Find a Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rehab Center in Nevada

Substance abuse and addiction are growing problems in the U.S., and their effects are devastating. Addiction’s hold can be unrelenting, and you may feel that you can never get better if you’re suffering, but this is not true. With treatment, you can escape the destruction of drug abuse and live a happy and healthy life. Browse our listings to begin your search for a NV program that will offer you that chance today.

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NV Substance Abuse Facts

Substance abuse is a serious and growing issue in the United States, with more than 20 million people suffering from a substance use disorder in 2015.1

In Nevada alone, nearly 7,000 individuals undergo treatment at a rehab facility every single day.2 Statistics show that a standalone drug abuse problem is the most common reason people seek addiction treatment in the state; however, experiencing an addiction to both alcohol and drugs at the same time is also quite common. In fact, Nevada’s rates of alcoholism exceeded the national average every year between 2011 and 2015, and more than 35% of NV residents in treatment in 2015 were seeking care for co-occurring drug and alcohol use disorders.2

Substance use disorders cause or contribute to a staggering number of deaths in the U.S. Drug overdoses are, of course, a major cause for concern, with more than 600 overdose deaths in NV per year,3 but accidents and injuries resulting from drug use are also a major problem. Drunk driving alone was responsible for nearly 100 deaths in NV in 2015.4 Every day that you abuse drugs and/or alcohol, you put yourself and others at risk.

Getting Addiction Treatment Help

Choosing an addiction rehab program may seem daunting, especially if it is your first time. Here are some things to consider when picking a program:

  • Choose your location wisely. It’s often recommended that you pick a rehab center outside of your home city, as new surroundings can take you away from your daily triggers and help you focus on your recovery. Do you prefer an isolated location (on the beach, for example) or do you want to be close to the hustle and bustle of the city?
  • Check out the center’s amenities. Is it important for you to have a pool during your stay? Do you want a private room? Make sure you pick a center at which you know you’ll feel comfortable.
  • Read reviews. There are many online reviews written by people who have been through the programs and can offer their own experiences and perspectives. They can provide insight into everything from the accommodations and daily activities, to the staff members, and even the quality of the food.

Where Else Can I Find Help?

With more than 60 drug and alcohol rehab centers available in Nevada,5 it can be difficult to pick the right one for you. One of the things that may influence your decision is the cost, which varies depending on the facility, type of treatment, and the length of your stay.

The first thing you should do is check with your health insurance provider to learn which treatment programs are covered under your plan. This can help narrow down your choices.

If you don’t have insurance, or you need additional help to pay for treatment, other options include:

  • Taking out a private loan.
  • Finding a rehab center that offers payment plans.
  • Finding a free or low-budget treatment program in Nevada (see below for resources in NV).

Don’t let the worry or stress of paying for rehab deter you from getting the help you need—you have options.

Resources in Nevada

If you or your loved one needs help for an addiction, call our 24/7 helpline at 1-888-744-0069Who Answers? to speak to a treatment support advisor today.

Other resources in Nevada that can help you include:

  • The Salvation Army – Adult Rehabilitation Program: The Salvation Army has programs that can help you get back into your normal life once you finish treatment. These programs offer housing, therapy, group and individual counseling, and other resources that assist you in rebuilding a life in sobriety.
  • Suicide Prevention and Crisis Hotline:
    • (775) 784-8090
    • (800) 273-8255
  • Substance Abuse Help Line (available to all Nevada residents):
    • (775) 825-HELP (4357)
    • Toll-free: (800) 450-9530.
  • Substance Abuse Prevention & Treatment Agency (SAPTA): Find programs and activities in Nevada that provide community-based prevention and treatment options.
  • Nevada Prevention Resource Center—Substance abuse information library and clearinghouse.
  • Nevada Medicaid—Health insurance for eligible low-income individuals and families.
  • SAMHSA’s National Helpline: Confidential helpline for substance abuse and mental health issues.
    • (800) 662-HELP (4357)
    • (800) 487-4889 (TTY)

If you are experiencing an emergency, for example if you have potentially overdosed or are witnessing an overdose or if you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, call 911 immediately.

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