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Monterey Park, California, is one of the many smaller cities that make up Los Angeles County. With a population of just 61,001 residents, Monterey Park is essentially a suburb to the east of LA.1 As part of a larger metro area, Monterey Park struggles with many issues related to substance abuse, especially underage drinking.

A public health survey from 2017 found that adolescents in Los Angeles County drank a lot—53% tried alcohol at least once, although this was a slight decrease from the previous year.2 Drinking alcohol earlier in life is a risk for abusing this substance later and for struggling with abuse of other substances too. Although Monterey Park does not have a high density of bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and liquor stores where underage drinkers could find alcohol, it is still important for these locations to be careful to restrict sale of alcohol; this is one proven way to reduce the risk of minors drinking illegally.3

Fortunately, over a few survey years, alcohol is decreasing in popularity among adolescents in Los Angeles County. Between 2012 and 2013, 8.3% of adolescents ages 12 to 17 reported that alcohol was a problem for them; by 2014-2015, that decreased to 6.1%.4

Prevention and education programs appear to be working, but it is important for treatment services that understand adolescents and young adults to be readily available. If you know a young adult or teenager who struggles with alcohol abuse, contact us today. Our recovery advisors can help you find treatment for yourself or a loved one of any age.

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Addiction Therapy after Inpatient Substance Abuse Rehab

If illicit or prescription drug dependence is negatively affecting your professional and personal life, Monterey Park, CA has a variety of top drug abuse facilities to help you, a friend or a family member. Whether addicted to Vivitrol, opioids, pain pills or alcohol, we can help you connect with rehabilitation to get excellent help available. You can even find luxury or exclusive treatment in Monterey Park to make rehab as easy as possible.

What About Luxury Drug Abuse Treatment Centers?

Those who need therapy for alcohol or drugs the most are often the last ones to recognize it. Drug abuse interventions gather family and friends to impress upon the user the necessity of getting well.

Residential Rehabilitation Centers

Prior to recovery beginning, the body must be made drug-free. This is what is known as detoxing. Alcohol and most drugs will leave the addicted person with unpleasant side effects or withdrawal symptoms once the body has become accustomed to having the substance. Professionally administered detox can make the experience for anyone seeking to stop using drugs.