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The small suburban city of Perris, California, has almost 74,000 residents, making it one of the smaller cities in Riverside County.1 Perris is surrounded by other cities with serious substance abuse problems, which is perhaps why the area experiences its own issues surrounding drug trafficking and addiction.

The county of Riverside in California has, in recent years, become one of the main distribution centers for drugs produced by drug cartels in Central and South America. These illicit substances are smuggled over the border between Mexico and California, sent primarily to Riverside County after entering in San Diego County, and they are distributed across the U.S. from there. This means that people who live in Riverside, including residents of Perris, are very likely to encounter drugs that could become addictive.2

The Riverside Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Office reported in 2015 that they seized 6,500 pounds of meth and 770 pounds of heroin over a 3-year period. These are the two most problematic illicit drugs in Southern California. These numbers represent about one-quarter of the meth and one-tenth of the heroin seized by the DEA throughout the rest of the United States.2

Riverside County has recently reported a number of substance abuse related hospitalizations—an estimated 797.4 out of every 100,000 young people, ages 15 to 24.3 Addiction is difficult to overcome on your own, so it’s important for those in need to get appropriate evidence-based treatment today. Call our helpline to learn more.

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Addiction Therapy after Inpatient Substance Abuse Rehab

If drug or alcohol abuse is ruining your life, Perris, CA has a number of great drug abuse centers to help you or someone you love. Whether addicted to Crack::Crack Cocaine, opiates, painkillers or alcohol, we can help you connect with rehabilitation to get the best help available. You can even find private or executive treatment in Perris to make rehab as easy as possible.

What About Luxury Drug Abuse Treatment Centers?

The people who need drug or alcohol rehab the most are often the last ones to see it. Substance abuse interventions gather friends and family to impress upon the user the necessity of change, and for rehab.

Residential Rehabilitation Centers

Before recovery can begin, the body must be cleansed. This is detoxification. The majority of drugs will leave the addict with unpleasant side effects or withdrawal symptoms once the body has become accustomed to the substance. Medically-assisted detox can diminish the discomfort for anyone seeking to get sober.