Will Diplo’s New Anti-Drug Video Impact EDM Culture?

Will Diplo's New Anti-Drug Video Impact EDM Culture?

Mad Decent label head Diplo just put the EDM drug culture on blast, releasing a dark music video for the track “Techno.” Teaming up with fellow Mad Decent producers Yellow Claw, Waka Flocka Flame, and LNY TNZ, the 3-minute video shines a spotlight on the dangers of drugs, particularly in the electronic music world.

Viewers follow a couple of shady dealers looking for a “safe” place to set up their drug lab. They hit pay dirt when they find a down-on-his-luck farmer presumably struggling to send his young daughter to college. A deal is made and the duo begins using the farmer’s barn to cook up what appears to be ecstasy.

We later see the farmer’s pretty daughter in a club, mixed in with scenes of the dealers cooking up several batches of “bad” drugs. In a cruel twist of fate, the daughter gets her hands on some of those deadly barn-cooked drugs and, unfortunately, things go from bad to worse.

The video ends on a sobering message: “Drugs are not worth the risk.”

What viewers are seeing is the tragic reality that so many young people have suffered, along with the grief-stricken families who are left behind with nothing but a mountain of unanswered questions.

Over the past several years, EDM festivals have seen an increasingly large number of drug-related fatalities. To have Diplo and company speaking out against the prevalence of drugs and death currently ingrained in EDM culture is definitely a step in the right direction.

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