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Princeton, New Jersey has been affected by the rise of drug use, abuse, and addiction, just like most other cities across the country.

In Mercer County in 2016, there were 33 heroin overdose deaths and another 21 involving fentanyl, an extremely potent prescription opioid sometimes manufactured illicitly.1 A total of 1,358 Mercer County residents entered a substance abuse treatment facility for the use of heroin and other opioids—a move which may have saved their lives.2

The number of drug-related deaths in New Jersey has risen dramatically over the years. In 2010, there were just 97 deaths from heroin. In 2016, that number rose to 850. Deaths from synthetic opioids like fentanyl rose from 35 to 689 in NJ that same year.3

In the 1990s, physicians began to prescribe opioids at higher rates for pain management. Increased availability, in part, led to widespread misuse of both prescription opioid pain relievers and non-prescription opioids like heroin. As many as 29% of people who are prescribed opioid pain relievers misuse them. Approximately 80% of people who used heroin report having abused a prescription opioid first.4

If you or someone you love abuses prescription opioids or struggles with the abuse of any other type of substance, it’s essential to reach out for help. A Princeton, NJ rehab can help you safely stop using drugs and learn new, healthier coping skills. If you began using opioids for pain, you may also discover better ways to manage chronic pain that don’t involve the use of addictive medications. Begin looking for treatment today; it’s not too late to get help.


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Addiction Therapy after Inpatient Substance Abuse Rehab

If abuse of pills or alcohol is draining your bank account and the happiness from your life, Princeton, NJ has a wealth of top drug abuse facilities to help you, a friend or a family member. Whether addicted to Hydrococet, opioids, pain pills or alcohol, we can help you connect with rehabilitation to get the best-quality help available. You can even find luxury or private treatment in Princeton to make rehabilitation as easy as possible.

What About Luxury Drug Abuse Treatment Centers?

Those who need drug abuse therapy the most are often the last ones to recognize it. Drug abuse interventions gather family and friends to impress upon the user the necessity of change, and for rehabilitation.

Residential Rehabilitation Centers

Before recovery can start, the system must be washed free of harmful chemicals. This is what is known as detoxification. Often, drugs will leave the addicted person with unpleasant side effects or withdrawal symptoms once the body has become accustomed to having the substance. Professionally administered detoxification can minimize the symptoms for anyone seeking to start anew.