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There is no reason to continue living with the destruction and turmoil that drug abuse and addiction can bring when there are so many resources to get help. RI has numerous treatment programs that can help you take that first life-saving step toward sobriety. Begin searching through the directory to find RI addiction treatment programs that align with your needs. You can find facility-specific details and read alumni reviews to help you make an educated decision about your care.

Information about rehab in Rhode Island

RI Substance Abuse Facts

Today, the damaging effects of substance abuse reaches to every state and every city. Families and communities suffer from the pain and chaos it creates, and no one is immune—it touches the rich and poor alike, the young and the old, blue collar and white collar.

Rhode Islanders know this to be true too, as the statistics bear out the facts:1-3

  • Among teens ages 12 to 17, more than 10% reported using marijuana in the past month during a 2014-15 survey, and more than 13% had used alcohol during the same period.
  • Of Rhode Island residents 12 and older, 4,000 had used heroin that year.
  • Alcohol use disorders affect 7% of all Rhode Islanders age 12 and older, with approximately 536,000 reporting using alcohol in the last month during the 2014-2015 survey.
  • About 170,000 adults in the state reported using marijuana in 2014.
  • Throughout the country, nearly 6.4 million people older than 12 abused prescription painkillers, tranquilizers, stimulants, and sedatives” in 2015.

Getting Addiction Treatment Help

Getting the help you need for a drug or alcohol addiction has always been important, and it’s never been more true than now as all manner of drug and alcohol abuse claims lives across our country.

The good news is you can start here by searching our directory for reputable treatment centers in Rhode Island, elsewhere in New England, or across the country, depending on where you feel most comfortable beginning your recovery journey. You can also call to speak with a member of our treatment support team at 1-888-744-0069 to ask all the questions you may have about entering treatment, and receive a wealth of information and resources to get you started.

Additionally, you can ask your friends and family for trusted recommendations if they have completed treatment in the past. Rhode Island churches, non-profits, and community health centers also have vetted information about trustworthy treatment options across the state.

If you have health insurance, calling the number on the back of your card connects you with someone who can advise you which providers and treatment centers your plan covers, both in Rhode Island and out of state, depending on your coverage.

Where Else Can I Find Help?

Even if you don’t have insurance or a network of friends and family to help you, state and federal programs exist to ensure you don’t have to go without the life-saving treatment you need. Medicaid has provisions specifically for substance abuse treatment for those who meet the eligibility requirements.

Also, treatment centers are often very accommodating to those who struggle to afford their treatment. From sliding scale payment levels to a monthly payment plan, most substance abuse treatment programs want to help—simply ask what your options are and go from there.

Still other charitable and community organizations—as well as some treatment centers—offer grants and scholarships for people who fall into practically every demographic possible. Do your homework, ask around locally (recruit friends and family to help you search too), and don’t give up until you’ve found a way to get the help you need.

Resources in Rhode Island

You need to look no farther than these Rhode Island resources to find the best drug and alcohol treatment for you.


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