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When considering inpatient treatment, there are generally 3 standard options: public inpatient rehab centers, private inpatient rehab centers, and luxury treatment centers. All usually offer the same core elements—including counseling, access to medical care, and individualized care. However, private or upscale rehab centers may offer services that may not be available in other types of programs.

Since high-end rehab centers are funded completely by admissions and tend to have more resources than public programs, their facilities may be more desirable to those seeking both privacy and comfort as they work toward recovery.

What Are Luxury Drug Rehab Centers?

Luxury rehabs or upscale rehabs are drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities that offer high-quality treatment interventions in upscale, resort-style accommodations. The exclusive environments at luxury rehabs provide a safe, comfortable space to help people recover in privacy with minimal distractions.

In addition to evidence-based treatment like behavioral therapies, luxury rehab facilities typically offer a range of unique amenities, which may include:

  • Fitness facilities.
  • Yoga classes.
  • Massage.
  • Art therapy.
  • Personalized meal plans.
  • Outdoor recreation.

Types of Treatment at Upscale Rehab Centers

Like other inpatient and outpatient facilities, private and luxury recovery centers utilize evidence-based approaches to treat alcohol and substance use disorders, and co-occurring mental health disorders depending on the facility. Below are examples of the treatment approaches you may find at high-end rehab centers:

  • Medication management: Treatment medications are often used to help people recover from certain types of substance misuse and to help ease withdrawal. Uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms and cravings can be difficult for many, and these medications can help to ease these symptoms during detox. There are also medications to help with ongoing treatment and relapse prevention, like methadone for opioid use disorder.1, 2
  • Behavioral therapy: This may include therapies like contingency management or cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). These approaches may help people in recovery recognize negative patterns of thinking that may be fueling drug abuse and drug-seeking behavior.5
  • Co-occurring disorder treatment to address mental health disorders at the same time as treating addiction.

Effective addiction treatment should address both mental health disorders and addiction at the same time.3 If you’re looking for a luxury rehab facility and either know or suspect that you have a mental health condition, ask about the facility’s experience with treating co-occurring conditions.

What Can I Expect at a Luxury Rehab Center?

Each upscale rehab center will have a unique approach to treating substance misuse. A typical day at many luxury rehabs may include a similar schedule as the one that follows:

  • Morning: The day may begin with breakfast followed by meditation or personal reflection and a check-in. If you are receiving medication, you may receive it in the morning. After this, you may go into a one-on-one therapy session, followed by yoga or a recovery skills group.
  • Afternoon: Around noon, you may eat lunch, either as a group or in a private setting. After lunch, you will go into another counseling session in an individual or group setting. After this session, you might attend a gym or holistic therapy session (running, yoga, swimming, surfing, nature hiking, acupuncture, massage, meditation). Depending on your medication schedule, you may receive another dose of medication.
  • Evening: Dinner may be served around 5 pm, along with any required medication. Following dinner, you may have the option to attend a recovery meeting or do some independent reading. Generally, facilities have a “lights out” time where everyone is expected to be in their rooms for the night.

Benefits of Luxury Addiction Treatment Programs

Luxury alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs typically involve a larger financial investment than traditional inpatient facilities; however, the amenities offered and the beautiful surrounding may feel more supportive to a person in recovery. A few benefits may include:

  • Lower staff-to-patient ratio. At these rehabs, you can generally expect to get more personal care than you might in a public program. Luxury programs may have an even lower ratio than other private programs.
  • Holistic care. Many private and luxury drug treatment centers offer holistic or complementary-alternative therapeutic options to help enhance the wellness of the individual. Yoga, meditation, and acupuncture are just a few of the ways that high-end rehab centers improve the overall health of the individual by addressing the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Chef-prepared meals: Over time, drug and alcohol misuse can result in nutritional deficiencies. You may be offered nutritionally balanced, chef-prepared meals to help bolster your immune system, restore cognitive clarity, and promote overall health.
  • Yoga: During recovery, people may experience feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. Yoga not only helps relieve these symptoms, but it may also help improve a person’s mood and restore their connection to their sense of self.6
  • Private rooms: Inpatient care requires that people live at the facility; however, some facilities may only offer shared rooms. Unlike many more standard facilities, in luxury rehab settings you often will get a private room where you can unwind after the day’s activity and get a good night’s rest, free from the distractions of a roommate. If it’s important to you, make sure to ask about the availability of these rooms ahead of time.
  • Massage therapy: Massage is a great way to relieve stress, improve circulation, and provide you with the energy you need to give 100% to your recovery efforts. This offering is common in luxury rehabs.
  • Art or music therapy: Upscale rehab centers often have amenities to help people tap into their creative sides as they recover.

Other features of treatment at one of these facilities may include:

Where Are Luxury Centers Located?

Programs are located all across the country; however, many luxury rehab centers are located in serene, natural settings away from the busy city.

Locations such as Malibu, Palm Springs, upstate New York, and rural New Mexico are all home to these facilities. Remote locations offer tremendous privacy—a factor that’s often important to those who choose luxury treatment. The natural beauty of the facility’s location can also help inspire a sense of serenity and hope during treatment.

Insurance and Cost of Luxury Rehabs

The cost of a luxury treatment program varies depending on the facility and its location, but luxury rehab is typically more expensive than outpatient or traditional inpatient settings. Because this kind of cost can be prohibitive for many people, some luxury rehab centers offer financing options to make the cost of treatment more accessible. Other options may include:

  • Insurance coverage: Many insurance plans cover some or all of the cost of addiction treatment; however, check with your insurance provider, as they may not cover all types of rehab facilities. You can call the number on the back of your insurance card to check what is and is not covered under your plan or check your insurance online for American Addiction Centers facilities.
  • Payment plan: If you are interested in a particular facility, you can call to see what types of payment plans they offer so that you can spread out the payments for treatment over time, which can alleviate the burden of a one-time lump sum.

Find Addiction Treatment Programs

Seeking treatment is a courageous step toward creating a better life for you and your loved ones. Rehab facilities are located throughout the U.S., and many offer specialized treatment that can cater to individual needs. You can use SAMHSA’s Behavioral Services Locator to search for treatment centers.

American Addiction Centers (AAC) is a leading provider of addiction treatment programs and has trusted rehab facilities across the country. Please contact the caring team at American Addiction Centers (AAC) at if you’re ready to get help for drug or alcohol addiction. They are available 24/7 to hear your story and help you find a treatment that fits your needs. Call us to start your path toward recovery.

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