients take part in both individual and group therapy while maintaining continuity with their daily lives.

In addition to counseling, those in residential care receive 24-hour care and, as needed, medical monitoring. One of just 11 (23.4 percent) of facilities that offers more than 30 days of care, CWCC offers teens access to up to 90 days of residential care. Women with children attend classes on parenting.

CWCC also offers Sub-Acute Residential Treatment (SART) for individuals experiencing severe depression, suicidal thoughts, and co-occurring disorders; here, clients can be seen by a psychiatrist for medications, in which case they’ll be directed towards as on-site pharmacy.

Prior to discharge, client and staff work together in developing a relapse prevention plan and are provided with aftercare resources. CWCC also runs outpatient programs for incarcerated individuals.


CWCC employs substance abuse and mental health professionals, therapists, physicians, psychiatrists, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and nursing assistants. The facility also has accreditation with CARF.


CWCC is a 68-bed residential facility. Though little information is provided regarding its living arrangements and related offerings, CWCC is one of just six (12.8 percent) of facilities statewide with residential beds for children of clients.


The five alumni surveyed by Rehabs.com to date had mixed feedback on their experiences with CWCC. While B.L. simply wrote “amazing!” and S.A.D. referred to CWCC as a “Wonderful facility,” deeming it worthy of five-star ratings, others found the center more ineffective.

Alum kiss simply wrote “stinks” and G.O.K. felt that counselors were “very nice but not very helpful.” The latter also indicated problems with a doctor: “I’ve seen her a hand full of times and she’s called me a liar, like to argue with me and does not listen to what I say.” Even C.M.A., who gave the facility four out of five stars for its treatment effectiveness, noted how much it could improve from “More recreational time. exercising, and getting out in the world.”

CWCC also maintains a presence on secondary sources. With high average ratings of 4.4 out of five stars based on 40 Google reviews and 4.1 out of five stars from 27 Facebook users, feedback was mostly positive.[1][2] Many thanked a compassionate, caring, and professional staff. “My therapist went to bat 100%,” wrote Melody on Facebook in one such five-star review. “I have come to know the staff as an extended family who have had my back on numerous occasions.”



The three loved ones polled by Rehabs.com also had mixed feedback. While one gave five out of five stars for treatment effectiveness, calling on a “couple good therapists,” the other two reviewers gave one and two of five stars in this area.

The one-star reviewer shared details on his frustrating experience: “This place is horrible about returning phone calls and extremely rude when you call about concerns. My wife has been there for almost 3 months now. I haven’t heard from her in 3 weeks because they won’t let her use the phone... It’s really ridiculous.”


According to its website, CWCC is in-network with most insurance providers and accepts Medicare; it also forms part of the 59.6 percent of facilities statewide that accept Medicaid. The facility offers a sliding fee scale for those in need.

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[2] https://www.facebook.com/pg/centralwyomingcounselingcenter/reviews/?ref=page_internal

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